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New Year’s Fragrance Oils

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New Year's Fragrance OilsNew Year’s Fragrance Oils

We all take months to get ready for the holidays, but why not New Year’s? Take a look at these amazing fragrances on our New Year’s fragrance oils list. All of us at Nature’s Garden love the holidays because it’s a time to be with family and loved ones. We wanted to bring all of our customers a simple way to plan for all of your project needs so you can spend that little bit more time doing what you need to for the holidays. While getting ready for the new year, why not make some festive candles for your guests at your house or even for yourself! We have some of the New Year’s fragrances for all your bath and body or candle needs. They can be enjoyed by the whole family! These fragrances smell amazing. Some are modeled after some of the most popular drinks that most will be celebrating with this New Year’s Eve! Keep in mind they are not just for the new year, we sell these fragrance oils all year around. We just feel like these are the most festive for this time of year!

Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Fragrance OilCabernet Sauvignon Wine Fragrance Oil

Cabernet Sauvignon Fragrance Oil is a favorite from the Nature Garden staff! It is a magnificent scent that makes it one of the best New Year’s fragrance oils on our list. This will be able to have wonderful scent bloom in any of your products. It is an original that was created by Nature’s Garden! It has notes of sweet grapes with hints of natural strawberries combined with a slight alcohol bottom note. This combination of scents made this a very popular fragrance oil among so many of our customers. Its resemblance to a Red Cabernet Wine is uncanny. Use this for a candle or soap with a little bit of coloring will make you want to keep using this any time you wish to relax!  You will want a nice glass of your favorite wine after smelling this fragrance oil!

Champagne Pomegranate Fragrance OilFragrance Oils for the New Year: Champagne Pomegranate Fragrance Oil

Next, the Natures Garden original, Champagne Pomegranate Fragrance Oil is absolutely fantastic because it’s sweet and delicate in one fragrance. The blend of grapefruit, lemon, and orange mixed with fresh red fruit and topped with crushed pomegranate seeds gives a magical blend of citrus and sweet pomegranate. All of these notes blend with a touch of sparkle to finish this wonderful blend. This fragrance oil would make a really nice soap. Once you use it, it will leave you smelling fantastic!


Guardian Angel Fragrance OilFragrance Oils for the New Year: Guardian Angel Fragrance Oil

Guardian Angel Fragrance Oil from Nature’s Garden makes it onto our New Year’s fragrance oil list because it’s a clean and soft smelling fragrance oil. This is a beautiful blend of soft rose petals, baby breath, and natural white flowers, with a slight touch of clove, nutmeg, patchouli, sandalwood, and vanilla. Using this to make any one of your favorite soap products can turn out amazing. A candle with this fragrance oil will have your feeling protected. Guardian Angel Fragrance Oil has so many different uses! This is a fragrance oil that we are in absolutely in love with because everyone should have a guardian angel.

Lavender Martini Fragrance OilLavender Martini Fragrance Oil

The Lavender Martini Fragrance Oil from Nature’s Garden takes two popular concepts and combines to make an amazing scent. The blend of lavender and gin martini makes a wonderful and sensual aroma. We’ve captured a new experience in this unique fragrance oil. This fragrance oil begins with top notes of fresh lemon zest, orange, and carbonation; middle notes of subtle spicy bergamont, mint, and lavender; with base notes of rosewood. This fragrance oil would make a fantastic candle or cold process soap. It’s strong yet subtle scent makes it a great choice!

New Born Baby Fragrance OilNew Born Baby Fragrance Oil

The wonderfully soft and clean scent of New Born Baby Fragrance Oil will have you thinking about the simple things in life. We developed a fragrance oil that would embody this wonderful moment.  This delicate fragrance oil from Nature’s Garden has delicate citrus notes with a blend of soft florals in this perfect fragrance. Rose, geranium and ylang are accented with a touch of orange flower for a classic baby accord. Sandalwood gives it a slightly natural woody profile. Finishing off is a smooth base of musk and powdery sweetness for a perfect undertone.

