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 Scented Nail Polish Recipe download-recipe

Scented Nail Polish Recipe

Create your own scented nail polish!

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:

-Nail Polish
-paper bowl

Clean & Sanitize your work area and all of your packaging materials. It is suggested that you wear gloves, protective clothing, and a hair net while preparing this recipe.

Step 1:  Using a scale, carefully measure 1 gram of acacia gum powder.  Place this into your paper bowl.

Step 2:  Now, take a pipette, and to the acacia gum add 14 drops of fragrance oil.  This will get you a gel like result.  Stir thoroughly. 

Step 3:  Using a pipette, transfer your scented gel into your nail polish.  Shake vigorously.

Step 4:  Paint your nails as usual. 

Note:  Based on our testing, the scented nail polish lasts 2-3 days, and works in both regular and glitter nail polish.  In order to achieve optimum scented nails, it is suggested that at least 2 coats need to be applied.  The scented polish will not appear to be scented until your nails are dry.  Although clear nail polish does work, it will become cloudy in the bottle.  Finally, we have found that sadly vanillas and some bakery notes will not work to scent nail polish.  Testing is suggested. 

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