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 Scented Bunny Glitter Shoes Recipe download-recipe

Scented Bunny Glitter Shoes Recipe

Create your own sparkly Easter bunny scented shoes!

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients Needed:
Shoes (white shoes work best)
White Fine Glitter
Green Fine Glitter
Elmer’s Glue
Newspaper or wax paper 
Crafting paint brush
Glass Bowl
Unscented Hair Spray
Googly Eyes
Black Twist Ties
White Foam Sheets
2 Large Poms
2 Small Poms
Hot Glue Gun
Fake Eyelashes (two sets)
Step 1:  Prepare your work area. Lay down newspaper or wax paper.  This will protect your workstation and prevent glitter from getting everywhere.
Step 2:  Prepare your shoes.  Place plastic bags, tissue paper, or packaging paper inside each shoe.  This will prevent glitter from getting stuck inside the shoes.
Step 3:  Prepare your glue. Mix approximately 2 ounces of glue to 2-4 ml of Lily of the Valley Fragrance Oil and stir thoroughly with your paint brush.
Step 4:  Using your craft paint brush spread a thin layer of scented glue onto one shoe. We recommend applying glitter to the heel last; this will allow you to hold the heel while covering the rest of the shoe.
Step 5:  Hold the shoe over the wax paper or newspaper and sprinkle the shoes with the white glitter.  Shake off any excess glitter.
Step 6:  Repeat this process for the second shoe and allow both shoes to dry.  Some shoes may need to dry overnight.  Drying time will depend on the type of material the shoes are made out of.
Step 7:  Once the shoes are dry, apply a second coat in the same manner you did for the first coat.  You will want pay close attention to any spots that may have been missed in the first layer.
Step 8:  Again, allow the shoes to dry completely. 
Step 9:   Prepare the hairspray.  Hairspray will help prevent the glitter from falling off of the shoes when wearing them.  Mix approximately 2 ounces of hairspray to 1 ml of fragrance oil in a 2 ounce bullet bottle.  Attach a fine mist sprayer.  With the bottle of hairspray about 6 inches away from the shoes, spray the entire shoe with the scented hairspray.
Step 10:  Now, we will create the outer white portion of the ears using white foam craft sheets.  You can find these sheets at any craft supply store.  You want to draw two oval shaped bunny ears vertically right next to each other, in a “V” shape. They should each be about 3 inches long and about ¾ inch wide.  Then, draw a small rectangular shape horizontally below the ovals to connect the two ears.  You want the rectangle to line up  to the ovals, do not overlap them.  This will allow you to cut the bunny ears out in one piece.  In addition, the rectangular shape at the bottom will give you a tab to glue the ears to the shoe.  The size of the rectangle will depend upon the shape of the shoe, but mine was about 1 inch wide and about ¾ inch long.  Finally, cut out your bunny ears following the outer edges of your drawing.  Once you have cut out your ears, use this set as a template and create a second set of ears.
Step 11:  Next, add the glitter to your ears.  Use the scented glue and cover the white ears you just cut.  Sprinkle white glitter on each set of ears and shake off any extra glitter.  Set these aside to dry.
Step 12:  Create the inner portions of the ears.  We will again be using the white foam sheet.  Cut an oval shaped smaller piece. This will be used for the inner portion of the bunny ears so make sure they are slightly smaller than the outer portions you created in step 10.  Once you have one created, use it as a template to create the remaining three pieces.  You will need a total of four smaller ovals. These ovals will not need a tab.  We will glue them on top of the white outer ears in a later step.
Step 13:  Now, we will glitter these four foam ovals.  We used green glitter on ours.  So, cover each oval in scented glue.  Then, sprinkle them with green glitter, shaking off any extra glitter.  Allow these to dry as well.
Step 14:  Once both the white and green portions of the ears have dried, use a hot glue gun to adhere the green ovals onto the center of the white ears.  Place one oval on the top of each white ear.  You want them to look like bunny ears.  Finally, place hot glue on the tab of the white foam and adhere one set of ears to each shoe.  They should be glued to the top front opening of each shoe.
Step 15:  Next, we will add our bunny’s eyes.  First, add two large googly eyes to the front top of each shoe using a hot glue gun. Place one of the fake eyelashes over the top of each googly eye.  You will need a total of four fake eyelashes (two sets).
Step 16:  Prepare the whiskers for your scented shoes.  First, you will need four twisty ties.  Stack all four twist ties and twist them together in the center.  Place a dot of hot glue in the center of the twist ties.  Place the twist ties on the very tip of the shoe. Finally, adjust and spread out the twist ties so they look like whiskers.  Repeat this process with the second shoe.
Step 17:  Add the nose.  Using a hot glue gun, add one small green pom to each shoe.  You want to place one directly on top of the center of the sets of whiskers.  We chose to use a white pom, covering it in scented glue and sprinkling it with green glitter.  You can do whichever works best for you.  We just happen to love glitter!
Step 18:  Lastly, add the tails.  Again, using a hot glue gun, add one large white pom to the back of each shoe.
Your Bunny Scented Shoes are now ready to wear!
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