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 Bloody Fun Candle Recipe download-recipe

Bloody Fun Candle Recipe

This fun project made by Lynn of Natures Garden

Recipe makes 1 bloody fun candle .

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
16 oz. Apothecary Jar
Glass Measuring Cup
Stirring Spoon
Hot Glue Gun with Glue


Prepare the Blood:

Step1: Using the double boiler method, melt 1 cup of Pillar of Bliss Wax.  Once the melted wax reaches 185 degrees Fahrenheit, remove from heat.

Step 2:  Once all the wax has melted, quickly add 5 drops of Spectrum Red Color Dye.  Stir to incorporate throughout melted wax. 

Step 3:  Using pipettes, quickly and carefully squirt melted red wax at the opening of your jar.  You will want to place the red wax where your jar starts to change shape and allow it to flow down to the bottom of your jar.  Please Note:  Through our testing, we have found that this step works best by working in quarter sections.  Holding your jar on an angle, place the pipette at the brim  (of where your jar changes shape) and release wax.  Then, place your jar right side up to allow for drips.  Repeat again until all of sections have drips. 

Step 4:  Allow the blood drips to completely harden.  Place remaining red wax aside, this will be used for embeds later. 

Prep your wicks:
Step 5:  Next, using a hot glue gun, hot glue the bottom tabs of 2 CD-12 wicks and attach to the bottom of your glass apothecary jar equally spaced apart.

Prepare the Black Wax:
Step 6:  Once again, using the double boiler method, melt 1 pound of Joy Wax.  Once the melted wax reaches 185 degrees Fahrenheit, remove from heat.

Step 7:  Next, add 10 drops of Spectrum Black Color Dye and stir gently.

Step 8:  Let the temperature of the melted wax drop to 175 degrees.  Then, add 1 oz. to 1.5  ounces of Werewolf Fragrance Oil.  Stir gently.

Step 9:  Allow the melted wax temperature to drop to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.  Then, pour wax into your jars.  Moving quickly, immediately place your filled jar in the freezer for 10 minutes.  This prevents the blood drips from melting into your black wax.

Prepare your Embeds
Step 10:  Place your remaining red wax back onto the heat source for remelting. 

Step 11:  Lay your vampire teeth embed mold on a flat surface.  Once your red wax is melted, add 2 teaspoons of werewolf fragrance oil and stir.  Allow to cool to 140F.  Carefully pour into each embed cavity.  Allow this to fully set up. 

Step 12:  After 10 minutes have elapsed, carefully remove your candle from the freezer.

Step 13:  Place your candle aside to allow it to fully set up.

Step 14:  Once your vampire teeth have fully hardened, place the mold upside down.  Using your thumbs apply gentle pressure to the middle of the mold cavities.  Once the vampire teeth release, set them aside.

Step 15:  Once your candle has fully set up, using a pencil, curl your wicks.

Step 16:  Place several of your vampire teeth embeds on top of your candle for decoration.  These can be used as wax tarts in a potpourri burner.

Step 17:  When you are ready clip your wick, and enjoy your bloody fun candle.

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