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 How to Make Votive Candles download-recipe

How to Make Votive Candles

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


How to Make Votive Candles & Pillar Candles

1. Prepare your wax, color, and fragrance the same way as mentioned above, but make sure that if you add vybar to your wax that you use the vybar 103 specifically made for molded candles , and make sure that you use wax that is designed for mold/votive candles. However, you never want to use petrolatum in any molded candles because you will not be able to get your candles out of their molds!

2. Line up your molds on the edge of your counter. Once again, pour the molds in the front first...allow those to set up until you see a creamy film on the top of them, and then move them back and pour your next row of molds in front of the ones that are setting up. When it comes to votives, there are several problems that you may encounter. I am not going to lie to you....these little guys are tricky! Votives have to be poured twice because votive wax sinks after the first pour. On your first pour, fill your votive molds until there is only 1/16" of the mold not filled. If you completely fill your votive mold, you will end up with a sloppy second pour. If you pour your votive molds below the 1/16" mark, your votives may appear to show where you did your second pour. For the absolute best results, you will want to save enough wax from this first pour to do your second pour. 4 lbs. of wax tends to make approximately 32 candles. It is a good idea to keep that in mind so that you stop pouring when you hit the 32 mark. That way you have enough wax left over to do your second pour. Set this pot aside (not on a heat source) for your second pour.

3. Votives set up relatively quickly so you will want to get started straightening your wicks and centering them in the molds.

4. Allow your votives to cool at room temperature for approximately 2 hours. Then you are ready for your second pour. Avoid pouring your second pour before this 2 hour period because you may get sinkage on your second pour as well. Waiting too long after your first pour to do your second pour may result in your votives appearance revealing that you poured them twice. Place your pouring pot containing your left over wax from your first pour on the stove and allow the wax to reach 160-165. Do not add any extra fragrance to this wax because it may cause your second pour to be a different color than the first pour.

5. Now, go through and straighten all of your wicks...but do not break the wax when doing this. Pour your second pour only up to the level of your first pour. If you go beyond the first pour fill mark, the wax has a tendency to go behind the first pour and may cause little bubbles in your candles. This may not sound like a terrible problem, but these tiny little bubbles will turn into tiny little holes.....and customers will not like them!

6. Allow the votives to set up at least 1 hour and you can pop them out!

7. If you are making larger than votive-sized molds, you will follow the same instructions as listed above, but there are two differences: (1) You will need to poke holes in your candle after your first pour is set up about 1/2 way in order to release any air pockets, and (2) Larger molds will probably require several repours.

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