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 Mood Enhance  Bath Melts Recipe download-recipe

Mood Enhance Bath Melts Recipe

Recipe makes approximately 4 clamshell containers.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


180 grams Cocoa Butter Golden Natural
64 grams Coconut Oil 76
10 grams White Beeswax
15 grams Rosebuds and Petals- Red
4 grams Aromatherapy Mood Enhance Fragrance Oil

Optional: If you do not want to have herbs floating around in your tub, you can place the bath melts into a fillable bath tea bag with pull string.

Clean & Sanitize your work area.

Step 1.  Weigh out all of your Cocoa Butter Golden Natural, Coconut Oil 76, and Beeswax.

Step 2.  Melt these items down using the double boiler method.

Step 3.  Once melted, add the Aromatherapy Mood Enhance Fragrance Oil and stir to incorporate.

Step 4.  Open and lay out the clamshells.  

Step 5.  Now, pour the mixture into your molds, leaving room for some rose petals.

Step 6.  Weigh out your rose petals.  When the bath melts have set up enough where there is an apparent film, carefully sprinkle each clamshell with rose petals.

Step 7.  When the bath melts are moveable, place them in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Step 8.  Finally, remove the bath melts from the freezer.  Then, lid your clamshells. 

Your mood enhance bath melts are now ready for use!

To Use: Place one bath melt cube into the bath tub under warm running water. Only one bath melt is needed. Be Careful: Your bath tub will be slippery from the oils and butters once the bath melt has melted. Also, pigments and powdered herbs may leave a colored ring in your bathtub. This easily cleans up with soap and water; it is not a permanent stain.

Please note: These bath melts will begin to melt just from physical contact with the skin. It is not advised to ship these during the hotter temperature months.

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