What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?

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What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Ask Us Your QuestionsWhat Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?

What is the ground pumice herb? Also, what are the pumice stone benefits? Anyone that may be asking these questions, you are in luck, as this cosmetic blog is a great way to answer your questions.  Plus, you can use this blog to find out about the benefits that this herb has for your body.  The cosmetic pumice stone available from Natures Garden is perfect for creating all kinds of cosmetic recipes. Further, there are all kinds of other ways that you can perfectly use this herb. If you are interested, then you can continue reading this blog to learn more about the uses of ground pumice stone.

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits? : What is Pumice?

First of all, pumice isn’t really an herb. This cosmetic ingredient is actually a type of rock. This rock will form certain types of magma that are cooling. In the case of this cosmetic ingredient, the pumice stone would be ground up to be used in all kinds of bath and body recipes. But, not all pumice starts out in such a small form. In fact, some of the pumice stones that are formed can be quite large!

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits? : How is Pumice Made?

Simply, the pumice stone is a type of volcanic rock that is formed from cooling magma. But, there is a bit more you can learn about the formation of this special rock. First of all, there is a slight difference between magma and lava. While these two words are very similar, the difference is that the magma is stuck underground and lava flows above ground.  Sometimes the magma will become lava after a volcano eruption. Other times, the magma will cool underground before it gets the chance to make it to the earth’s surface.  In both of these cases, there is a potential for pumice to form. But, the rock that will be formed from magma that rapidly cools under the ground is more common for industrial use.

However, pumice isn’t formed from just any type of magma. These cosmetic rocks are made from magma that is frothy, full of gases, and cooled rapidly.  The gases will form the little holes that we see in the pumice stones. Once the liquid around the gas solidifies it will leave the air pockets that we see in the hardened rock. If the pumice doesn’t form underground, there is one more way that it can be created. You can have pumice form after a volcano erupts. Once the volcano erupts any of the frothy magma that is spewed out has the potential to quickly cool into pumice as it falls back to the earth. 

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Where is Pumice Found?

Although pumice can be formed underground or in the air after an eruption, most of the pumice is formed by magma cooling underground. Since most of the pumice is created from cooling magma, most of this volcanic stone is mined from the ground. These hunks of pumice can then be used to create pumice stones or ground up to be added to bath and body recipes.

Plus, there is pumice being mined in areas all over the globe. Italy is the largest producer of pumice and is followed closely by nearby countries, like Spain, Greece, and Turkey. However, this volcanic rock can be found all over the globe, including the United States.  Basically, you can find pumice anywhere there was gas and water in magma that is cooing rapidly. So, many of the volcanoes that form near a coast will likely have pumice being created nearby. You can even find this stone in the deepest depths of the ocean, as there places in the oceanic crust where water sinks below the crust and can lead to pumice!

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Industrial Uses

This ground up volcanic rock can be used to create all kinds of great bath and body recipes. Of course, you can use ground pumice to add some exfoliating properties to your bath and body recipes. Plus, there are some other various uses for this stone in both the current industry as well as in the ancient past. So, check out the information below to learn even more about this cosmetic ingredient.

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Medicinal Uses

Although there aren’t any medicinal benefits to eating ground pumice stone, there are some medicinal benefits that you can gain from using this cosmetic ingredient. However, all of these benefits are cosmetic and there aren’t any known benefits for ingesting this stone.

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Food and Beverages

Even though you can’t use a pumice stone to create drinks or meals, there is another type of product that this stone can be used to make. This cosmetic herb can be added to tooth paste to add some exfoliation properties. This great herb can be used to provide some extra exfoliation properties, as it will add cleansing and abrasive properties to the recipe.

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Bath and Body UsesWhat Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Bath and Body Uses

Pumice is best known as a natural exfoliating ingredient for cosmetics. This cosmetic herb can be included in all kinds of recipes to add some exfoliating properties to your various cosmetic recipes. Plus, some people will even use a whole pumice stone to exfoliate rough, callused skin. So, you know that this cosmetic ingredient works well and can get your skin feeling its absolute best.

First, you can add some of the ground pumice to your bath and body recipes and to your homemade soap making recipes. Then, you can use a recipe with pumice stone to both cleanse and exfoliate your skin. This will be useful for helping rejuvenate and refresh your skin. Also, you can use the pumice to help remove any blackheads that may form. Plus, this is a fantastic herb to use to create homemade scrubs. This is a fantastic ingredient for creating cosmetic recipes that will remove dead skin. This will leave your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated. Further, people will use this herb to help soften calluses and corns to reduce pain from friction

Additionally, you can use this cosmetic herb to boost circulation. This will bring more blood to the skin, which makes your skin look that much healthier. Also, using a pumice stone can be useful for improving skin tone. So, the pumice herb will help exfoliate dead skin and reveal your young, beautiful skin. Plus, this cosmetic herb can be used to reduce rough, dry skin. So, you can help to create smoother skin that is less dry and rough.

