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 Scented Markers Recipe download-recipe

Scented Markers Recipe

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:

Crayola Markers TM (not the washable kind)

Choose Natures Garden Fragrance Oils to Coordinate with the colored markers you have. Here are the fragrance oils from Natures Garden that we chose for the marker colors we did:

Hot Pink Marker= Pink Sugar Type Fragrance Oil
Blue Lagoon Marker= Blue Sugar Type Fragrance Oil
Primrose Marker= Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Fragrance Oil
Infra red Marker= Berry Bewitching Brew Fragrance Oil
Electric Lime Marker= Frosted Lime Cupcake Fragrance Oil
Battery Charged Blue Marker= Aqua di Gio Type Fragrance Oil
Teal Marker= Jelly Beans Fragrance Oil
Tropical Violet Marker= French Lavender Fragrance Oil
Laser Lemon Marker= Honey Vanilla Love Dust Fragrance Oil
Sea Foam Green Marker= Australian Bamboo Grass Fragrance Oil

Step 1: One marker at a time, remove the bottom of the plastic marker encasement.

Step 2: Remove the long, cylinder-shaped marker ink pad from the plastic encasement.

Step 3: Using a transfer pipette, place at least 8 drops of fragrance oil onto each end of the marker ink pad, and place ink pad back into marker encasement. Place end cap back on the marker.

This will allow you to scent your markers whatever fragrance you would like them to be, and actually helps to refresh markers that are beginning to dry up. We have not tested this on washable markers since we believe that they are water soluble and won't mix with fragrance oil; but we are not 100% sure that they would not work. If you find that washable markers also work, let us know!

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