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What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?

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What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?

If you are curious about all of the benefits and uses of the poppy seed whole herb, then this is the blog that you will want to read up on! There are an abundance of benefits that the poppy seed can provide for you. So, adding poppy seeds to food is perfect for creating scrumptious food that has some benefits for the body. Further, this cosmetic herb is perfect for creating bath and body recipes that care for the skin. But, what are poppy seeds benefits that you can gain for you and your products?  In this cosmetic blog, you will learn all about the different ways that you can use this herb for all kinds of fantastic recipes.

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits? : Growing Conditions

Growing your own poppy flowers will have two main benefits for you. First, you can use these beautiful flower to decorate your flower bed or garden. Second, you can use the poppy seeds for all kinds of homemade recipes. So, you will be sure to love growing these gorgeous poppies right at home!

Before you decide to grow your own poppies, you should learn a bit about  the conditions that these flowers prefer. Poppies like to have full sun as well as a warmer climate. Also, make sure that the soil you plant your poppies in will  drain well. Another thing to remember is that the timing for planting is important. So, you will want to plant your poppy seeds in either the fall or winter. When you plant these seeds is important because most poppy flowers require a period of cold before they can germinate. So, you may not want to start your seedling inside the home. Another reason to avoid starting your plants inside is that poppy flowers won’t transplant well. You will want to  spread the seeds on the surface  of the soil or lightly cover the seeds. If you want to fertilize your plants, then you may want to try a liquid fertilizer that is specialized for these flowers.

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Industrial Uses

There are a variety of ways that you can use this wonderful flower herb to create a wide variety of recipes. First of all, you can add this cosmetic herb to any of your bath and body recipes to create some fantastic, skin loving recipes that look fantastic. Also, you can add poppy seeds to delicious bakery foods. Also, there are some medicinal properties that this cosmetic herb can provide. So, let’s get into some of the best ways to use wholesale poppy seeds and their various benefits.

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Bath and Body UsesWhat Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Bath and Body Uses

Adding some cosmetic herbs to your homemade bath and body recipes is a perfect way to increase the beneficial properties for your body. This herb has some fantastic properties for both the skin and hair. Plus, cosmetic herbs are perfect for adding some visual interest for your homemade cosmetic products. So, you can create products that are gorgeous and are even more beneficial for the entire body. If you are interested in learning about some of the potential benefits that the poppy seed herb can provide for you  and your products, then check out the benefits of this herb below. Also, we have some ideas for cosmetic recipes that perfectly incorporate poppy seeds to create a fantastic design!

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Bath and Body Benefits

Plus, you can use this botanical herb to create all kinds of beneficial beauty care products. First, this wonderful cosmetic herb is perfect for benefiting the skin.  The poppy seeds can be added into your various skin care products to help moisturize and nourish your skin. Additionally, the linolenic acid in this cosmetic herb are extremely useful for dealing with certain skin issues, like eczema, for example. Also, this wholesale product can be useful for creating nourishing lotions and creams that are perfect for dealing with itching or burning sensations. In addition, you can incorporate these wholesale poppy seeds in a body scrub recipe or an exfoliating facial to help scrub away dead skin and grime.

Also, you can use this cosmetic herb to provide benefits for your hair. This wonderful cosmetic herb can be useful for dealing with issues like dandruff or alopecia. Further, this cosmetic herb can be useful for aiding with other hair problems that are due to being malnourished or having an illness. Also, you can create an herbal poppy seed infusion to create hair care products that will care for split ends. So, the properties of these poppy seeds will work with luscious oils and butters to rejuvenate your hair and get back your hair back to a beautiful sheen!

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits? : Natures Garden RecipesWhat Are Poppy Seeds Benefits? : Natures Garden Recipes

There are many different Natures Garden recipes that you can create using the Natures Garden cosmetic poppy seeds. One great way to use this cosmetic herb is as a natural exfoliate. We used this lovely herb in exfoliating recipes, like our Pampered Foot Scrub Recipe and Acai Berry Smoothie Sugar Scrub Recipe. These recipes allow you to exfoliate your dead skin and nourish your body with the luxurious butters and oils. Also, you can use this cosmetic herb for homemade soap making recipes like the Peppered Poppy Seed Cold Process Soap Recipe and Activated Charcoal Soap Recipe. Plus, there are poppy seed soap benefits for your skin that you will be sure to enjoy in your homemade soaps!

