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 Independence Day Candle Recipe download-recipe

Independence Day Candle Recipe

Recipe makes (1) 16 oz. Independence Day Candle.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Stirring Spoon
Wax paper
Pot (for double boiler)
Apothecary Jar
Cutting board
Ziploc bags
Star Cookie Cutter

Step 1:  Using a hot glue gun, attach 2 CD-12 wicks to the bottom of your candle jar.  Make sure your wicks are centered and equally spaced apart.

Step 2:  Melt 50 grams of beeswax using the double boiler method.  You will want to set the temperature of your stove top between medium and low heat to accomplish this.  Stir the beeswax occasionally as it melts.

Step 3:  Once the beeswax is in a liquid state, add 2 drops of Spectrum Blue Candle Dye and stir.  Place your pouring pot back into the heat source for now.

Step 4:  Next, lay out your wax paper on a flat even surface.

Step 5:  Weigh out 4 grams of Apple Pie (old version) Fragrance Oil.  Remove your beeswax from the heat source.  Add the fragrance oil and stir. 

Step 6:  Next, slowly pour the blue scented beeswax in one section over the wax paper.  Allow this to fully set up at room temperature.

Step 7:  While you are waiting for the beeswax to set up, get 2 Ziploc bags.  In each bag, weigh out and place 225 grams of Pillar of Bliss wax.  Then, to each bag weigh out and add 18 grams of Apple Pie (old version) fragrance oil.  Now, to one bag place 4 drops of Spectrum Red Candle Dye.  Seal each Ziploc bag and vigorously shake to disperse.  Then, set aside.

Step 8:  Once the beeswax has set up, gently remove it from the wax paper.  Set the beeswax onto your cutting board.  Next, cut out a square that will both fit inside your jar, and cover the star design of the cookie cutter, making sure to leave some blue wax around the edges of the cookie cutter. 

Step 9:  Now, center your cookie cutter in your blue square.  Carefully press the cookie cutter down.  Then remove the cookie cutter and the star cut out.  Set the square aside. 

Step 10:  Next, take your jar and carefully place the square  inside the jar opening.  Once you have the star centered, press the beeswax against the jar firmly.  This will allow the beeswax to cling to the jar. 

Step 11:  Once the square is in place, it is now time to begin filling the remainder of your candle jar.  Using your spoon, place several scoops of red pillar of bliss wax in the bottom.  Try to make the layer as even as possible.  Next, repeat with the white pillar of bliss wax. 

Step 12:  Continue layering the pillar of bliss wax (switching the colors) until the jar is filled.  Do not forget to straighten your wicks as you go.  When finished, trim off the excess wick before burning. 

We hope that you enjoy our Independence Day Candle Recipe! 

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