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 Firming Facial Mask Recipe download-recipe

Firming Facial Mask Recipe

Recipe makes approximately 2 facial masks

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients Needed:
Distilled Water

Phase 1: Clean & Sanitize your work area and all of your packaging materials. It is suggested that you wear gloves, protective clothing, and a hair net while preparing this recipe.

Phase 2: Prepare the Hibiscus Flower infusion:

A. Measure out 2 grams of Hibiscus Flower Whole and place the flowers into a tea bag.  Pull the drawstring tight and knot.  Set aside.
B.  Now weigh out 120 grams of Distilled water.   Place this into a pot on the stove top and heat the water until it reaches 180 degrees Fahrenheit.  Allow the water to hold at this temperature for 20 minutes.  This step will kill any bacteria in the water.

Please Note:  Even though we are only going to use 18 grams of water for this recipe, the overage of distilled water will account for any evaporation from the heating process. 

C. When the water is finished, place your tea bag into a coffee cup.  Next, pour the hot water over the tea bag until the cup is filled.  Allow the tea bag to steep.  Then, using a spoon, press the tea bag to make a strong hibiscus tea.

Phase 3: Prepare the Dry Portion of the Facial Mask:

A. While the tea is steeping, weigh and mix the following ingredients: 23 grams of Red Moroccan Clay Powder and 3 grams of Hibiscus Flower Powder.  Gently stir these two ingredients to incorporate them.  If you notice any clumps, break them up now. 

Phase 4: Mix the dry and wet ingredients:

A. Now, in a separate bowl, weigh out 18 grams of the hibiscus tea.  Next, add 6 grams of vegetable glycerin to the tea. Stir well.

B. Then, combine this mixture to your dry ingredients mixture and stir.  Keep stirring until you have a paste with no visible dry ingredients left.

Phase 5: Using your facial mask:
A. Once the facial mask has cooled, generously apply it to your face.  You will want to allow the mask to completely dry on your face. This will typically take around 20 minutes. You will notice as your facial mask dries that your face will tighten, and it may throb a bit.
B.  Once the mask has completely dried, wash it off with warm water.

 We hope that you enjoy our firming facial mask recipe!

Please Note: If you are going to be reselling this product in wet form, we suggest adding 1% optiphen preservative to this formula. Otherwise, use wet face mask promptly after making it, or store any unused wet face mask in the refrigerator for up to one week.

Natures Garden is not responsible for the performance of any of the recipes provided on our website. Testing is your responsibility. If you plan to resell any recipes we provide, it is your responsibility to adhere to all FDA regulations. If there are ingredients listed in a recipe that Natures Garden does not sell, we cannot offer any advice on where to purchase those ingredients.

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