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Frappe Mocha Cream Lotion Kit

Frappe Mocha Cream Lotion Kit


Frappe Mocha Cream Lotion Kit

Frappe Mocha Cream Lotion Kit:  Want to learn how to make a fantastic, thick, natural lotion from scratch that contains real coffee?  You are going to love this body cream recipe!   Great for gifts too!  Comes with complete instructions.  This kit provides enough ingredients to make 4- 4oz. jars of frappe mocha cream lotion.  We even include the fresh ground coffee you will need to make this recipe! 

Our Frappe Mocha Cream Lotion kit comes packaged in a sturdy box filled with the following items you will need to make your own cream that smells like coffee:

1.    Sweet Almond oil
2.    Traditional Emulsifying wax
3.    Cocoa Butter
4.    Stearic Acid
5.    Vitamin E Oil
6.    Optiphen Preservative
7.    Natures Garden World's Best Coffee Fragrance Oil
8.    Natures Garden Chocolate Fudge Fragrance Oil
9.    Real, Fresh ground coffee beans
10.  Coffee Filter
11.  Plastic Transfer Pipettes
12.  4- Clear 4 oz. Jars with Lids

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