Vanilla Champagne Fragrance OilVanilla Champagne Fragrance Oil

Vanilla Champagne Fragrance Oil from Nature’s Garden is a showstopper! It is a perfect New Year’s Fragrance Oils for any project. The lively citrus notes and sweet aromatic vanilla combines to be a perfect fragrance to bring in the
new year. Sparkling aldehydic creates a fizzy note to top off citrus notes of lime and orange. A touch of green floral and rum liquor establishes the middle of this wonderful fragrance, with woody and earthy tones to accent the decadent vanilla bean base. This creates a fun and bubbly fragrance oil that is unique and vivacious!

Beer Fragrance OilBeer Fragrance Oil

When our perfumist attempted to make this Nature’s Garden original we had many fail to pass our quality standard. We wanted to bring our customers the best beer fragrance oil that we could come up with! We wanted one that doesn’t smell stale or with any floral notes. Our goal was when our customer used Natures Garden’s Beer Fragrance oil in their product, it was to smell like they just open a cold brew. This proved to be incredibly challenging. However, we think we accomplished it! This superb fragrance oil has the aroma of malt liquor and hops with a simple fruit twist. The fruity notes really make the difference. We added notes of strawberry, pineapple, apple, and raspberry. We are proud to bring you what we think is an incredible beer fragrance oil, unlike any others on the market!

Blue Hawaiian Fragrance OilBlue Hawaiian Fragrance Oil

Next on our New Year’s Fragrance Oils list, Blue Hawaiian fragrance oil, we tested quite a few fragrances until we were happy with what we found! This fragrance oil stopped us in our tracks. We knew it was the one that we wanted our customers to have in their products. This fragrance oil has a high concentration of essential oils that makes this fragrance stand out to the nose, which is what we were looking for! Our Blue Hawaiian Fragrance Oil has top notes of juicy orange, lemon, and maraschino cherries balanced with fresh tangy pineapple, acai berries, and sea spray. Its base is an amazing assortment of sweet coconut, vanilla rum, and ozonic notes. This tropical fragrance oil has become a favorite fragrance from not only our team members, as well as our customers! Using this in bath products is a popular way to use this fragrance oil, and with a touch of teal coloring, your products will stand out!

Gin Martini Fragrance OilGin Martini Fragrance Oil

This iconic drink deserves to have its own fragrance oil, so you can enjoy your favorite drink even if it is not five o’clock! The true question would be, shaken or stirred with an olive? At Natures Garden, our Gin Martini Fragrance oil smells so close to the real thing you might mistake it for your drink! Which would not be a good thing, our fragrance oils are for you to enjoy the smell, not consumption. This mixture begins with aldehydic bubbly top notes to resemble club soda with bursts of citrus for enhancement. The body of Gin Martini has notes of fresh rosemary, balsam fir needles, and crushed ginger. All of these notes are stacked on the amazing base of crisp cedar. This can be used every day, but it just stands out among the rest for you to celebrate the new year! Try this fragrance oil in one of your favorite lotion bases or any of our melt and pour soap bases!

NG Strawberry and Champagne Type Fragrance OilNG Strawberry & Champagne Type Fragrance Oil

NG Strawberry and Champagne Fragrance Oil is one of our best sellers and it stands out among the rest of our New Year’s Fragrance Oils! It has a simple base with a touch of decadent red fruits and supplemented with lily of the valley and apple cider to make a luxuries fragrance oil! The sweet blend with the other base ingredients makes a fragrance oil scent profile that reminds you of your first glass of champagne! The scent will make your home smell magnificent. It also works very well in both melt and pour soap and cold process soap.

Purple Hooters Fragrance OilPurple Hooters Fragrance Oil

Who doesn’t love a perfectly mixed drink? Especially for the New Year! Our staff absolutely loves Purple Hooters fragrance oil, and for good reason! It has a decadent blend of sparkling strawberries, raspberries, citrus greenery, and soft florals. This makes it stand out because it is one of our simpler mixtures. We think that sometimes simpler is better! Why not have this for your party? It will be a highlight of your festivities, and we know you will enjoy this fragrance as much as we do!