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits? : Lemon Poppyseed Fragrance Oil

Our delicious Lemon Poppyseed Fragrance Oil is a perfect aroma that you can pair with this cosmetic herb. This scented oil has an  aroma of freshly-baked lemon poppy seed muffins that is just too good to pass up. This aroma begins with  top notes of candied lime savors, lemon syrup, and bergamot extract. Then, the scent continues with notes of poppy seed muffin, brown sugar, and clove bud.  Finally, this delicious bakery scent finishes with base notes of marshmallow fluff, vanilla cake batter, and white musk. So, you can use the scrumptious scent of this fragrance with the whole poppy seeds to create bath and body products that look just like real poppy seed pastries!

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Medicinal UsesWhat Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Medicinal Uses

There are quite a few medicinal uses for the poppy seed that you can enjoy. In fact, this botanical herb can be used to create opiods, like codeine and morphine.  Although this herb has the potential to be used to create some prescription medicines, there isn’t enough of the opiates in the cosmetic herb to impair your mental state. The make up of the raw poppy seeds won’t have the same effect as the synthesized drugs. So, poppy seed  muffins or cosmetic bath and body supplies won’t impact your mental state. However, there are some minor benefits that you can have from the raw, whole poppy seeds. You can incorporate this herb into your diet by seasoning foods or topping pastries.

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Medicinal Benefits

Poppy seeds can be used to help with restless nights. Some people will use a small amount of this herb to soothe the nerves and tissues in turn helping important organs work properly. So, adding a bit of this herb to your diet can be useful for helping dealing with sleep disorders. Also, you can use this cosmetic herb to help with digestion. Some people say that this herb has enough dietary fiber to reduce constipation and stimulate your digestive track. So, adding some of this herb to your diet may be useful for improving your digestion. Plus, some people have found that you can use this herb to help reduce hypertension and lower pressure. Further, this herb has been found to be useful for lowering bad cholesterol.

Also, poppy seeds contain nutrients that can help promote healthy function in the body. First, the zinc in this herb can help to promote better bone density and bone health. Plus, this poppy seeds contain a good amount of dietary fiber, which can help to reduce issues with constipation. Also, the iron and other nutrients in poppy seed have been found to promote cognitive function. Further, these nourishing properties can decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. This nutrient along with copper are beneficial for promoting healthy blood cells, which can help reduce issues with fatigue, anemia, and increase muscle strength.

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Food and BeveragesWhat Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Food and Beverages

Often, poppy seeds are used to flavor various foods. You can find poppy seeds on common foods you eat like muffins, pastries, bread, bagels, and even more!  Also, some will add some whole poppy seeds to the top of salads and other scrumptious dishes. Poppy seeds can either be pressed into an oil for cooking purposes or added to the top of your scrumptious foods. When poppy seeds are added to the top of foods, it is sometimes used as a decorative touch. Many people have said that these poppies have a taste of a nutty flavor. Plus, adding the whole poppy seeds to the top of your pastries can provide a bit of toast or crunch for the food.

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Other UsesWhat Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Other Uses

Not only can you create yummy pastries and top all kinds of delicious foods, but you can create other scrumptious recipes too. One fun recipes that you can try out is a dessert recipe for Poppy Seed Ice Cream from the Washington Post. This ice cream recipe is perfect for anyone looking for a fun, unique dessert recipe. This ice cream has a scrumptious poppy seed taste that is said to pair perfectly with chocolate sauce or an apple dessert. So, use this fantastic recipe and try out this delicious, homemade ice cream idea!

