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 Make a Pure Soy Wax Candle download-recipe

Make a Pure Soy Wax Candle

This recipe covers the step by step instruction for (1) 16oz. candle.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Items Needed:
Glass Apothecary Jar (16oz)
Hot Glue Gun with Gun
Pot (for double boiler method)
A cookie sheet
Stirring Spoon

Prior to making a soy wax candle, you must first check the flashpoint of the fragrance oil that you will be using.  This temperature will directly affect the temperature at which you will add the fragrance oil.  For this recipe, we will be using Apple Orchard Fragrance Oil.  This particular oil has a flashpoint of 155 degrees Fahrenheit.  Therefore, the wax temperature at which you will add the fragrance oil to the wax is 155 degrees Fahrenheit.  .  Our rule of thumb is:  If a fragrance flash point is below 130F, then add it to wax at 130F.  If the fragrance oil flash point is between 130-185F, then add the fragrance to the wax at its flash point.  If a fragrance oil has a flash point above 185F, then add the fragrance to the wax at 185F. 

Step 1:  Grab a larger pot.  Place several inches of tap water into the pot.  Then, put the pot on the stove top and set the heat setting on medium.  This creates a double boiler.

Step 2:  In your pouring pot, weigh out 440 grams of soy wax 415.  This is enough wax to make (1) 16oz candle.     Then, place the pouring pot into the larger pot on the stove top.  This is the double boiler method. 

Step 3:  Next, place your thermometer into the wax.  You will want to monitor the temperature of the soy wax as it melts.  Do Not let the temperature of the wax go higher than 200 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you let the wax get this hot, you risk the burning and discoloring of the wax.  Stir occasionally as the wax melts.  Keep melting until it is completely liquefied.

Step 4:  While your wax is melting, set your oven to the lowest possible setting.  Then, place your apothecary jar on your cookie sheet.  Carefully place the cookie sheet into the oven.  This step will warm your apothecary jar.  Allow the jar to warm for 10-15 minutes, then remove.  Also, plug in your hot glue gun now. 

Step 5:  Once the wax is in liquid form, remove the pouring pot from the stove top.  Place your thermometer into the wax.  When the temperature of the wax is 185 degrees Fahrenheit, add 4 drops of Spectrum Red Candle Dye and stir. 

Step 6:  After the color has been stirred into the wax, check your temperature again.  Once the wax temperature is 155 degrees Fahrenheit, add your 35 grams of Apple Orchard fragrance oil.  Stir again, and keep stirring for a full 2 minutes.  This will help the wax, fragrance, and color adhere. 

Step 7:  Place your thermometer back into the wax.  Next, using your hot glue gun, place a small amount of glue on the bottom of your wick tabs.  Now, center and secure your candle wicks to the bottom of your jar.  For this recipe we used (2) CD-10 wicks.

Step 8:  Place your warning label on the bottom of your jar. 

Step 9:  Check the temperature of the wax.  When the temperature reaches 110 degrees Fahrenheit, it will be safe to pour.  Give your wax one final stir at this point.     

Step 10:  Now, slowly pour the wax into your candle jar.  Stop the pour where the candle jar changes shape.  Straighten your wicks.

Step 11:  Allow your candle to fully set up undisturbed.  Once the candle has hardened, lid your jar.  Now, allow your candle to cure for 24-48 hours. 

Step 12:  When your candle has cured; trim your wick.  Your 100% Soy Wax Candle is now finished and ready to burn.  Enjoy!

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