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Candle Wax Information

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Candle Wax Information

Natures Garden works very closely with some of the most experienced wax experts in the industry to be able to offer our customers the highest quality candle waxes on the market today. We include an MSDS sheet for all of our waxes on our website. Many of the waxes found below were developed exclusively for Natures Garden. 

Paraffin Wax 

There are several types of this kind of wax. Low melting point (126-132)-this type of wax is used for container candles, carved candles, and modeling. Medium melting point(135-145) – this type of wax can be used for dipping, floaters, molds. High melting point (145-150) – this type of wax is used for hurricane candles. 

Microcrystalline Wax

There are 2 types of micro: Hard micro is used in the proportion 1% with paraffin wax to strengthen candles and make them slower burning. It can also be used as a dip to produce mottled candles. Its melt point is over 200. Soft micro is a low melting point wax that is combined with paraffin wax to make modeled wax. Adding about 10% or 1 ½ oz. per lb. to paraffin wax for container candles to make them stick to the containers better. 


More expensive, but wonderful to use! Can be used by itself or add 5-10% to paraffin. Beeswax when added to paraffin will improve the candle’s color and the burning time.

Natures Garden’s Joy Wax 

Exclusively sold at Nature’s Garden! Joy wax is a blend of just the right amount of vegetable waxes, food grade paraffin, and other proprietary ingredients. It allows candles to smell stronger and does not provide candles with the rough flakiness that 100% soy wax does. Directions for use: Melt joy wax (using a double-boiler method) to 200F. Add coloring to your specifications. Drop the temperature to 175-170F. Add 1 ounce of fragrance oil per pound of joy wax. Pour into containers at 165-160F. Wick your containers, and allow to cool at room temperature. We have found that zinc-core wicks work the best in this wax, however, HTP, CD, Hemp and Performa wicks may also be used with great success. As with any wax, trim your wicks before lighting candles. 

Natures Garden’s Soy Wax 

100% all-natural soy wax. This wax is for container candles. Environmentally friendly, burns clean, burns evenly. Candles have a natural mottled look on top. The problem with candles made with all soy wax is that they may not have as strong of a scent throw as waxes containing paraffin. The tops of candles made with 100% soy wax will appear slightly flaky. 

Heat soy wax to 185 degrees F. Add coloring. Add 1.5 oz. of Natures Garden concentrated fragrance oil of your choice, stir. Heavier fragrances (fragrances with higher flash points) can be added at 185 degrees F. Lighter fragrances (fragrances with lower flash points) such as citrus type fragrances, should be added at around 160 degrees F. Allow your soy wax to cool at room temp until it reaches 110 degrees F. Your wax will be slightly slushy in appearance. Pour soy wax at this temperature into containers to allow for smoother candle surfaces. Soy wax naturally provides a rough mottled appearance on the surface of the candle, however, if you would like for the surface to be flat, use a heat gun to smooth out the surface. NOTE: Soy wax can also be mixed with joy wax or WOW wax in equal proportions to provide a candle with stronger hot throw, and a smoother surface. 

Natures Garden’s WOW Wax

Exclusively sold at Natures Garden. A soft and creamy single-pour paraffin blend wax that was created for container candles and has an exceptional scent throw. Instructions for use: Heat wax to 190 degrees. Add candle dye. Allow candle to cool to 180-170 degrees. Add 1 ounce of fragrance oil per pound of melted wax. We prefer to use CD Wicks or Zinc-Core wicks with this particular wax. Pour hot wax mixture at 170-165 degrees into your containers. Allow to cool at room temperature. Allow your candles to cure for approximately 3 days. Enjoy! 

Natures Garden Palm Pillar Wax

Natures Garden’s Natural Palm Pillar Wax- (cases are 60 pounds each). Palm waxes naturally create beautiful crystal structures that form as the candle cools. In order to fully accomplish this crystalline effect, it is pertinent that you pour this melted wax at 200 degrees, and cool your candles slowly. Instructions for using Palm Pillar Wax- Melt wax to 210 degrees. Add liquid candle dye and 1 ounce of fragrance per pound of wax. Quickly pour hot candle wax into your molds at 200 degrees. Allow your candles to set up at room temperature. Pop out of your molds.

Granulated Wax

Excellent wax to use for Mom and Child Projects because the wax does not have to be heated in order to use it for candlemaking! Simply secure your wick to the bottom of a container using a hot glue gun, and sprinkle granulated wax into the jar. This will produce a candle that is ready to be lit. There is no need for melting the wax before pouring it into your jars. In order to make creative colors, you will want to color your granulated wax before putting it into your containers. Simply put granulated wax into a heavy duty zip lock bag, add a few drops of liquid candle dye, secure the closure of the bag, and shake. 

Natures Garden Pillar of Bliss Wax 

A blend of soy wax (more than 50%) and paraffin wax used for poured votive and pillar candles. Pillar of Bliss Wax has excellent fragrance retention with good cold and hot throw characteristics. Pillar of Bliss Wax comes in granulated form, and each case weighs 55-56 lbs. 

Instructions for using Pillar of Bliss Wax: Melt wax to 195 degrees, and add coloring. Drop melted wax temperature to 180 degrees and add 1 ounce of fragrance per pound of melted wax. Pour ¾ of your melted wax at 175 degrees into your molds. Keep the remaining wax for your second pour. Allow the candles to set up at room temperature. The wax will naturally sink in the middle. Heat the remaining ¼ of your wax to 165 degrees, and top off your candles in order to fill in the sink holes. Allow candles to cool at room temperature. Pop set-up candles out of the molds. 

Natures Garden Palm Container Wax

Natures Garden’s Natural Palm Container Wax- (cases are 60 pounds each). Palm waxes naturally create beautiful crystal structures that form as the candle cools. In order to fully accomplish this crystalline effect, it is pertinent that you pour this melted wax at 200 degrees, and cool your candles slowly. 

Instructions for using Palm Container Wax- Melt wax to 210 degrees. Add liquid candle dye and 1 ounce of fragrance per pound of wax. Quickly pour hot candle wax into your containers at 200 degrees. Allow your candles to set up at room temperature. 

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