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 How to Make Wax Dipped Bears download-recipe

How to Make Wax Dipped Bears

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How to Make Waxed Dipped Bears & Stuffed Animals

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1. Once you have all of your equipment ready (see the complete class for this information), the first step to the melting process is to gather the appropriate amount of wax that you are going to use. Set any unused wax aside.

2. The next step is to melt the wax. The best way to melt your wax is using an old crock pot, presto pot, or something large enough to dip your bear in. Please note again, once you use this for fragranced wax, you CANNOT use this container again for cooking purposes. It is now committed to being your wax melter. Place your wax into the melter. The wax will shortly begin to melt. Never leave melting wax unattended. You will want to melt your wax to 170-190 degrees Fahrenheit. You will want to continuously check the temperature of your wax by using your thermometer. We suggest that you use a candy thermometer for the most accurate readings. You will want to make sure that you are stirring generously while the wax is melting. Doing this will ensure that all of the wax will be at the same temperature. This will also prevent any of the wax from burning on the bottom of your melter. Do not let the wax go above 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This will burn the wax, and may misshape the stuffed animal during the dipping process. 

3. Once the wax is completely melted, and also at the right temperature, it is now time to color (if you are choosing to do so) and fragrance your melted wax. 

     a. To color the wax using your Spectrum Color dye is really easy. Just add the amount of color to wax using drops until you match that of the stuffed animal. Since there is no wick to clog, as with candles, you can achieve even the darkest of colors. Stir this in first. 

     b. The rule of thumb for fragrance is 1 -1 ½ ounces of fragrance oil to one pound of wax. Add the amount you choose, and stir generously. This is the step when the scent molecules adhere to the wax. Since you really want your wax dipped bear to have a strong cold scent throw, the 1 ½ ounces of fragrance oil works best.

4. You want to make sure that all of your wax is completely mixed with the liquid dye and the fragrance oil. Because you will be dipping the stuffed animal into this wax, you want to guarantee that when the wax dries, it will all be colored and scented. Be very careful when mixing your wax. It is a hot liquid and can cause severe burns. Stir generously, not sloppily. 

5. We are almost ready to dip the stuffed animals-get excited! However, prior to the dipping process, lay out some wax paper. You will want to set the wax dipped animal on this while you are putting on your insulted rubber gloves. 

6. Using you tongs, pick up the stuffed animal. Make sure it is securely in your tong grasp and dip it slowly into the wax. We suggest doing it in this manner because this allows the air to escape as the wax seeps in. You may need to roll the stuffed animal over to ensure that you are waxing every inch of the stuffed animal. As long as you have a nice grip on the tongs holding the bear, this will not be a problem. If you should accidently lose control of the tongs, and the stuffed animal becomes emerged in the wax, using the tongs, quickly pull the stuffed animal out. Never attempt to do this by hand. The dipping process should only be done using tongs. You risk serious burns if you do not have the proper equipment! 

7. Once the stuffed animal has been dipped, it is time to squeeze out the excess wax. Set your wax dipped stuffed animal on the wax paper. Set down the tongs. Put your insulted rubber gloves on. It is very important that your gloves are insulted. This will prevent any severe burns from the hot liquid wax! Gently pick up your wax dipped stuffed animal. Squeeze out the excess wax over your melting source. Doing this will reduce your scented wax waste. Do not worry about the look of the stuffed animal. We will prep the hair of the stuffed animal using a comb (or fork) in the next step. 

8. Yeah, now is the time to prep and fluff. Be prepared, there is a time window for this step. Using a large toothed comb or fork, gently fluff the hair of the waxed dipped animal. This process is the key to your oh so adorable stuffed animal. Please remember, once the wax hardens, this will be the look of the stuffed animals “fur”. Move quickly. Make sure that you comb or fork the entire stuffed animal. Fluff it to the effect that you want. Once the wax hardens, and you try to fluff the fur, you will get what is called dandruff. The dandruff is actually crumbled wax pieces. Do not be tempted to keep fluffing once this occurs, it will affect the appearance of your end product. When you are finished fluffing, set the wax dipped stuffed animal back unto the wax paper.

9. If you do fluff too long, and have a considerable amount of dandruff, the solution is easy. Using a hair dryer (on a low setting), simply reheat the areas. This will remelt the scented wax. Also, if you are looking for a softer feel of your wax dipped animal, this step will also help you accomplish that. 

10. Next, let your wax dipped animal cool to the touch.

11. Now it is time to pose your stuffed animal. Maybe you want to turn its head, or place it in a cute seated position. This step is all up to you. 

12. Once your wax dipped animal is prepped and posed, gently move the animal onto a metal or glass plate. Never set the wax dipped animals on a wood surface, the fragrance used to scent the wax will eat through the surface. Allow the wax dipped stuffed animal to completely dry. This should take about 2 hours. 

13. Now you are free to decorate.

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