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 Mint Chocolate Chip Chip Ice Cream Bath Fizzies Recipe download-recipe

Mint Chocolate Chip Chip Ice Cream Bath Fizzies Recipe

Bath Bombs do not always have to be made in the traditional round shape. They can be molded into practically anything! With these fabulous Superman bath fizzy scoops, the fun is just beginning!

This recipe makes about 24 mini scoops.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Mixing Bowls
Mixing spoon
Disposable Plate

Total Recipe Weights: 
84 grams Citric Acid
228 grams Baking Soda 
68 grams Corn Starch
40 grams Shea Butter

70 Grapeseed Oil 
4 grams Peppermint Patty
4 grams Neon Green Fun Soap Colorant

60 grams Dead Sea salt
4 grams Cocoa Powder
4 drops Black Oxide FUN soap colorant

Clean your work. It is suggested that you wear gloves while preparing this recipe.

Step 1: First, prepare the chocolate chip portion: Weigh out 60 grams of Dead Sea Salt and place in a ziplock bag. Then add 4 gram of Cocoa Powder and 4 drops of FUN Soap Colorant Black Oxide to the ziplock bag. Shake well. Set this aside for now.

Step 2: Weigh out and mix 228 grams of Baking Soda and 68 grams Corn Starch. Using your hands, break up any clumps. Set aside.


Step 3: Using a mixing bowl, place 40 grams of Shea Butter and 70 grams of Grapeseed Oil and melt. 

Step 3:  Next, add 4 grams of Peppermint Patty fragrance oil and 3 grams of FUN Soap Colorant Neon Green. Mix well.

Step 4:  Now, add the wet ingredients to your dry mixture.

Step 5:  Then, add the chocolate chip mixture. Mix well.


Step 6:  Now, add 84 grams of citric acid.  Using your hands, mix thoroughly.

Step 7:  Place your disposable plate next to your mixing bowl.  Then, using your stainless steel scooper, begin scooping your mixture.  Press down onto the mixture until the scoop is full.  Once the scooper is filled with the fizzy mixture, release the scoop on the disposable plate.  Do not stack the scoops.  Repeat until all of the mixture has been scooped.  

Step 8:  Allow your scoops to sit undisturbed for 24 hours.  They will need this amount of time to completely harden.  

Step 9:  After the scoops have sat for 24 hours, they may be packaged.  

Your Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Bath Fizzies are now ready to use.  Simply place 2 scoops into your bath water and enjoy.


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