Champagne Pear Fragrance OilChampagne Pear Fragrance Oil

This is another one of our wonderful sparkling wine inspired fragrance oils. Champagne Pear Fragrance Oil is an original by Nature’s Garden. We think we created a great fragrance that is subtle, but sweet and tart. This fragrance oil is blended with citrus and melon notes that are complemented with crisp greens to create a champagne accent. This delivers a nice, fruity scent overall! Orchard pear and fresh apple balance the body of this fragrance oil. We added a touch of apple blossom to create a nice finish for the fruit accord with softened and gentle musk undernotes that pop with effervescence. This will make a perfect candle because it’s fruity body will lighten up any room that you place it in!

Amaretto Fragrance OilAmaretto Fragrance Oil

Finally, Amaretto Fragrance Oil has a slight sweet smell that is not too overwhelming. This fragrance has an aroma that you will not forget anytime soon! The scent blooming from a candle will fill your entire house with a warm and soothing scent profile that will make you fall in love. The mixture of fresh almonds and ripe cherries make a perfect combination! This has always been a popular fragrance oil with our customers! It makes an amazing scent for bath and body products that isn’t too sweet, and you will thoroughly enjoy them.

We hope you enjoyed this list of our New Year’s Fragrance Oils! We tried to keep it simple to make the easiest for you. This is only some of the fragrance we offer, so take a look at all of our fragrances at our website! Some other awesome projects for your New Year’s events can be found in Spruce Crafts’ DIY Ideas For New Year’s Eve. We found a lot of awesome ideas for the new year there! Have a happy New Year, we hope 2020 is a great year for you!


Tuscan Wine CP Soap Recipe

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Tuscan Wine CP Soap RecipeTuscan Wine CP Soap Recipe

If you are looking for soap making ideas, then you may want to try out this elegant wine soap recipe from Natures Garden. The Tuscan Wine CP Soap Recipe uses wholesale soap making supplies that allow you to create cold process soap that is moisturizing and elegant. Of course, the soap making supplies, like soaping oils and butters, are perfect for nourishing skin care as the soap cleans your body. Furthermore, the elegant scent of our Tuscan Wine Fragrance Oil blends perfectly with the true notes of real, red wine. So, you can use this bath and body recipe to create fantastic cp soap bars using wine.

Natures Garden Ingredients for the Tuscan Wine CP Soap Recipe

Rice Bran Oil
Sunflower Oil
Macadamia Nut Oil
Sesame Seed Oil
Castor Oil
Fractionated Coconut Oil
Mango Butter
Tuscan Wine Fragrance Oil
Tomato Red FUN Soap Colorant
Deep Purple FUN Soap Colorant
Kelly Green Fun Soap Colorant
Spirulina Powder
Oatmeal Melt and Pour Soap
Safety Glasses for Soap Making
Mitre Box – Stainless Steel
Safety GLOVES for Soap Making- 1 pair
Cutter for Mitre Box – Stainless Steel
Safety MASK for Soap Making- 2 count

Other Ingredients for the Tuscan Wine CP Soap Recipe

Mixing Bowls
Mixing Spoons
Stick Blender
Mini Bunch of Grapes Soap & Candle Mold (www.flexiblemolds.com)

Weights for the Tuscan Wine CP Soap

129 grams of Water
129 grams of Frozen Wine
98 grams of Lye

121 grams of Rice Bran Oil
68 grams of Sunflower Oil
13 grams of Castor Oil
68 grams of Macadamia Nut Oil
5 grams of Kelly Green FUN Soap Colorant
68 grams of Sesame Oil
122 grams of Fractionated Coconut Oil
217 grams of Mango Butter
51 grams of Tuscan Wine Fragrance Oil
6 grams of Spirulina Powder

Weights for the MP Soap Grapes

132 grams of Oatmeal Melt and Pour Soap
8 grams of Tomato Red FUN Soap Colorant
7 grams of Tuscan Wine Fragrance Oil
8 grams of Deep Purple FUN Soap Colorant

Clean and Sanitize for the Tuscan Wine CP Soap Recipe

Before you begin making your homemade soap, you are going to want to clean and sanitize for the Tuscan Wine CP Soap Recipe. First, you are going to want to collect all of your soap making supplies that are listed for this bath and body recipe. Additionally, you are going to want to clean off a work space to allow yourself the space that you would need to make cold process soap recipes with lye. Also, you will want to prepare a spray bottle of vinegar as well as a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Then, set both of these bottles aside for when you need them later on.

