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 Herbal Soap Recipe download-recipe

Herbal Soap Recipe

Recipe makes approximately 4 pounds of soap.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients Needed:
Stick Blender
Mixing Bowls
Mixing Spoons
Rubbing Alcohol

Total Recipe Weights for CP Soap:
576 grams of water
212 grams of Lye

32 grams Sodium Lactate
56 grams Castor Oil
104 grams Apricot Kernel Oil
252 grams Sunflower Oil  
452 grams of Coconut Oil 76
212 grams of Mango Butter
228 grams of Palm Oil 
196 grams Shea Butter
116 grams Dandelion Pear Fragrance Oil

23 grams Titanium Dioxide Oil Dispersible
31 grams Apricot Kernel Oil

9 grams Yelp Yellow FUN Soap Colorant
2 grams Yellow Oxide FUN Soap Colorant

Total Recipe Weights for MP Soap Embeds:
33 grams Mango Butter Melt and Pour Soap
1 gram Dandelion Pear Fragrance Oil

1 drops Yelp Yellow FUN Soap Colorant
2 drops Yellow Oxide FUN Soap Colorant

Step 1:  Begin by preparing your smiley face embeds.  Weigh out and melt 33 grams of the Mango Butter Melt and Pour Soap.

Step 2:  Once melted, add 1 gram Dandelion Pear Fragrance Oil, 3 drops of the Yelp Yellow FUN Soap Colorant, and 5 drops Yellow Oxide FUN Soap Colorant.  Stir to incorporate.

Step 3:  Now, You will need to create six embeds.  Pour the melted yellow soap base into the smiley face mold.  Once poured spray any air bubbles that have formed with rubbing alcohol. 

Step 4:  Allow the embeds to completely harden.  Then, remove them from the mold.  Set aside for now.

Step 5:  Prepare your colorants.  In one bowl mix 9 grams of Yelp Yellow FUN Soap Colorant and 2 grams of Yellow Oxide FUN Soap Colorant.  In a second bowl mix 23 grams Titanium Dioxide Oil Dispersible and 31 grams Apricot Kernel Oil.

Step 6:  Begin preparing the CP soap portion.  Prepare your work station and put on all safety gear. 

Step 7:  You will need to weigh out 576 grams water.  Slowly add 212 grams of lye.  Stir carefully.  

Step 8:  Prepare your oils.  Melt 56 grams Castor Oil, 104 grams Apricot Kernel Oil, 252 grams Sunflower Oil, 452 grams of Coconut Oil 76, 212 grams of Mango Butter, 228 grams of Palm Oil, and 196 grams Shea Butter.

Step 9:   Allow both the lye solution and the oils to drop to 100 degrees.

Step 10:  Add 32 grams of Sodium Lactate to the cooled lye water.

Step 11:  Add the lye solution to the melted oils and stick blend to emulsify.  Then, add 116 grams Dandelion Pear Fragrance Oil.  Again, stick blend to emulsify.

Step 12:  Separate your batter.  Pour 815 grams of the batter into a mixing bowl.  Add the titanium dioxide mixture to this bowl and stick blend to emulsify.  This will be used for the white top portion of the soap.  Set aside for now.

Step 13:  Add the yellow colorants to the remaining batter and use the stick blender to incorporate the color.

Step 14:  Once the batter has reached trace, pour the yellow batter into the Square Loaf Mold Market Mold.   

Step 15:  Once the yellow section has set up enough begin adding the white top.  Heap the white soap batter on top of the yellow portion.

Step 16:  Lightly sprinkle the whole Chamomile flowers on top.

Step 17:  Add the six embeds on top of the white soap.  Place them about 1.5 inches apart.

Step 18:    Allow the soap to setup for 24 hours.  Then, remove the soap from the mold and slice.  Let the soap cure before using.

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We hope that you have enjoyed our Herbal Soap Recipe!

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