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Votive Candle Wick Pin

Votive Candle Wick Pin

Are you looking for high quality, reliable votive candle wick pins? At Nature’s Garden, we have votive wicks that have a flat bottom base and are 2 5/16" tall. Our votive wick pins work perfectly in any votive cup, so you have a perfectly centred wick every single time. Since votive candles are often used for important ceremonies and events, you want to feel confident that the wick pin will be reliable and work exactly as it's supposed to. Our votive wicks won't let you down, delivering stellar results every time.
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Usage & Recommendations

Tips for using our votive candle wick pins:

Directions for Use:

  1. Place the candle wick pin inside a votive mold
  2. Pour your candle wax mixture
  3. Do any type of second re-pours to fill in sink holes
  4. Allow candle to set up
  5. Remove candle from votive mold
  6. Remove candle wick pin from candle
  7. Slide tabbed wick inside the hole that the candle wick pin made


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