Boil the Wine for the Tuscan Wine CP Soap Recipe

Another preparation that you will need to make is to boil the wine for the Tuscan Wine CP Soap Recipe. So, you will want to place the wine into a pot on the stove top and boil it for 30-40 minutes. Be sure that you are stirring the wine periodically as it boils. After this amount of time has elapsed, you will weigh out and carefully pour the wine into ice cube freezer trays. Next, you will place these trays in the freezer overnight. When you are ready to make your wine soap, the frozen wine cubes will be used to replace half of the water portion in the water/lye solution. The exact amount of wine needed is listed above.

Deciding on the Wine for Your Homemade Soap Recipe

We have some advice for anyone deciding on the wine for your homemade soap recipe. We would recommend that you use a type of wine with a lower sugar content. If you are using a wine with a high sugar content, then it will speed up gel. This will cause your soap batter to bubble up and out of the mold. With this in mind, you will want to prepare for this possibility. So, take proper precautions at safe guarding the surface your mold is placed on.

Preparing the Soap Grapes for the Wine Soap RecipePreparing the Soap Grapes for the Wine Soap Recipe

First, you are going to be preparing the soap grapes for the wine soap recipe. So, you are going to need to add 132 grams of the Oatmeal Melt and Pour Soap Base to a microwave safe bowl. Then, you will need to use thirty second intervals to melt your soap base and stirring between these bursts in the microwave. Then, you are going to want to add 7 grams of the Tuscan Wine Fragrance Oil. Also, you are going to want to add in 8 grams of Tomato Red FUN Soap Colorant and 8 grams of Deep Purple FUN Soap Colorant. Once everything is mixed together, you can add your melt and pour soap to your wholesale soap mold. Then, spray the top with rubbing alcohol to release air bubbles. You will want to make sure that your grape bunches set up completely before removing them from the mold. You will need five bunches in total.

Make the Lye Solution for the Tuscan Wine CP Soap Make the Lye Solution for the Tuscan Wine CP Soap

First, you are going to prepare the lye solution for the Tuscan Wine CP Soap. So, you will need to weigh out 129 grams of water and 129 grams of your frozen wine cubes in a mixing bowl. Then, you will need to weigh out 98 grams of Lye for soap in a separate container. Then, you will want to slowly add the lye to your wine/water mixture. As you add the lye you will want to slowly stir. Once everything is mixed together, let the lye solution cool down to room temperature.

Preparing the Cosmetic Oils for the Wine CP Soap RecipePreparing the Cosmetic Oils for the Wine CP Soap Recipe

Also, you are going to be preparing the cosmetic oils for the Wine CP Soap Recipe. So, you will want to weigh out 121 grams of the Rice Bran Oil, 68 grams of the Sunflower Oil, 13 grams of the Castor Oil, 68 grams of the Macadamia Nut Oil, 68 grams of the Sesame Oil, 122 grams of the Fractionated Coconut Oil, and 217 grams of the Mango Butter. Then, you can melt down your cosmetic oils and butters. Once everything is melted, set the mixture aside to cool down to room temperature.

Weighing the Wholesale Herb for the CP Soap Weighing the Wholesale Herb for the CP Soap

While you are waiting for your soap making recipe, you will be weighing the herbal colorant for the cp soap. So, you will want to add 6 grams of the Spirulina Powder to a small bowl. You will want to add a small amount of soaping oils to this cosmetic herb. Then, mix these soap ingredients together and break up any clumps you find.

