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Welcome to Natures Garden's Customer Suggestions Page!  Your suggestions have helped our company grow over the years.  Please let us know what products you would like to see us carry, and how we can improve to better serve you.  Please click on the "fill out this form" link below and share your thoughts.

Customer Suggestions

Please fill out this form to share your product suggestions with us.

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Please add a wish list option to our account so that things we can not purchase this time then we can easily get them and remember what they were by going to the wish list and checking the items to add to shopping cart! Ultimate customer experience

A viewer from Natalie, PA

CACTUS BLOSSOM fragrance oil

Please, please make a dupe of bath and body works Cactus blossom fragrance! I've had quite a few people request this, it smells so good and is really popular right now. My bbw store is always sold out of all the candles in this scent! Please make it!

A viewer from KY, USA

ISO White Shoulders dupe

if you duplicate white shoulders I will buy it- sure others will too..thanks so much

Jody S Pratt from TX

Fragrance Request

I have looked and looked for a fragrance oil that smells like the men's cologne "Nautica Voyage". If you made it, I guarantee it would be a big seller!!!

Melissa from North Carolina

Spectrum Liquid Candle Dye

The tops for the Spectrum liquid dye leak terribly. I mean the top that you squeeze to get one drop out of. It makes a mess on my hands and the bottle and wastes product. Please get a traditional dropper with the squeeze bulb at top. To recify this I have bought new jars to move your product into. The dye itself is AMAZING.

Also can you expand the color range so I don't have to buy from other suppliers (paler blue, teal, key lime, pinks).

A viewer from Houston TX USA

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