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 Common Candle Making Mistakes download-recipe

Common Candle Making Mistakes

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Common Candle Making Mistakes

Our Common Candle Making Mistakes Class will help you with  many common candle problems.  Whether it's scent throw, candle fading, too much smoking, or any other problem you might be having.  This class should be your first stop.  This class will help you with many of the common candle making problems. Below, you will find a few of these problems.  

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Problem- Candle is smoking when you burn it 

Possible Causes- High oil content, your wick is too large, your candle may have air pockets

What To Do- Decrease your amount of fragrance oil, try a smaller wick size, pour your candles at a hotter temperature


Problem-Candle wax is not burning evenly all of the way down 

Possible Causes-Your wax may be too hard (too high of a melt point), your wick may be too small 

What To Do- You may want to use a softer, lower melt point wax or try using a larger wick diameter.Zinc core wicks tend to burn hotter...try these! CD wicks also burn hotter!


Problem- Soy candles have good cold throw, but very little hot throw

Possible Causes- That is the nature of soy wax. You may not be adding enough scent. You added scent at too high of a temp. You are not using a hot enough burning wick.

What To Do- Soy wax naturally does not have as good of a scent throwas paraffin-based wax. Use 1.5 oz. of fragrance per pound of soy wax. Add your fragrance at a lower temperature. Use hotter burning wicks such as hemp or CD wicks. 


Problem- Candle wick is drowning out 

Possible Causes- Your wick size is probably too small for your candle diameter. You poured your candle above the point where the container starts to change shape. 

What To Do- Try using a larger wick size. Make sure that you pour container candles to the point where the jar begins to change shape. Going above this point will cause melted wax to drown out wicks when burning.


Problem- Fragrance oil is settling to the bottom of the candle  

Possible Causes- You used too much fragrance, you are using a wax that is not porous enough 

What To Do- Use 1oz. of fragrance per lb. of wax, use a more porous wax. If you notice this “oil slick” on the bottom of your pouring pots, stop pouring your melted wax before you get to the oil; otherwise, you will see this oil on the bottom of your finished candles. 

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