Preparing the Soap Colorant for the Soap RecipePreparing the Soap Colorant for the Soap Recipe

Next, you are going to be weighing out the remaining soap colorant for the soap procedure. Since the Spirulina Powder is an herbal soap colorant, you will be adding this additional soap colorant to it. This will enhance the color slightly and create an even better shade of green. So, add 5 grams of the Kelly Green FUN Soap Colorant to your wholesale herb. Then, set this mixture aside for right now. 

Combine the Soaping Ingredients for the Wine SoapCombine the Soaping Ingredients for the Wine Soap

After the lye solution and your cosmetic oils have reached the right temperature, you are ready to combine the soaping ingredients for the wine soap. So, you will want to add your wine solution to your cosmetic oils. Then, you will need to use a stick blender to mix everything together. Once everything is mixed, you can move on to the next step in the soap making process.

Adding the Fragrance for the Tuscan Wine CP Soap RecipeAdding the Fragrance for the Tuscan Wine CP Soap Recipe

Then, you are going to be adding the fragrance oil for the Tuscan Wine CP Soap Recipe. So, you will need to weigh out 51 grams of the Tuscan Wine Fragrance Oil. After measuring the scented oil, you can add it to the cold process soap batter. This will provide your cp soaps with an aroma of fine red wine. This true luxury fragrance oil has top notes of black grapes, strawberry, and red wine. These notes are followed by middle notes of white flowers and sweet cinnamon Finally, the aroma sits on dry wood base notes.

Add the Coloring the Tuscan Wine Cold Process Soap Add the Coloring the Tuscan Wine Cold Process Soap

Next, you are going to add the coloring the Tuscan Wine Cold Process Soap. So, add the soap colorant that you have previously prepared and add it to your soap batter. Then, you will need to use your stick blender to thoroughly incorporate your colorant. At this point you will want to continue to stick blend until your cp soap batter has reached trace.

Pouring the Tuscan Wine CP SoapPouring the Tuscan Wine CP Soap

Once your cold process soap batter has hit trace, you will be pouring the Tuscan Wine CP Soap into the mold. So, you will need to grab your loaf soap mold. Then, you are going to pour all of your cp soap batter into the mold.

Placing the Soap Grapes on the Tuscan Wine CP Soap Placing the Soap Grapes on the Tuscan Wine CP Soap

Once your soap is in the mold, you are going to be placing the soap grapes on the Tuscan Wine CP Soap. Of course, you will want to make sure that the green soap is set up enough that your grapes won’t sink. However, the soap needs to be malleable enough to allow the soap grapes to adhere.

Adding the Mica Dust to the Tuscan Wine CP Soap RecipeAdding the Mica Dust to the Tuscan Wine CP Soap Recipe

After all of the grape bunches are on your soap loaf, you are going to be adding the mica dust to the Tuscan Wine CP Soap Recipe. So, lightly sprinkle the top of your cold process soap with the Diamond Dust Mica Powder. This will provide a beautiful shimmer for the top of your wine soap recipe.

Finishing the Tuscan Wine CP Soap Recipe

Now you are nearly done with creating your own homemade soap from scratch. There are only a few things left for finishing the Tuscan Wine CP Soap Recipe. After about 24 to 48 hours, you can remove the soap from the loaf mold. At this time, you can cut your cold process soap into five bars where each have a single bunch on top. Then, you will need to let your soap bars cure for a few weeks. After your cp soap has gone through the curing process, you are ready to use your finished soap!

Tuscan Wine Retreat

You can use nourishing bath and body products to create your very own relaxing retreat right at home. While you can use pampering cosmetic products, like the Tuscan Wine CP Soap, to provide you with a lovely experience. there is something to be said about a well deserved getaway. Anyone out there that is feeling like it’s time to treat yourself to some rest and relaxation should definitely consider planning this vacation to a Tuscan spa retreat. The Tuscany Yoga + Wine Retreat  hosted by La Dolce Vigna is a fantastic trip that will be sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Questions About the Tuscan Wine CP Soap RecipeQuestions About the Tuscan Wine CP Soap Recipe

