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 Kittens Mittens Toy Recipe download-recipe

Kittens Mittens Toy Recipe

Recipe makes approximately 1 Catnip Stuffed Mitten

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Grocery Bag
Kabob Stick
Sewing Needle and Thread

Step 1:  Take a grocery bag and place it loosely on your hand.  Make sure there is bag gathered between each finger and thumb. 

Step 2:  Next, gently slide the glove over your bagged hand.  The bag should now be in each finger and thumb opening. 

Step 3:  Carefully start to ease your hand out, using your other hand's fingers to keep the bag in place inside of the glove.  Do not remove your whole hand yet. 

Step 4:  Before finally removing your fingers from inside the palm area of the glove, place 10 spoon fills of catnip into the palm opening of the glove/bag.

Step 5: Then, using the flat end of a kabob stick gently guide some of the catnip into each finger and thumb hole. 

Step 6: Next, remove your hand from the glove.  Knot the bag shut and tuck the ends into the glove.

Step 7:  Using your needle and thread, sew the glove shut.

Step 8: Finally, using the sharp end of the kabob stick stab several openings into the glove to release the catnip odor.

Your Kitten's Mittens Toy is now ready for your favorite feline companion.  Enjoy!

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