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Red Poppy Festival

If you love to admire beautiful poppy flowers, then you may be interested in checking out the Red Poppy Festival in Georgetown, Texas. This festival has music, a parade, crafts, and even more fun stuff! Plus, you can even tour the town where beautiful poppies grow wild all throughout the area and decorate this historic town. So, check out the next Red Poppy Festival to experience all kinds of fun in the name of these beautiful flowers!

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Reach Out to Us
What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: Reach Out and Talk to Us

We hope that you enjoy all the different ways that you can use this cosmetic herb. If you have any more questions about this herb or any other of our herbs and spices, then feel free to reach out to us! We  at Natures Garden can be found in the store, on the phone, and even online. An easy way for you to reach out to us online is through our social media accounts. One way to find us on social media is on the Natures Garden Facebook page. Also, you can use the handle @ngscents to find us on both Instagram and Twitter. Not only can you use these platforms to reach out to us, but this is a great place to share your homemade cosmetic creations and ideas. Now, have all kinds of fun creating your homemade crafts and we hope that you reach out to us soon!

What Are Poppy Seeds Benefits?: A Note About Our Herbs

Note: Natures Garden sells our cosmetic herbs, like the poppy seeds, for external use only. We do not sell poppy seeds as food items. The information that we provide is for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. The information we provide has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Also, you should keep all of our herbs out of reach of children and pets. Also, special care should be taken by any pregnant and/or lactating women when handling cosmetic herbs. Natures Garden accepts no responsibility (written or implied) for any products you make with our cosmetic herbs and all testing is the responsibility of the customer


Activated Charcoal Soap Recipe

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Activated Charcoal Soap Recipe

IMG_20170208_100059345-2Natures Garden’s Activated Charcoal Soap Recipe is a layered soap recipe.  This melt and pour soap project incorporates both activated charcoal powder and poppy seeds.  In addition, it has a beautiful sparkle to the top layer.  This was created by incorporating diamond dust mica pigment.  We used our diamond clear melt and pour soap along with Blackened Amethyst Fragrance Oil.  This soap not only looks beautiful, it also provides exfoliation with the addition of poppy seeds.  Finally, activated charcoal was added due to its detoxifying properties.

Activated Charcoal Soap Recipe Ingredients found at Natures Garden

Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap
Activated Charcoal Powder
Poppy Seeds Whole
Blackened Amethyst Fragrance Oil
Diamond Dust Mica Pigment
Vegetable Glycerin
Small Tray Rectangle Mold – Mold Markets Mold
Cutter for Mitre Box
Natures Garden Apron
1 oz Black PET Bullet Bottles
20/410 Black Fine Mist Sprayers

Activated Charcoal Soap Recipe Other Supplies You Will Need

Mixing Bowls
Mixing Spoons
Measuring Spoon (1/8 teaspoon)
Rubbing Alcohol

Activated Charcoal Soap Recipe Before You Begin

Prior to starting, we recommend wearing an apron, gloves, and a hair net.  Also, clean and sanitize your work station.  In addition, do the same with your mixing utensils and other supplies you will be using.  You will need to prepare a bottle of rubbing alcohol.  Fill your bullet bottle with rubbing alcohol and place a fine mist sprayer on top.  Make sure you have all of your supplies and equipment out and ready to begin.

Activated Charcoal Soap Recipe Prepare Your Colorant

Activated Charcoal Soap Recipe Prepare Your ColorantFirst, we will prepare our colorant.  The colorant will be used in the first layer of melt and pour soap.  For this step you will need a small mixing dish, a mixing spoon, your scale, activated charcoal, diamond dust mica pigment, 1/8 teaspoon measuring spoon, and finally your vegetable glycerin.  Now, make sure your scale is set to weight in grams.  In the small mixing bowl, add 1 gram of activated charcoal, 14 grams of vegetable glycerin, and just 1/8 teaspoon of your diamond dust mica pigment.  Lastly, mix them all together until you have a smooth consistency.

