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Winter Beauty Care Winter Beauty Care

Often, our skin will suffer during the harsh winter months. It’s not for a lack of trying, but it can be hard to keep up with your skin’s needs in tough winter weather. So, this time of year could leave your skin feeling dry, cracked, and utterly irritated. So, quality winter beauty care is essential for you to use during this harsh season to care for your skin. Of course, you can create homemade cosmetic recipes that include quality skin care ingredients. You will want to create conditioning cosmetics that will completely nourish and moisturize your skin.

Winter Beauty Care: Shimmering Snowdrops Lotion RecipeWinter Beauty Care: Shimmering Snowdrops Lotion Recipe

First, you can use the Shimmering Snowdrops Lotion Recipe to create a quality lotion for skin care. This thick, creamy lotion recipe uses our Natural Soy Body Butter Base, which includes fantastic cosmetic ingredients. Not only will this homemade lotion recipe care for your skin, but this cosmetic recipe includes a frosty, blue colorant and shimmering mica dust. Also, this scented recipe includes Natures Garden’s Frost & Snowdrops Fragrance Oil. This lovely scent has notes of romantic musk and sandalwood background and continues with an aroma of delicate winter flowers. So, this bath and body recipe is a fantastic blend of cosmetic oils and fresh fragrance oil notes that will create a wonderful lotion recipe for winter skin care.

Winter Beauty Care: Cocoa Dream Cream RecipeWinter Beauty Care: Cocoa Dream Cream Recipe

Additionally, you can create a luxurious body lotion recipe that will nourish your skin. Our Cocoa Dream Cream Recipe includes fantastic bath and body supplies that you will be sure to enjoy. This homemade lotion recipe includes luscious oils and butters that will nourish the body. Not only is this homemade bath and body recipe perfect for skin care, but this lotion recipe uses our Butter Brickle Fragrance Oil. This lovely fragrance oil has a creamy, buttery blend of almond and strong vanilla. Together this blend of lotion making supplies is perfect for creating a body butter that will nourish your skin.

Winter Beauty Care: Girly Girl Salve RecipeWinter Beauty Care: Girly Girl Salve Recipe

Also, you can create the lovely Girly Girl Salve Recipe to moisturize your entire body during the winter season. This body salve recipe uses a variety of luscious cosmetic supplies that are sure to care for your skin. This salve recipe includes cosmetic oils and luscious butters to create a fantastic recipe. Further, this bath and body recipe uses a refreshing and feminine fragrance. This lovely cosmetic recipe is scented with our Waterlily Fresh Mint Fragrance Oil. This refreshing scent uses a blend of delicate floral notes green nuances and hints of fresh mint. So, this bath and body recipe is perfect for nourishing your body and providing a cosmetic lovely aroma.

Winter Beauty Care: Winter Body Butter RecipeWinter Beauty Care: Winter Body Butter Recipe

Another great bath and body recipe that you can create is the Winter Body Butter Recipe. This luxurious body butter recipe uses both shea butter and coconut oil to create a luscious, skin-loving product. This thick and creamy cosmetic recipe is perfect for making skin care that is effective and perfect for this time of year. Plus, you can include one of our winter fragrance oils in this lovely lotion recipe. So, this lovely cosmetic recipe can be created to be both nourishing for your skin as well as wonderfully scented!

Winter Beauty Care: Creamy Cocoa Craziness Cold Process Soap RecipeWinter Beauty Care: Creamy Cocoa Craziness Cold Process Soap Recipe

Plus, you can create the Creamy Cocoa Craziness Cold Process Soap Recipe. This is another great cosmetic recipe that will care for dried out skin. Although you want to get clean, soap has a high potential of drying out your skin. So, you will absolutely want to use a soap recipe that includes luscious cosmetic ingredients, like coconut oil, olive oil,  and jojoba oil! Further, this cp soap recipe includes the Creamy Coconut Fragrance Oil, which has a lovely aroma of tropical fruit scents, creamy coconut, and sweet vanilla. So, this is the perfect soap recipe that has a lovely aroma and is conditioning for the skin.

Winter Beauty Care: Foaming Hibiscus Scrub RecipeWinter Beauty Care: Foaming Hibiscus Scrub Recipe

Also, you can create our Foaming Hibiscus Scrub Recipe to care for your skin. This homemade body scrub uses luscious cosmetic ingredients to create a quality skin care product. Of course, this scrub recipe uses luscious cosmetic oils and butters. Further, this scrub recipe uses cosmetic herbs that will nourish the skin and provide a natural colorant that is a lovely pink hue. The Hibiscus Flower Powder herb is perfect for nourishing the skin as the herb will even your skin tone, reduce acne, soften wrinkles, and soften the skin. Not only does this cosmetic recipe care for the skin, but this bath and body recipe is scented with our Hawaiian Sea Mist Fragrance Oil. This fragrance oil has delicious notes of orange, pineapple, peach and strawberry combined with floral nuances of hibiscus, jasmine and lavender. So, this bath and body recipe is perfect for nourishing your skin as well as providing a lovely, tropical aroma.

