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Customer Suggestions

Welcome to Natures Garden's Customer Suggestions Page!  Your suggestions have helped our company grow over the years.  Please let us know what products you would like to see us carry, and how we can improve to better serve you.  Please click on the "fill out this form" link below and share your thoughts.

Customer Suggestions

Please fill out this form to share your product suggestions with us.

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A "Wish list" feature on the website would be super helpful for me to keep track of what all I want to save for my next order. As I'm filling up my cart, I have to prioritize things sometimes, but don't want to forget about the stuff I can't afford this time.

A viewer from PA


please add little droppers to your caps! im having such a hard time pouring the fragrance oil into the slimes i make without it spilling on my hands XD my hands smell like peanut butter cookies (great scent btw!) at the moment bcuz of that. thanks!

Jesse from California, USA

Recipe Reviews

Customers are able to rate and review individual products and ask questions about them via the little Facebook box at the bottom of the item page. It would be really nice if we could be able to rate, review, and ask questions about all the recipes too!

A viewer from Florida


I would like to see Natures Garden carry dropper caps, cyclomethicone, dry oil, goat's milk powder, coconut milk powder, and oatmeal powder.

A viewer from Montgomery, AL

Taper Boxes

I love your site. I'm looking taper boxes for my spiral taper candles could you stock some? Thank you.

A viewer from Springdale,AR

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