We hope you enjoyed this soap recipe! If you are interested in even more small batch cold process soap recipes, then you should definitely check out the Cold Process Soap Recipes page on the Natures Garden website. Also, you can reach out to us for answering any questions about the Tuscan Wine CP Soap Recipe. You can reach out to us using the phone H.U.G. line, in the Natures Garden store, and online. An easy way to reach out to us online is through our social media platforms. First, we are available on the Natures Garden Facebook page. Also, you can use the handle @ngscents to find us on Instagram and Twitter. Not only can you use these social media platforms to ask us any soap making questions that you may have, but that’s not all you can do on these platforms! You can get advice on soap making and share your own soap ideas, too. So, we wish you the best with your soap recipes and hope to hear from you soon!


Best Wine Fragrance Oils

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Best Wine Fragrance OilsBest Wine Fragrance Oils

Up until the last 20 years, wine was not very popular. Only in recent years has a “wine-craze” taken over in society. Availability and affordability are the number one reasons why this alcoholic beverage has taken a close second to the sale and production of beer. Nature’s Garden is totally hip to the popularity of “vino”. We have listed below, our best wine fragrance oils.  Some of our fragrances have recipes that incorporate actual wine and of course the fragrance itself to create an amazing bath and body product. How about creating a gift basket of lotion, soap and/or a body scrub all using wine for clients or family members who are wine lovers?  So, go ahead and raise your glass to learning about all our wine-inspired fragrances and their recipes! Cheers!

Did you know? Wine has been around for centuries! Dating back as far as 4100 B.C. the world’s oldest winery was discovered in Armenia. There are basically 5 types of wine; Red, White, Rose, Fruit and Mead (which is a honey wine). These types of wine are based on the grapes that were used to create. Each wine is named after the type of grape that was used to create it.

Best Wine Fragrance Oils: Burgundy Rose

Our first wine fragrance is Burgundy Rose. With this fragrance oil by Natures Garden, romanticism, luxury, and culture combine to produce this luxurious fragrance blend. Sensual burgundy rose with fresh white floral nuances, blend with exquisite burgundy wine, and warmed by precious musk and apple wood. Finally, this rose fragrance can withstand the saponification process without losing its authenticity.

This fragrance did well in our cold process soap testing. There was no ricing, separating or discoloring. There was some accelerating so soaping at room temperature is strongly suggested. The scent held up nice and strong throughout its cure. Burgundy Rose also did well with candles and in bath and body products.

We have a wonderful recipe that uses this romantic fragrance oil. Our Burgundy Rose Bath Milk Soak recipe incorporates powdered goat’s milk. Oat Straw powder with an added touch of rose petals to help boost the floral fragrance. Oat Straw is know for it’s skin rejuvenating and softening properties so it is a perfect addition to this recipe.

Best Wine Fragrances: Cabernet Sauvignon Fragrance OilBest Wine Fragrance Oils: Cabernet Sauvignon Fragrance Oil

Cabernet Sauvignon is a very popular seller here at Nature’s Garden. Our fragrance oil is the essence of a sweet aroma of wild grapes enhanced with hints of strawberries and sweet sugary notes with a light alcoholic background. A wonderful aroma of red sweet Cabernet wine. 

This fragrance oil had a decent test run in cold process soap. There was no ricing or accelerating, however, we did experience separating when we placed the batter in the mold. It did combine back together as it solidified. Due to the fact that this fragrance oil has a high vanillin content. We suggest using our Vanilla White color stabilizer to help prevent this. This fragrance oil did well in other bath and body products and in all our candle wax testing.

Do you know? The wine itself is a bold and assertive full bodied wine, best paired with any type of meat dish, barring the spicy ones. Grilled meats and vegetables, hearty stews and meaty types of fish, such as Ahi Tuna or Swordfish, go well with this wine.


Best Wine Fragrances: Christmas Cabernet Fragrance OilBest Wine Fragrance Oils: Christmas Cabernet Fragrance Oil

This fragrance oil was designed to capture not just the wine itself, but also the essence of the Christmas season. Cabernet has a classically deep, red color and displays a lovely bouquet of berries and oak. A full-bodied wine with good varietal character and power, it offers rich cherry flavors with excellent balance and a long finish. We have combined this lovely aroma with hints of Christmas time, and created our version of Christmas Cabernet.