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Natures Garden Cosmetic RecipesWhat Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Natures Garden Cosmetic Recipes

First, you can use some of the ground pumice from Natures Garden to create a fantastic foot care recipe. Although this recipe is for making a cleansing soap, the added pumice allows the recipes to add some foot scrub properties. So, this bar of soap will be able to smooth, pamper, and moisturize the feet, too. Not only does our Peppermint Cold Process Foot Soap Recipe include pumice to exfoliate and smooth your feet, but this homemade soap recipe includes luscious herbs and essential oils that will nourish the skin.

Alternatively, you can use pumice to create a cleansing bar of body soap. Our Mechanics Soap Recipe is perfect for anyone that needs some extra help getting really clean. This homemade soap recipe will provide a better clean than a typical bar of soap due to the extra exfoliating power. So, these bars of soap are perfect for providing a stronger clean along as well as exfoliating the dead skin and grime. Plus, this recipe includes skin loving oils and even some cosmetic clay that will all work to nourish the skin.

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Other UsesWhat Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Other Uses

Another added benefit of this cosmetic ingredient is that you can use this cosmetic herb to remove unwanted body hair. This hair removal process is similar to how you exfoliate dead skin.  First, you will want to wash the area with warm water. This will soften the skin and make the hair removal process easier. Then,  you will want to make sure that you lather the area with soap, cosmetic oils, or another kind of lubricating substance. This lubricating substance will be used to help prevent irritation and make the process go easier.

As you use the stone, make sure to do small circular motions. You will want to go both directions with your small circles and apply minimal amounts of pressure. If you decide to use straight strokes instead, then you will be more likely to break the skin. Also, use brisk strokes and be careful not to be too rough as you could potentially cut the skin. be sure that you don’t use this method of hair removal on areas that are irritated, sunburned, peeling, or broken.

Also, small pieces of pumice can be use to prevent bumping of a boiling liquid. This will ensure that you liquid boils more calmly and won’t splash too much.  However, pumice isn’t the only stone that can be used as a boiling stone. Any porous material that are chemically inert can serve as an effective boiling stone.

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: History of Pumice for Building

In ancient civilizations pumice was used for quite a few different ways. One significant use this volcanic stone has is by Romans. This ancient civilization, as well as a few other civilizations, would use this herb  to construct buildings. Some of the constructions that they included pumice in was the dome of their Pantheon as well as some of their aqueducts. Furthermore, many of these ancient constructions are still around today.  Even today, pumice will be used to create lightweight concrete to make some of other modern buildings. If you want to learn more about this cosmetic herb, then you should check out the Pumice and Roman Concrete article from Pumice and Concrete.

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Fun Facts About Pumice

You may notice that pumice stone is very porous. In fact, it has about a 90% porosity. The abundance of pores has led to this volcanic stone being the only known rock to float on water. However, the pumice rock will eventually sink as it slowly absorbs the water until it becomes too heavy. Also, this useful stone can be used for creating a chinchilla dust bath and even a cat litter box.

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Ask Us Your QuestionsWhat Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: Ask Us Your Question

If you have anymore questions about this cosmetic herb, then you should feel free to reach out. We are available to talk at the Natures Garden store, on the phone, and online. An easy way to reach us online is on our social media pages. First, we have a Facebook page. Also, you can use the handle @ngscents to find us on Instagram and on Twitter. Not only are these platforms perfect for getting answers, but you can share your own creation and even take part in the conversation. We wish you the best of luck for creating your cosmetic recipes. Also, we hope to hear from you all soon!

What Are the Pumice Stone Benefits?: A Note About Our Pumice Stone

Natures Garden sells our ground pumice, for external use only. We do not sell our cosmetic products as food items. The information that we provide is for educational purposes only. We at Natures Garden Candle and Soap Making Supplies do not intend for this information to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. The information written about pumice that we have provided has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Also, you should keep all of our herbs out of reach of children and pets. Also, special care should be taken by any pregnant and/or lactating women when handling pumice. Natures Garden accepts no responsibility (written or implied) for any products you make with our cosmetic herbs. Also, all of the required testing is the responsibility of the customer.