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 Exfoliant Class download-recipe

Exfoliant Class

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Exfoliant Class

This class will teach you about exfoliants that can be used is soap making and other body products.  An Exfoliant is a fancy way to say skin scrubber!  Used to slough off dead skin cells and reveals new smoother skin beneath. However fair warning, over exfoliating can cause damage and scarring, so don’t do too frequently.  

Exfoliants Often Used In Soaps and Other Bath Products

Almonds (ground)

Calendula (chopped or ground flower petals)

Chamomile Flowers 

Clays (rhassoul, kaolin, bentonite, pink, red 

Moroccan, French green etc.)

Coffee Grounds 

Coconut Flakes

Corn Meal

Eucalyptus Leaves 

Fruit Fibers (blackberry/raspberry)

Fruit Seeds (cranberry, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, apricot etc.)

Jojoba Beads - If you use it in cold process soap, 

don't let it get above 160 degrees

Juniper Berries


Lavender Buds - (beware they turn brown in cold process soap)

Loofah - either whole, sliced or ground

Oatmeal - different amounts of grinding give different effects - coarse ground is very scrubby, whereas finely ground is very mild

Orange Peel Powder

Patchouli Leaves

Peppermint Leaves

Poppy Seeds 


Rose Hips (not the seeds) (finely ground)


Rose Petals 

Spearmint - Again, beware the "botanical 

color bleed" 

Tapioca pearls - (seems to work best in melt and pour soap)

Tea leaves - Will likewise bleed color

Vanilla Specks

Walnut shells - (very finely ground)

Please Note: Some exfoliants will turn brown in soap.






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