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Cafe Mocha Fragrance

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Cafe Mocha FragranceCafe Mocha Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Spotlight

Cafe Mocha Fragrance Oil available at Natures Garden has been described by our customers as “a very strong scent of coffee and dark sweet chocolate”.

What Does Cafe Mocha Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

Cafe Mocha Fragrance Oil by Natures Garden is the perfect arrangement of fragrance notes reminiscent of fresh brewed coffee, chocolate syrup, creamy vanilla, and marshmallows.

Top Notes: fresh brewed coffee
Mid Notes:  chocolate syrup, heavy cream
Base Notes: vanilla, marshmallows

How Do Our Customers Use Cafe Mocha Fragrance Oil?

Did you know that not only do we carry the finest products, but here at Nature’s Garden we have our own recipes?  You can click “recipes and classes” located on the top of Natures Garden’s web site and find all of our unique recipes.  Some recipes may be found on a specific fragrance oil’s page by clicking the “recipes” tab located above the image for that fragrance oil.  Once you click it, a recipe using that exact fragrance oil will open up.  This is where you will find free recipes like our Coffee Butter Scrub Recipe, using our wonderful Cafe Mocha fragrance.

Home scenting, when making such projects as reed diffuserspotpourri and incense, please remember that the maximum usage amount is 50%.  When used to make aroma beads, Cafe Mocha Fragrance Oil is a delicious scent that is nice and strong.  Please note that when making homemade cleaning products, the maximum usage of 5%. for this fragrance oil.

For those who make soap, show off your creativity by making homemade cp soap.  Our cold process soap testing results shows that it is a perfect pour with no ricing, no acceleration,  and no separation with a wonderful coffee scent.  Cafe Mocha Fragrance Oil discolors to a perfect milk chocolate.  The vanillin content is 7% for this fragrance oil.  Vanilla White Color stabilizer may help prevent discoloration due to vanilla.  However, there are more than 40 ingredients used in fragrance manufacturing that may contribute to discoloration of products.  When making soap and other bath and body products such as scrubs, bath oils, bath gels, lotions, and perfumes, the maximum usage is 5%.  For your homemade body products, the suggested coloring options are to use brown soap colorant in the amount that you are satisfied with.  Never use candle dye in any homemade bath and body products.

For homemade candle crafters, the maximum usage for Cafe Mocha Fragrance Oil is 10% and it is nice and strong in strong in soy wax while performing perfectly in joy wax, and wow wax.  Try using Natures Garden’s pillar of bliss wax to create your own homemade candle wax melts.  Some suggestions to add some color to your beautiful candles include using 4 drops of brown liquid candle dye per 4 pounds of wax or shred an ample amount of a brown color block into your melted wax.  Just a reminder, using crayons to color your homemade candles will clog your wick, we never recommend it.

Is your coffee poured?  Are you ready to get started to by placing your order today?  Using the search bar on Natures Garden’s web site, type in “cafe mocha fragrance oil” and hit enter.  It will then lead you directly to the ordering page where you can started.