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 Holiday Air Freshener Recipe download-recipe

Holiday Air Freshener Recipe

Holiday Air Freshener Recipe

Recipe makes approximately 6- 4 oz. jars.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Ziploc Bag- Gallon Size
Step 1:  To begin, add one pound of Aroma Beads to a one gallon Ziplock bag.  A larger bag will make it easier to mix everything together.
Step 2:  Now, to the same bag, pour 2 ounces of the Holiday Pomegranate Fragrance Oil.  
Step 3:  Add 6 drops of red liquid candle dye. Then, add one drop of the black liquid candle dye.
Step 4:  Next, close the bag completely. Shake the bag until the ingredients are evenly mixed.
Step 5:  Allow the beads to absorb the Holiday Pomegranate Fragrance Oil.  This should take about 24 hours.
Step 6:  Finally, fill each of the six air freshener jars and place seals and lids on top.

We hope that you love this Holiday Air Freshener Recipe as much as we do!

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