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 Lollipop Soap Recipe download-recipe

Lollipop Soap Recipe

These lollipop soaps are incredibly fun and they are easy to make!

Recipe makes 9 soap lollipops.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
9 x 13 Cake Pan
Cutting Board
Microwave safe glass container
Large Knife
Mixing Spoon (wood or stainless steel)
Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle
(9) Kabob Sticks
Decorative Ribbon

Clean & Sanitize your work area and all of your packaging materials. It is suggested that you wear gloves, protective clothing, and a hair net while preparing this recipe.

Step 1: Prepare White Swirl:  Weigh out 1 pound of Natures Garden's Goat's Milk M & P Soap Base.  Place soap into microwave safe container and melt in 30 second increments until completely melted. Stir gently. Add 1 Tablespoon of Vegetable Glycerin to melted soap. Mix well.

Step 2:  While the soap is still in a liquid state, quickly pour the soap into a 9 x 13 cake pan.  The soap will be around 1/4 inch thick.  Allow soap to set up at room temperature to a pliable state where it is set up enough to cut, but not completely cold yet. 

Step 3:  Next, using a ruler mark the soap in the cake pan to make (9) one inch wide slices.  Carry this cut through the complete 13 inches of length. 

Step 4:  Remove soap strips from the cake pan individually by peeling one end of the soap up.  Slowly pull the soap up while gently guiding the soap from the pan.  Complete this for all nine strips.  

Step 5:  Then, starting at one end of the strip, tightly roll the soap to make a complete swirl.  Set this tight swirl down flat into your basic circle soap mold.  Note:  Once released from your grip, the swirl will spring open.  This is okay.  Do this for all 3 basic circle mold openings. 

Step 6:  Next, weigh out 1 pound of Diamond Clear M & P Soap Base.  Place soap into a microwave safe container.  Melt soap in 30 second increments at a time until completely melted.  Stir gently. 

Step 7:  Once the soap is melted, add (15) drops neon pink and (1) hefty drop ultramarine violet soap colorant to melted soap.  Mix well.  Then, add 1 ounce Jammin Rock Candy Fragrance Oil, stir well again. 

Step 8:  Using your rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, spritz white swirls down in the basic circle mold.  Spritzing the swirls in this step will help to adhere the two soaps together.

Step 9:  Pour Soap. Slowly pour the scented pink soap over the white swirl roll in the basic circle mold; allowing for the melted soap to enter into the roll.  Note:  Pouring the melted clear soap over the white swirl roll at too high of a temperature will cause the white swirl to remelt. 

Step 10:  Allow mold to completely set up at room temperature. 

Step 11: Removing the soap. Place the mold upside down. Using your thumbs, apply gentle pressure to the center of the cavity. When the soap mold releases, set it aside.

Step 12: Adding the lollipop stick: Holding one of the circles, gently ease the pointy end of the kabob stick into the soap.  Decorate the stick with tied bow of ribbon.  Repeat for remaining two circles.  Set aside.

Step 13:  Clean and dry your basic circle mold.  Once ready, roll 3 more tight swirl rolls.  Place 1 roll into each mold opening. 

Step 14:  Next, again weigh out 1 pound of Diamond Clear M & P Soap Base.  Using your microwave safe container, melt the soap until completely liquid. 

Step 15:  Once the soap is melted, add (18) drops lime green and (7) drops kelly green soap colorant to melted soap.  Mix well.  Then, add 1 ounce Jammin Rock Candy Fragrance Oil, stir well again.

Step 16:  Spritz white swirls in basic circle mold with rubbing alcohol.

Step 17:  Again, paying attention to melted soap's temperature, carefully pour the scented green soap over the white swirl rolls.

Step 18:  Repeat Steps 10-14. 

Step 19:  This is your chance to be creative!  Once soap is melted, add any of Natures Garden's Fun Soap Colorants to the melted soap base.  Mix well.  Then, add 1 ounce Jammin Rock Candy Fragrance Oil, stir well again. 

Step 20:  Repeat steps 8-12. 

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