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 Scented Valentine Glitter Shoes Recipe download-recipe

Scented Valentine Glitter Shoes Recipe

Create your own sparkly, sexy scented shoes!

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


-One pair of shoes
-1 oz. of Natures Garden Red Hot Cinnamon Fragrance Oil
-About 1 ounce of extra fine glitter (I used red)
-About 2 ounces of school glue
-Newspaper or wax paper
-Craft brush
-A glass small container for glue mixture
-About 2 ounces of unscented hairspray
-2 ounce bullet bottle
-20/410 Fine Mist Sprayer
-Disposable Pipettes

1. Prepare your work area. Lay down newspaper or wax paper.

2. Prepare your glue. Mix approximately 2 ounces of glue to 2-4 ml of fragrance oil and stir thoroughly.

3. Using your craft brush spread a thin layer of scented glue on a small section of the shoe.

4. While keeping the shoe over the wax paper sprinkle the glitter over the shoe and shake off any excess.

5. Repeat steps two and three until the entire shoe is covered. I recommend applying glitter to the heel last; this way you can hold the heel while covering the rest of the shoe.

6. Repeat the process for the second shoe.

7. Allow the pair of shoes to dry overnight.

8. Prepare your hairspray. Mix approximately 2 ounces of hairspray to 1 ml of fragrance oil in a 2 ounce bullet bottle. Attach a fine mist sprayer.

9. Hold the bottle at least 6 inches from the shoe and spray the entire shoe with the hairspray mixture. This will help keep the glitter in place.

10. Allow your shoe to dry.

11. Finally, put the shoes on and start showing them off. These sparkling, scented, shoes are sure to turn some heads!

Project Tips: Since you are covering the shoes with glue and glitter, it will not matter what the design or color of the original shoe is. Before going to a store to purchase a pair of shoes, check your closet first. You may already have a pair that is perfect to transform. If you have to buy a pair of shoes; don't forget to browse the clearance aisle, there are always diamonds in the rough. Finally, do not be afraid to really get creative and mix it up. Any Natures Garden fragrance oil will work, as will any color glitter. The key thing to remember is to use extra fine glitter. We have found that using the larger grade glitter poses some problems when trying to adhere the glitter to the glue on the shoe.

A little background on this project:

Melissa, our creative genius behind this magnificent project, has a passion for shoes. She loves them. But, then again, what girl doesn't have a secret (sometimes small, but still there) obsession for shoes? She wanted to share this project with everyone because she knows that at times the perfect pair of shoes is so hard to find. So, as it is in any crafter's nature, "Why not just do it yourself and scent it up a notch!"

What will you scent next?

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