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How to Make a Soy Wax Candle

 How to Make a Soy Wax Candle

How to Make a Soy Wax Candle

A complete guide to making and marketing soy candles for your own soy candle making business.

Prior to making a soy wax candle, you will want to have all of the supplies and equipment in your work area. Once you have all of that gathered, look at the flashpoint of your fragrance oil. This temperature will let you know when you are adding it to the melted wax.

Steps to Making a Soy Candle

Regardless of the soy wax you will be using: As a rule of thumb: If a fragrance flash point is below 130F, then add it to wax at 130F. If the fragrance oil flash point is between 130-185F, then add the fragrance to the wax at its flash point. If a fragrance oil has a flash point above 185F, then add the fragrance to the wax at 185F. 

Also, it should be noted that even though you can pour the GW 444 and GW 464 at 135 degrees Fahrenheit, our testing has shown that the best looking finished candle is one that is poured at 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature allows for the smoothest finish in your candle; regardless of what type of soy wax you are using.

Step 1: The first step when making a soy wax candle is to start melting your wax. When melting any wax type, the double boiler process is always recommended. This process will ensure that your wax melts properly at an even rate. This process also allows for a thermometer in order to best monitor your wax temperature. The double boiler process involves getting a pot (or roaster) and placing a few inches of water into it. Then, place your pot on the stove tops at a medium heat setting. If you are using a roaster, turn it on a medium heat setting.

Step 2: Now, while your water is heating, weigh out your soy wax. Once you have the amount you are looking for, place all of it into your pouring pot. Next, place your pouring pot into the pot (or roaster). As the water heats up, it will begin to transfer heat to your pouring pot, therefore melting the wax. This is the double boiler method.

Step 3: Once you notice that your wax is starting to melt, place your thermometer into the pouring pot. This is the best way to monitor your soy wax temperature. Do Not let the temperature go above 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Occasionally stir the wax as it melts.

Step 4: While you are waiting for your wax to completely melt, set your oven to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, while the oven is warming, place your glass candle jars onto a cookie sheet. When your oven is ready, carefully place the cookie sheet in. Allow your jars to warm at this temperature for 10-15 minutes. Once that time has elapsed, remove the cookie sheet from the oven. You will also want to plug in your hot glue gun now (if you are using glue dots, you do not need a glue gun).

Step 5: Check the temperature of the wax. Once it hits 185 degrees Fahrenheit, remove the pouring pot from the heat source. Now, add your candle colorant and stir well. 

If your fragrance oil flash point is above 185 degrees Fahrenheit: add your fragrance oil to the melted wax (after the color) at 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Stir well for at least 2 minutes. This intensive stirring will help the fragrance oil and color bind with the wax. Place your thermometer back into the wax. 

If your fragrance oil flash point is below 185 degrees but above 130 degrees Fahrenheit: add your fragrance oil to the melted wax at its flash point. Stir well for at least 2 minutes. This intensive stirring will help the fragrance oil and color bind with the wax. Place your thermometer back into the wax. 

If your fragrance oil flash point is below 130 degrees Fahrenheit: add your fragrance to the melted wax at 130 degrees. This will not completely prevent scent burn off. Remember, with lower flash point fragrances, you may want to anchor the scent by blending in another higher flash point scent. Stir well for at least 2 minutes. This intensive stirring will help the fragrance oil and color bind with the wax. Place your thermometer back into the wax.

Step 6: Next, using your hot glue gun (or glue dots), secure and center your wicks to the bottom of your candle container.

Step 7: Place your warning label on the bottom of your jar.

Step 8: Check the temperature of the wax. When the temperature reaches 110 degrees Fahrenheit, it will be safe to pour. Give your wax one final stir before pouring. Through our testing, we have found that pouring at this temperature will allow your soy candles the best chance to have a smoother finished surface.

Step 9: Now, slowly pour the wax into your candle jar. You will want to stop the pour where the candle jar changes shape.

Step 10: Now, straighten your wicks.

Step 11: Once your candles have been poured, allow them to fully set up undisturbed. When the candles have fully hardened, lid your jar.

Step 12: Allow your candle to cure for 24-48 hours.

Step 13: When your candle has cured; trim your wick. Your Soy Wax Candle is now finished and ready to burn. Enjoy!

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