Winter Beauty Care: Calendula Bath Melts RecipeWinter Beauty Care: Calendula Bath Melts Recipe

Additionally, you can use the Calendula Bath Melts Recipe to moisturize your skin. You can use a few of these bath melts to nourish your skin as you take a relaxing bath. The cocoa butter and sunflower oil in this bath recipe will condition your skin. Further, this cosmetic recipe will soothe your body as you relax in the tub with the lovely calendula flowers herb. Also, this cosmetic bath and body recipe is scented with our Asian Pear and Lily Fragrance Oil. This fragrance has notes of Nashi Pear, Apple, and Leafy Greenery that are followed by middle notes of Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, and Rose Petals. These notes are all sitting on a base of Pear Nectar, Musk, and Peony Blossoms. So, this cosmetic recipe is a fantastic blend of nourishing oils and a lovely scent that you will be sure to enjoy!

Winter Beauty Care: Natural Facial Night Cream RecipeWinter Beauty Care: Natural Facial Night Cream Recipe

Of course, the sensitive skin on your face needs a skin care product that is moisturizing and gentle. Our Natural Facial Night Cream Recipe is a perfect way to moisturize your face without clogging your pores. This lotion making recipe uses luscious cosmetic oils that will perfectly moisturize your skin. Further, this homemade lotion recipe uses an infusion of wholesale calendula flowers. So, this lovely lotion recipe is gentle enough not to irritate your skin. Also, these cosmetic herbs are beneficial for reducing acne, inflammation, and promote healthy skin. All together these wholesale cosmetic ingredients will help you create the perfect homemade lotion recipe to care for your face.

Winter Beauty Care: Winter Wonderland Lip Balm RecipeWinter Beauty Care: Winter Wonderland Lip Balm Recipe

Another bath and body recipe that you can enjoy is our Winter Wonderland Lip Balm Recipe. Not only is your skin dried out in the winter, but your lips are sure to need some extra love and care. This lip balm recipe uses our luscious lip balm base, which includes nourishing cosmetic ingredients. Plus, our recipe for homemade lip balm uses shimmering mica dust to create a beautiful, sparkly appearance. Further, this lip balm includes all natural flavor that blends Peppermint Essential Oil and real white chocolate wafers. So, your winter lip care will be moisturizing as well as scrumptious!

Winter Beauty Care: Natural Sugar Lip Scrub RecipeWinter Beauty Care: Natural Sugar Lip Scrub Recipe

Not only is lip balm fantastic for lip care, but you can also use a lip scrub to provide even more benefits. Our Natural Sugar Lip Scrub Recipe includes both cosmetic ingredients that are nourishing as well as exfoliating. First, this lip scrub recipe will exfoliate any dead skin from your lips. Next, this lip balm recipe will nourish your lips with lip balm base as well as cosmetic oils. Also, this lip recipe includes the scrumptious lip balm flavor of our Blue Raspberry Slushie Flavoring. This blend of quality lip balm supplies is perfect for creating a lip balm that is moisturizing and exfoliating with a scrumptious flavor.

Winter Beauty Care: Snowball Soap RecipeWinter Beauty Care: Snowball Soap Recipe

Another fantastic bath and body recipe that you can include with your winter beauty care is the Snowball Soap Recipe. This skin loving soap recipe uses our nourishing melt and pour soap base to create a fantastic skin care recipe. Further, this soap recipe includes our lovely whipped soap base to care for the skin and provide a fluffy white topping. Not only is this soap perfect for skin care, but this mp soap base can be used to make snowflakes and snowballs out of soap. Plus, this batch of soap is naturally scented with our Peppermint Essential Oil and Lavandin Essential Oil. This provides you with a fantastic cosmetic recipe that will moisturize and cleanse the skin with a lovely scent.

Winter Beauty Care: Glamour Girl Lotion RecipeWinter Beauty Care: Glamour Girl Lotion Recipe

If you want a glamorous scented lotion that will care for your skin, then our Glamour Girl Lotion Recipe is perfect for you! First of all, this lovely lotion recipe uses a variety of luxurious cosmetic ingredients that will soak deep into the skin to provide moisture. Not only does this homemade lotion recipe condition your skin, but this lotion recipe is scented as well. This homemade lotion recipe uses the sexy and sophisticated aroma of our Couture Hotness Fragrance Oil to create a fantastic bath and body recipe. This scented lotion has notes of raspberry and bergamot and middle notes of magnolia and jasmine. Finally, this fragrance has base notes of white musk and vetiver. This blend of lotion making supplies will provide you with fantastic bath and body product for women that will care for the skin.

