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 Shea Butter Hair Gel Recipe download-recipe

Shea Butter Hair Gel Recipe

Recipe makes 1 8oz. Bottle of Shea Butter Hair Gel.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Distilled Water
Glass Bowl
Mixing Spoon
Knee High Pantyhose (brand new)

Total Recipe Weights:
440 grams of Distilled Water
43 grams of Flax Seed Whole
10 grams of Shea Butter
3 grams of Optiphen
13 grams of White Peach and Silk Blossoms Fragrance Oil

Step 1:  In your glass bowl weigh out the distilled water and flax seed.  Using a mixing spoon, give these ingredients a good stir.  Then, cover your bowl and place it in the refrigerator.  Allow it to set overnight.

Step 2:  The next day, use a spatula to get all of the ingredients into a pot.  Place the pot on the stove and set the burner on a high heat setting.  Generously stir the mixture as it heats.

Step 3:  Once the mixture reaches a consistent boil, reduce the heat setting to medium.  Keep stirring.  The mixture will thicken.

Step 4:  When the mixture has cooked for 5 minutes, you will notice that the flax seeds will stay suspended in the mixture.  Now, turn your heat off.  Remove the pot.

Step 5:  Place your pantyhose over the container you are going to be straining into.  Carefully pour the mixture into the nylon.   Once all of the mixture is out of the pot, rinse out the pot. 

Step 6:  Please Note:  The gel will be hot.  Next, apply pressure to the pantyhose to release the gel away from the flax seed.  Collect all of the gel in your container. 

Step 7: Remove the nylon containing the flax seeds.  Place your thermometer into the gel.  When the temperature of the gel reaches 120 degrees Fahrenheit, add the 3 grams of Optiphen, 10 grams of Shea butter, and 13 grams of White Peach and Silk Blossoms Fragrance Oil.

Step 8:  Gently use your whisk to incorporate the Shea, Optiphen and fragrance into the hair gel.

Step 9:  Once the gel has cooled, carefully pour it into your bottle using the funnel.  Finally, apply the pump top. 

Your Shea Butter Hair Gel  is now ready to use.  Enjoy!

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