Christmas Cabernet did very well in our cold process soap testing. There was no ricing, separating or accelerating. This fragrance oil has a slight vanillin content. It caused our soap to discolor to an olive/tan color. Vanilla White Color Stabilizer would be helpful in preventing discoloring.

We liked this scent so much that we created a beautiful Wine Sugar Scrub recipe that not only has Christmas Cabernet as the star fragrance, but we also used a splash of real wine to help enhance the skin loving qualities of this scrub. This recipe is chock full of moisturizing components such as, cocoa and shea butter, olive oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil and Vitamin E. That’s just the beginning! Your skin will be soft, supple and moisturized, not to mention smelling sweet and yummy!

Do you know? Cabernet is a type of grape that is used in red wine making. The addition of Sauvignon came from an accidental cross-breeding of the wine grapes; Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon was born!


Best Wine Fragrances: Merlot Fragrance OilBest Wine Fragrance Oils: Merlot Fragrance Oil

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden has velvety nuances of plums, apples, red raspberries and strawberries which  combine with a light alcoholic and spicy background.

Merlot did wonderful in our cold process soap testing! A soaper’s dream come true! No ricing, separating, or accelerating and no discoloring! The fragrance stayed strong and true throughout it’s cure.

Best Wine Fragrances: Merlot Fragrance OilThis fragrance oil is perfect in our Wine Cold Process soap recipe! This soap has skin loving oils such as, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil and Sunflower Oil. We also incorporated wine in the recipe to be used as part of the water portion! A perfect addition for a true wine inspired soap!

Do you know?  Wine (and grape juice) contain a high content of Resveratrol? Resveratrol is a natural polyphenol found in the skin of red grapes that has excellent antioxidant qualities. When used in cosmetics, this micronutrient can help protect the skin from UV damage, and reduces the occurrence of age spots. Resveratrol also has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties, and is used in products that fight acne. This amazing product is used in anti-aging, anti-wrinkle cosmetic products, and provides anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling.


Best Wine Fragrances: NG Napa Valley Harvest Fragrance OilBest Wine Fragrance Oils: NG Nappa Valley Harvest Fragrance Oil

NG Nappa Valley oil by Natures Garden is a beautiful duplication of the Yankee candle scent.  This fragrance is reminiscent of the cultural heritage surrounding Napa Valley, and the effervescence of rich, aged wine. The scent is a complex blend of aged wine, lilac, vanilla, violets, and lilies, with a light musky base note. A definite complex fragrance that is very pleasing to the nose!

NG Nappa Valley Harvest is a winner when it came to our cold process soap testing! There was no ricing, separating, or acceleration. It did discolor to a light butter color so you may chose to use our Vanilla White Color Stabilizer to help prevent this. This fragrance also did very well in our bath and body product testing and in our candle wax testing!

Do you know? September through November is when the actual Napa Valley Harvest season is. Harvest season is a busy, bustling time with the season’s harvest being brought in and new batches of wine that are being made. Visitors not only get to sample the varieties of the wines that are made, but you can also participate in the picking and the smashing of the grapes!


Best Wine Fragrances: Shiraz Fragrance OilBest Wine Fragrance Oils: Shiraz Fragrance Oil

The pronunciation of Shiraz is taken from the original name “Syrah” but for one reason or another, Australians adopted the well known term Shiraz.  The aromas and flavors of Shiraz vary with wine style and region, but are usually blackberry, plums, and pepper in varying degrees dependent on growing conditions.  Natures Garden’s Shiraz fragrance is reminiscent of this prestigious wine.

Shiraz Fragrance Oil did beautifully in our cold process testing. With no accelerating, ricing, seperating or discoloring, it is another soaper’s dream! The scent stayed true and strong througout it’s cure time. Shiraz also did well in all our candle waxes and in bath and body products. With a fragrance oil that does so well, we had to create a recipe with it!

