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So I've been 'eyeing' NG for a while now and finally took the plunge to 'smell test' some of their fragrances when I visited the US. I think I bought 4 8oz bottles and maybe 20+ 2oz samples. And boy was that a mistake.....I absolutely LOVED EVERYTHING I ordered.....and i mean EVERYTHING. I'm gonna be broke before I return to Ghana. The fragrances smell AMAZING, order arrived really fast...3 or 4 days. I just tested a few in some body butter and oh my word....a little goes a long way. Thanks for great FOs NG. You have a customer for life. Oh and I just noticed you ship to Ghana. Yippee!

Jamie from Ghana, West Africa

New vendor!

I've only been making soaps for a short time, but have invested a lot in supplies. I'm so happy I've found you! Your fragrances are so enjoyable and unique, less expensive than others, and you don't seem to make your real money from shipping costs! Thank you! I'm looking forward to doing business with you for a long time!

Jeffory Jolly from Texas

Love Love

I placed an order it came early and it was complete!!! When I smelled the first oil and then the second oil I knew this was my go to supplier! Everything was packaged professionally no oils were leaking...and they all smell awesome! Let me also tell you the shipping rates are great.Thank you Nature's Garden!!!!!!!

Toni Mayberry from Byhalia, MS

Nature's Garden Customer Service is AWESOME!

I don't know whether it was a glitch on the website or whether something got a little ahead of schedule, but on the last day of the month (June), I had added the fragrance of the month to my shopping cart (which was showing on the website at the time as Fresh Pear). In all reality, it should not have shown as Fresh Pear, but still as June's FOM: Bubble Gum. When I received my order and realized I had received Bubble Gum instead of the Fresh Pear, I immediately contacted NG. They were extremely gracious and the very next day sent me the Fresh Pear!

NG is a definite winner! The customer service is above and beyond outstanding! Thank you, Thank You...THANK YOU!

Mischelle from California

Amazing Products

I normally do not take the time to review products, but feel compelled to because Nature's Garden is amazing. I bought many items for elaborate my products, not only do my fragrance oils smell wonderful, is because they were in my hands in five or six days, and this service is limited because I live in Puerto Rico. Your web page is amazing, and the ideas is amazing too. Thanks, and God bless you!

A viewer from Puerto Rico

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