Winter Beauty Care: Pampered Foot Scrub RecipeWinter Beauty Care: Pampered Foot Scrub Recipe

Another great bath and body recipe that you can create is our Pampered Foot Scrub Recipe. Our homemade scrub recipe uses deeply conditioning oils, like our olive oil, to create a fantastic body recipe. Further, this bath and body recipe includes the poppy seed herb to exfoliate the dead skin on your feet. Plus, the orange peel powder and the aloe vera leaf powder will kill microbes and nourish the skin. This blend of cosmetic oils and herbs is perfect for nourishing the generally rougher skin on the feet. Also, this body scrub recipe is scented with the lovely Tangerine Dreams Fragrance Oil. This scrumptious fragrance has notes of juicy tangerines, sweet vanilla, and fresh greenery. Thus, you can create a lovely body recipe that is conditioning and has a lovely citrus aroma.

Winter Beauty Care: Further Skin Care Tips

Nobody wants to suffer through rough, dried out skin, but it can be hard to protect your skin in the winter months. Of course, lotions and body butters are crucial for winter beauty care. But, there are a few more things that you can be doing to help out your skin. Not only is it super important to moisturize your skin in this harsh winter weather, but there are a few more things that you can do to care for your skin. These various skin care tips are perfect for improving your skincare routine. Just combine some skin-loving moisturizers with these 12 Tips to Keep Skin Soft and Glowing In Winter from Be Well to have skin that stays soft all winter long.

Winter Beauty Care: Reach Out to UsWinter Beauty Care: Reach Out to Us

We hope that you enjoy all of these bath and body recipes as your own winter skin care products. If you have any other questions about these homemade cosmetic recipes, then you can feel free to reach out to us at Natures Garden. As always, we are available to talk to you in the store, on our HUG Line, and online. If you want to reach out to us online, we would recommend that you use one of our social media platforms. You can find us on the Natures Garden Facebook page. Also, you can use the handle @ngscents to find us on both Instagram and Twitter. We hope that you have fun creating your skin care products!


Winter Garden Fragrance Oil

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Winter Garden Fragrance OilWinter Garden Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Winter Garden Fragrance Oil is a refreshing scent by Natures Garden. This aroma is a combination of lime, lavender, and menthol with woodsy and eucalyptus notes that create a fragrance oil that is refreshing, clean, and perfect for the winter season. Many of our customers have found this fragrance oil to be an extremely strong, clean, and crisp winter scent. It reminds of the Winter Walk of Lights in Vienna, VA.  If you haven’t seen this, and are in that area around the holidays, I suggest checking it out!  It was so much fun!

What Does Winter Garden Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is refreshing and clean!  Winter Garden fragrance will remind you of the fresh clean smell of winter air while walking down a snow-covered path.  This fragrance begins with top notes of fresh lime and menthol;  middle notes of Douglas fir and lavender;  with full-body base  notes of eucalyptus and pine.

How Do Our Customers Use Winter Garden Fragrance Oil in Room Scenting Recipes?

Various room scenting diy projects can be made with the incorporation of this refreshing winter fragrance oil. Homemade potpourri recipes, recipes for incense sticks, and cone incense recipes can each be scented with no more than 50% for this scent. Homemade household products that clean can use up to 5% of this fresh fragrance oil. Aroma beads air fresheners can successfully include this seasonal fragrance oil.

This scent can be used in the making of strong smelling candles. Candle recipes using either vegetable waxes or paraffin wax, can include 10% of Winter Garden Fragrance Oil. WOW wax and Joy wax can both incorporate this sweet aroma successfully. Also, this fragrance can be used to make homemade candles out of soy wax. If you would like to use our coloring suggestion, then use either three drops of blue liquid candle dye. Alternatively, a small amount of a shredded blue color block per 4 pounds of wax will work. You can use a different coloring method as long as you avoid using crayons as they clog wicks.

How Do Our Customers Use Winter Garden Fragrance Oil in Bath and Body Recipes?

Handcrafted bath and body products can be scented with this delightfully clean smelling fragrance oil. Bath oils, bath gels, handmade soaps, bath bombs, lotions, perfumes, and other homemade bath and body recipes can be created with a no more than 5% for this fragrance oil.

Our recorded Cold Process Soap Testing Results have shown that this scent is absolutely perfect for creating soaps from scratch. A batch that uses this fragrance oil will have no acceleration, no ricing, and no separation. The bars that include this aroma will have a very strong  scent retained and the bars will have no discoloration after curing. Also, both melt and pour and hot process soap can be created with wonderful results. We recommend that products containing this scent should be colored with some amount of blue liquid soap dye. If you want to add another color to your bath and body creations, then feel free to add your own personal preference as long as you know that candle dyes are not body safe colorants.

Winter Garden Fragrance Oil RecipeDoes this cold and unforgiving season have your skin dry and cracking? Then you may want to try out our moisturizing and soothing Winter Body Butter Recipe. This body butter uses shea butter, arrowroot powder, coconut oil, and our delightful winter fragrance oil to create a great recipe for your skin that smells wonderful.