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Pineapple Paprika Fragrance Oil

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Pineapple Paprika Fragrance OilPineapple Paprika Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Pineapple Paprika Fragrance Oil is a very complex scent by Natures Garden. This aroma is a complex blend of fruity scents with spice, cotton, powder, musk and woodsy notes that form a very unique and delightful fragrance oil. Not only do we adore this scent, but our customers have voted it one of our CP Soap Scents. Our clients also love adding this unique pineapple scent in candles.  One reviewer stated, “I think this is favorite pineapple scent from NG, as well as other vendors. The paprika scent is not strong, but there is enough to lend some complexity to the fragrance and make a little more appealing than the often overly sweet pineapple scents on the market. I used the oil at 12% in GB 464, with excellent cold and hot throw (the spice comes out better when burning).”

What Does Pineapple Paprika Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is insanely unique, complex, and insanely strong!  Pineapple paprika fragrance begins with top notes of pineapple, banana, orange, passionfruit, and mango; followed by middle notes of paprika, powder, and cotton; sitting on base notes of musks and apple wood. Incredible, incredible, incredible! An NG Original Fragrance!

How Do Our Customers Use Pineapple Paprika Fragrance Oil is Room Scenting Recipes?

Our customers can create all sorts of different kinds of room scenting products with this unique fragrance oil. First of all, potpourri and incense can include up to 50% of this super strong scent. Any homemade cleaning supplies can be scented with this aroma at a maximum of 5% overall. Any aroma beads that are made with this complex fragrance oil will retain a nice, strong scent.

Further, various wax based products can be made with this fruit and spice fragrance oil. Candles, wax tarts, and a wide variety of different products can all include up to a recommended maximum of 10% of Pineapple Jasmine Fragrance Oil. Moreover, Joy  Wax and WOW Wax will both perform perfectly for this fragrance oil. Additionally, soy wax will retain a nice, strong scent for this scent.  We suggest that you use either three drops of red liquid candle dye along with three drops of orange liquid candle dye per four pounds of wax or shredded red and orange color blocks in a equal amounts. Even if you choose not follow our recommendation, just don’t use any crayons in your candles or you will likely have your wick clogged.

How Do Our Customers Use Pineapple Paprika Fragrance Oil is Bath and Body Recipes?

This complex and fruity fragrance is a great scent for creating all kinds of bath and body products. Bath gels, bath oils, bath teas, lotions, perfumes, soaps, scrubs, and many other kinds of related bath and body products can use up to 5% of this fragrance oil. If you wish to color any of your bath and body products, then we suggest using red soap colorant and orange soap dye in the amount that satisfies you.  Just remember that you should never use any candle dyes in any body products as that dye is not body safe.

Not only can this scent be used in soap, but its addition into cold process soap is fantastic. In fact, our Cold Process Soap Testing Results have revealed this scent to have no acceleration, no Pineapple Paprika Fragrance Oil CP Soap Recipericing, and no separation. Further, this batch will have a perfect pour! The final product will have shade of toffee for the discoloration and the bars will have a strong scent retained. If you want to try out this complex and unique fragrance oil in your soap making for yourself, then you may want to try out our Pineapple Paprika Cold Process Soap Recipe! We hope that you enjoy both the fragrance oil and the soap made with this Natures Garden formulated recipe!


Pineapple Jasmine Fragrance Oil

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Pineapple Jasmine Fragrance OilPineapple Jasmine Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Pineapple Jasmine Fragrance Oil is a complex scent by Natures Garden. This aroma is a beautiful blend of sweet, fruity notes and delightfully fresh floral notes that unite to form a very complex yet gorgeous scent. One of our valued customers had this to say, “This scent is very pretty, it’s not too sweet, and not too floral, the balance is 50% 50% sweet to floral. It also is a very strong scent, I used it in pillar blend wax, and it scents up the room without even being lit. You get the smell of pineapple, then quickly followed jasmine. My customer loved it, I would order this again.”

What Does Pineapple Jasmine Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

A creative blend of top notes of ripened pineapples, pears, and apples; middle notes of ferns and clover; bottom notes of jasmine and rose petals. Very Complex!

How Do Our Customers Use Pineapple Jasmine Fragrance Oil in Room Scenting Recipes?

Homemade room scenting recipes can be created with this fruit and floral fragrance oil. Not only can potpourri and incense use this fragrance oil, but they can include up to 50% fragrance oil. Household cleaning products can be scented with this complex aroma. These products should not use more than 5% of Pineapple Jasmine Fragrance Oil. Also, aroma beads will retain a strong scent when they use this fragrance oil.

Additionally, different wax creations like container and pillar candles or granulated wax potpourri. Any candles or wax melts made using this aroma can use a maximum of 10% of this jasmine scent. Nature’s Garden’s Pillar of Bliss, Joy Wax, and WOW Wax would use this scent perfectly. Further, natural waxes like palm wax and soy wax will retain a nice and strong aroma. If you are coloring your candles, and aren’t quite sure how to color them, then listen to our suggestion. We suggest using three drops of yellow liquid candle dye per four pounds of wax used or adding a small amount of a shredded yellow color block to the melted wax. Note that adding crayons to your candles will clog your wick and potentially ruin your candle.

How Do Our Customers Use Pineapple Jasmine Fragrance Oil in Bath and Body Recipes?

Both melt and pour soaps and cold process soaps can each use this complex fragrance oil in their recipes. Our Cold Process Soap Testing Results have shown that this scent is nearly perfect for making cold process soap! A batch that uses this scent will have a no ricing, no acceleration, and no separation. The final products will have a discoloration of a light beige hue and the scent retained will be strong after cure. You can add yellow liquid soap colorant to your bath and body products or you can add your personal preference. No matter which you choose, just make sure that it isn’t a candle dye as that dye is not body safe.

This pineapple and jasmine fragrance oil can be use to create many different kinds of bath and body products. Bath gels, bath teas, scrubs, bath bombs, lotions, perfumes, and any other related bath and body products are allowed to include a maximum of 5% for this fragrance oil. Try one of our unscented bases to make a wide variety of beauty products. However you choose to use Pineapple Jasmine Fragrance Oil, we hope that you enjoy this complex fruit and floral fragrance as much as we do. We just know it will give each product a scent that is too great to pass up!