Activated Charcoal Soap Recipe Preparing the First Layer of Soap

Activated Charcoal Soap Recipe Preparing the First Layer of SoapOnce again you will need your scale.  Additionally, you will need the diamond clear melt and pour soap base, your Blackened Amethyst Fragrance Oil, a medium sizes bowl, a mixing spoon, your microwave, and the colorant you prepared in the previous step.  First, weigh out 517 grams of the clear soap base.  Next, use the microwave to melt the soap base.  You want to heat the base in 30 seconds bursts until it is melted.  Be careful not to over-heat it.  You only need to get the soap to a liquid state.

Activated Charcoal Soap Recipe Preparing the First Layer of Soap



Once your clear base is melted, add 26 grams of Blackened Amethyst Fragrance Oil.  Then, add the activated charcoal soap colorant you prepared.  Finally stir the base to completely mix the fragrance and color throughout the melted soap.


Activated Charcoal Soap Recipe Pouring the First Layer of Soap

Activated Charcoal Soap Recipe Pouring the First Layer of SoapNext, you will need your bottle of rubbing alcohol, your melted soap base, and your small rectangle tray soap mold.  Now, pour the melted soap into the mold.  You will want to pour slowly, avoiding the edges of the mold.  I always find it easier to pour in the center to avoid splashing the edges of the mold.  This is important because it is a layered mp soap.  If you get the charcoal soap along the edges of the mold, it will show up on the edges of the next layer.  Once the soap is setup, you will be able to see the dark soap on the clear layer.  When you are finished pouring your melted soap, spray it with rubbing alcohol.  Rubbing alcohol will release any air bubbles in the soap.  Finally, allow the soap to setup completely before moving to the next step.

Activated Charcoal Soap Recipe Preparing and Pouring the Second Layer of Soap

Activated Charcoal Soap Recipe Preparing and Pouring the Second Layer of Soap

The next layer will be a completely clear layer of soap.  However, we chose to add poppy seeds to this layer.  Not only does it look awesome, it also acts as an exfoliant.  So, for this step you will need your mold containing the soap, poppy seeds, clear melt and pour soap, your scale, microwave, and rubbing alcohol.  First, you will need about 7 grams of poppy seeds.  Then, to soap setup in the mold, spread a thin layer of poppy seeds.  You will want to make sure the poppy seeds are evenly dispersed throughout the mold.

Activated Charcoal Soap Recipe Preparing and Pouring the Second Layer of Soap


Then, weigh out and melt 258 grams of your clear soap base.  Once melted spray you previous, setup layer, with rubbing alcohol.  Your rubbing alcohol not only helps release air bubbles, it will also help the soap adhere to the previous layer.  Once you have sprayed your soap, go ahead and pour the melted clear soap right on top.  Finally, spray the soap with rubbing alcohol to release any air bubbles.  Then, let the mp soap setup completely before moving on.  You will notice some of your poppy seeds will stay in between the layers of the soap, and some will float and disperse throughout your clear layer.

I would also like to point out one final thing.  You will notice we chose not to scent this soap layer.  When working with a clear soap base, some fragrance oils can cloud the base.  We did not want to risk obstructing the visual effect of the poppy seed.  So, we chose to leave it unscented.  However, our final soap still has a nice strong blackened amethyst aroma.

Activated Charcoal Soap Recipe Cutting the Soap

Activated Charcoal Soap Recipe Cutting the SoapIn this step you will need your setup soap and a mitre box cutter.  First, flip your mold containing the soap over on a table.  Then, press gently on the bottom of your rectangle soap mold.  Your soap should come out of the mold without any trouble.  Now, notice the lines in your soap?  These lines make cutting the soap a breeze.  Simply use the soap cutter to cut along the lines.  Once your soap is cut, you will have fifteen 2 ounce bars of activated charcoal soap.

We hope that you like this shimmering activated charcoal soap recipe.  For even more fragrance fun check out even more candle, soap, and cosmetic recipes and classes available from Natures Garden Soap Making Supplies at this link.  Also, be sure to tag us on Instagram and Twitter @ngscents showing us what you’ve created!  You can also post picture on our Facebook page!  We just love seeing what our customers have created!