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Make Your Own Candles, Soaps & Cosmetics
 Famous Candle Making Manual download-recipe

Famous Candle Making Manual

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


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A note from the author : 

 "The reason I wrote the following manual is to share some of my past 12 years of candle making knowledge and business experience with any new candle maker out there who has been given no technical support from other companies he/she has contacted. When I started making candles in 1997, the candle industry was a huge secret and no one was willing to share information on how to make good candles. I wasted a bunch of money figuring out how to make the best candles. I wanted to be able to make and sell candles in order to help cover some of our household expenses. Needless to say, it cost me quite a bit of money figuring out how to make the finest candles, and I decided that the secrecy of the candle making industry needed to come to an end. In 1999, I wrote the first Candle Making Manual so that I could help people learn how to make good candles without spending a bunch of their hard-earned money. I knew there were other people out there like me who needed to make extra money to support their families. I became determined to help. In fact, Nature's Garden was the very first company who provided candle makers with the help and knowledge they needed to make and market the finest candles.

We take candle making extremely seriously at Nature's Garden. Each employee we hire agrees to adopt our C.A.R.E. Program: Customers Always Remember Excellence. We understand that our company is nothing without our loyal customers, and your happiness is our main goal. We fully train each and every employee at NG how to make and market candles so that any of our employees can answer your technical questions if you have any after reading the manual. We are the only company that offers a Toll-Free H.U.G Line; HUG stands for Help U Grow. 1-866-647-2368. We offer the HUG Line because we want you to know that you can call us anytime to receive HELP. Our technical support is the most comprehensive support in the industry because our primary goal at Nature's Garden is to "Help our Customers Succeed". This customer dedication has allowed NG to become one of the largest and most reputable suppliers on the web. We believe that "Together, we can make things happen!” Nature's Garden has become an innovation leader in the industry. Using our chemistry background, and working closely with numerous other chemists and professionals, you can feel confident that Nature's Garden is thoroughly educated on every product that we sell. We also work extremely hard researching market trends world-wide so that our customers are always a step-ahead of the competition. Nature's Garden has always been People-Driven.....not.....Profit-Driven. This attitude has allowed us to develop long-lasting relationships with more than 80,000 customers. I would like to wish you great success in your new candle making venture....a venture that quickly turns into an addiction!“

Now you have no reason to waste your money experimenting!

Supplies you will need for candle making:

We will speak about each of these supplies in the following sections, but for right now you will at least have an idea of what type of supplies you will need to get started!

 • Wax (either single pour or votive/mold wax)

• Coloring (you choose: color blocks, liquid dyes, powder dyes, color chips)

Additives (such as vybar, petrolatum, etc)

Pouring pot

Fragrance (oil-based and designed for candle making)

• Heat source (stove, hot plate)

• Melting heat source (you choose: turkey roaster, presto pot, hot water heater) A turkey roaster that I am referring to is an electric unit with a heat control knob on it. It holds 25 lbs. of wax. Hamilton Beach sells theses at stores like K Mart, and Ames.

• Stainless steel measuring cups and measuring spoons

• Stainless pitcher for transferring your melted wax from your roasters to your pouring pots on the stove

• Wooden spoons

Molds for molded candles

Containers for single-pour candles

• Pan at least 13 X 9 with 1/2" water in it


• Safety glasses

Candy thermometer

• A room temperature environment of about 70 degrees

• Work clothes

• Floor mats or cardboard for your floors

For the complete Candle Making Manual click the "Download Class" button above. 


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