Best Wine Fragrances: Shiraz Fragrance OilOur Wine Lotion recipe is loaded with some amazing skin loving ingredients. Jojoba oil, Cocoa Butter, and Vitamin E to name just a few. Of course we did include our Reservatrol Powder which you know is a wonderful for aging skin!


Best Wine Fragrance Oils: Tuscan Wine Fragrance Oil

If you’ve ever dined at an Italian restaurant and drank wine from a flask that was wrapped in straw, you’ve enjoyed Tuscany Chianti wine.  Natures Garden’s Tuscan Wine fragrance is a true luxury fragrance beginning with top notes of black grapes, strawberry, and red wine; followed by middle notes of white flowers and sweet cinnamon; and sits on dry wood notes.

Tuscan Wine did beautifully with cold process soap testing. It had no ricing, separating or accelerating. It did discolor to an olive brown, so Vanillin White Color Stabilizer may be used to help prevent this. The scent retention during and after its cure time was amazing and strong!

Do you know? The straw wrapped wine bottle of Chianti is called a “Fiasco” which in Italian means: bottle or flask.


White Zinfandel Wine Fragrance OilBest Wine Fragrance Oils: White Zinfandel Fragrance Oil

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden has the aroma of fruity dry pink wine with undertones of red raspberries, currents, strawberries and rose petals with a light alcoholic background. Zinfandel is the type of grape that is used to make this incredibly popular wine. The “White” part is actually a method of making the wine itself, hence the name White Zinfandel.


White Zinfandel tested positive in cold process soap making. With no acceleration, ricing or separation, it is a good soap to play with! No discoloring either which makes this fragrance oil perfect! The scent retention in all bath and body products, candle waxes and even in soaping stayed very strong and true with no fading!

Best Wine Fragrances: White Zinfandel Fragrance OilNature’s Garden created this fun Wine Gel Wax candle recipe using our popular White Zinfandel. This candle is incredibly easy to make using wine glasses as your container and our red Spectrum candle dye. You will have some fun candles to display for any kind of celebration in no time!

Do you know? Back in 1975, Sutter Home’s White Zinfandel experienced a failure which resulted in the White Zinfandel as we know it today? The original wine had a “stuck fermentation” which is a problem that occurs when the yeast in the wine dies out before consuming all the sugar. This accidental juice was set aside and several weeks later, the winemaker tasted it, preferring the result, which was sweet and pink. It was originally called Cabernet Blanc, but eventually the name White Zinfandel was adopted.


Best Wine Fragrance Oils: Muscadine Fragrance Oil

Muscadine is a fragrance oil by Natures Garden that is rich in a  wonderful aroma of fresh grapes, blackberries, and woodsy base notes. Much like the wine itself.

This fragrance oil did well in our cold process soap processing. There was no accelerating, separating, or ricing. Despite the fact that there is zero vanillin in the oil, it will discolor to a dark cream. Vanilla White Color stabilizer will not prevent this from happening. Muscadine also did well in candles and in bath and body products for scent retention.

Muscadine grapes are considered America’s “first grape”. They are commonly grown in the hotter, dryer regions of the States. The resulting wine from muscadine grapes result in a sweet, red wine mostly for the reason that winemakers may add sugar to the wine. This wine is known to have a taste of ripe banana, apple, lime peel plus a scent of rubber cement. Wait! What? Rubber Cement? Well, they do say Muscadine wine is an acquired taste so there you go!


Best Wine Fragrances: Cooking With WineCooking With Wine

We all know you can cook with wine. You should always cook with a wine that you would drink is what I have learned. Wine is a versatile ingredient that can deepen the flavor of the most simple dish. If you would like to broaden your horizons in cooking with wine,  enjoy browsing through these recipes that incorporate this popular beverage.


So there you have it! We hoped you enjoyed this lesson in wine today.  Not only did you learn some fun facts about our featured wine fragrances, but hopefully you found some creative new recipes and learned a little about our best wine fragrances we have to offer. Whether you are looking for some fresh, new ideas to add to a new line of products or just wanting to make something fun and creative for friends or family, we hope to have inspired you just a little.