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 Pug Candle Recipe download-recipe

Pug Candle Recipe

Recipe makes approximately (1) 16 oz. Pug Candle.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Stirring Spoon (4)
Disposable Plates (2)
Disposable Bowls (2)
Pot (for double boiler)
Apothecary Jar with lid
Cutting board
Sharp pencil
Toothpicks (2)
Black Felt
Lime Green Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun

Step 1:  Stirring occasionally, melt 100 grams of beeswax using the double boiler method.  Set the temperature of your stove top between medium and low heat.

Step 2:  Once the beeswax is in a liquid state, remove it from the heat source.  Now add 8 grams of Giggles Fragrance oil to the beeswax and stir. 

Step 3:  Next, place one of your disposable plates on the scale and weigh out 50 grams of the scented beeswax.  To this add 1 drop of Spectrum Black Candle Dye and stir quickly.  Then, set aside.

Step 4:  Place 4 drops of Spectrum Black Candle Dye into the remaining scented beeswax and stir.  Then, pour all of this into your second disposable plate.  Set aside. 

Step 5:  Once again using the double boiler method, weigh out and melt 30 grams of beeswax. 

Step 6:  While that is melting, in one of your disposable bowls, weigh out 2 grams of fragrance oil.  Then, add a small pinch of titanium dioxide to the fragrance oil.  Stir well to incorporate.  Set aside.  

Step 7:  When the beeswax is melted, pour all of the wax into the titanium dioxide/fragrance oil  mixture.  Stir this well. 

Step 8:  Now, in your second disposable bowl, separate out 10 grams of the liquid beeswax.  To this add 1 toothpick tip of Red Spectrum Candle Dye.  Stir.  Now angle this bowl to keep the beeswax concentrated in one end.  Allow this to fully set up. 

Step 9:  Once all 4 colors of beeswax (gray, black, pink, and white) have set up and are cool to the touch; it is time to remove them.  Carefully peel the beeswax from the containers.  You may have to cut the edges of the disposable plates and bowls to do this.

Step 10:  Once the waxes are removed, place them on your cutting board to design your pug face. 

Step 11:  For the face, you will be using all four colors.  The gray beeswax is for the mask area including around the eyes and the nose.  The black beeswax will be used for the snout, bottom mouth portion, and the color of the dogs irises.  The white is for the eyes, and the pink is for the tongue (open mouth area).

Step 12:  Using your pencil, lightly trace these designs into your beeswax.  When you are ready, cut each item out. 

Step 13:  Once you have all of the facial components cut out; begin placing the face together by layering each item where it belongs. 

Step 14:  Once again using your pencil, lightly trace any item that is overlapped onto a different color of beeswax.  Since we need our pugs face to adhere to the side of the jar, it must be flat.  Now, cut those shapes out so that when you put the face together again, it is only 1 total flat layer. 

Step 15:  Now, weigh out and melt 500 grams of Joy wax using the double boiler method. 

Step 16:  While your joy wax is melting, begin placing the face against the inside of your candle jar.  It is best to do this starting from the bottom mouth piece and working up to the eyes.  Then, when you are happy with the placement, apply gentle pressure to make sure the beeswax is adhered to the wall firmly. 

Step 17:  Now, once your face is in place, use pieces of extra beeswax to fill in any holes from behind the adhered face.  This will prevent any leakage of joy wax from coming through when it is poured into the candle container. 

Step 18:  Center and secure your wicks to the bottom of your candle jar. 

Step 19:  When your joy wax is in a complete liquid state, remove it from the heat source.  Next, add 1 drop of Yellow Spectrum Candle Dye and 1 toothpick tip of Spectrum Brown Candle Dye.  Stir.

Step 20:  Now to the melted and colored wax add 40 grams of fragrance oil.  Stir well to incorporate.   Then, place your thermometer into the wax.

Step 21:  When your wax reaches 125 degrees Fahrenheit, give it a final stir.  Then, carefully pour it into your container; stopping the pour where the jar changes shape.

Step 22:  Straighten your wicks again, and allow the candle to fully set up undisturbed.  

Step 23:  While your candle is setting up, get your lid, hot glue gun, black felt, and green ribbon.  Cut a piece of green ribbon and tie a bow.  Using your hot glue gun, attach this to the top of the lid. 

Step 24:  Next, cut (2) rectangular shapes out of the piece of black felt.  These will be your pugs ears.  Once again using the hot glue gun, attach each ear to the underneath lip area of your lid. 

Step 25:  Once your candle is completely set up, trim your wicks and apply your lid. 

Your Pug Candle is now ready to use!  Enjoy!

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