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 Fall Leaves Soap Recipe download-recipe

Fall Leaves Soap Recipe

Fall Leaves Soap Recipe

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Small Mixing Bowls
Mixing Spoons
Paint Brush
Rubbing Alcohol (in a bullet bottle)
Wax Paper 
Baking Pan
Step 1:  First, you will need to gather some leaves.  We used a variety of types and sizes. We collected around 30 leaves for this project.  However, we were able to reuse the leaves a couple of times. The amount of soap leaves you will create with this recipe will vary greatly depending on the size of the leaves themselves.  Place the leaves on a pan lined with wax paper.
Step 2: Prepare your soap base.  Melt 40 grams of the diamond clear melt and pour soap base.  Depending on your microwave, this can take less than 15 seconds.  
Step 3:  Once your soap is melted, use the guide below to add the soap colorant of your choice.  Then, stir to incorporate the colorant.
Red Oxide: 3 drops
Kelly Green: 5 drops
Brown Oxide: 5 drops
Yellow Oxide: 3 drops
Orange Oxide: 4 drops
Step 4:  Next, add 2 grams of the  Maple Whiskey Toddy Fragrance Oil and 2 grams of the Vanilla White Color Stabilizer.  Stir to blend the ingredients.

Step 5:  Now, using a paintbrush, paint each of the leaves.  Once you have painted each leaf, spray the leaf with rubbing alcohol and paint a second coat.  The second coat can be the same color or a different color. Repeat this process, adding about 4 coats of soap to each leaf or until you achieve the thickness that you desire.  Using less than 4 coats will result in a transparent leaf.

Step 6:  Once your soap has finished setting up, remove the leaves.  Then, your soap is ready to use!
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