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 Total Hot Man CP Soap Recipe download-recipe

Total Hot Man CP Soap Recipe

Recipe makes approximately 2 pounds of soap

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:



Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:

Stick Blender


(3) Mixing bowls
Stirring spoons

Total Recipe Weights:


259 grams of Water
91 grams of Lye
54 grams of Avocado Oil
34 grams Jojoba Oil
95 grams Palm Oil
136 grams of Olive Oil
156 grams of Shea Butter
150 grams of Coconut Oil 76
54 grams of Castor Oil
35 grams of Sodium Lactate
43 grams of Total Hot Man Fragrance Oil

Cold Process Soap Colorants/Decoration:
18 grams of Activated Charcoal
4 grams of Titanium Dioxide
6 grams of Fun Soap Colorant Tomato Red


Hawaiian Black Salt

Please Note:  Prior to starting this recipe, put on your safety gear. 

Step 1:  Make your lye solution.  Next, weigh out and melt your soaping ingredients.  Once melted, separate out 12 grams into a small mixing bowl.  To this bowl add 4 grams of titanium dioxide.  Stir this well to make a fluid white liquid.  Then, set aside.

Step 2:  When the lye solution has cooled, carefully stir in the sodium lactate. 

Step 3:  When the temperatures are correct, combine both bowls together.  Stick blend to emulsify.  Next, add the fragrance oil and stick blend to light trace. 

Step 4:  Now, get the bowl that contains your titanium dioxide liquid mixture.  To this bowl add 200 grams of soap batter.  To another  mixing  bowl, weigh out and add another 200 grams.  To this bowl add the FUN Soap Colorant Tomato Red.  Now, stir both bowls with a stirring spoons.  Then, set the bowls aside. 

Step 5:  Next, to the remaining soap batter weigh out and add the activated charcoal.  Stick blend to completely incorporate.  Use your spatula to rotate all of the soap batter, making sure it is all black. 

Step 6:  Once the black soap is mixed, rinse your stick blender and then stick blend the white soap followed by the red soap.  Once both colors are incorporated, move all soap bowls next to your mold. 

Step 7:  Starting with the black soap, pour a layer about 1 inch thick.  Repeat for a second loaf opening.  Next, pick up your spatula.  Lightly pour the red soap batter unto the spatula tip.  While pouring, quickly move the spatula back and forth.  This will create a red drizzle on top of your black soap layer.  Repeat this same action in the second loaf opening. 

Step 8:  Using the same manner as your did for the red soap, now drizzle the white soap.  Keep rotating the red and the white until all of your soap batter is gone.  Then, fill the remaining mold openings with the rest of the black soap.  Gently tap the mold to release any air bubbles. 

Step 9:  Finally, sprinkle some Hawaiian Black Salt on top of each loaf.  Allow your soap to fully set up before removing from the molds.  Then, slice your bars and allow the soap to fully cure before using. 

 We hope that you enjoy our Total Hot Man CP Soap Recipe!

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