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Kiwi Watermelon Fragrance Oil

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Kiwi Watermelon Fragrance OilKiwi Watermelon Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Kiwi Watermelon Fragrance Oil is a fruity scent by Natures Garden. This aroma is a blend of various juicy fruits to create a perfect summer scent! Our customers create amazing homemade craft recipes with this fruit fragrance concoction. Learn about this wonderful fragrance oils and its multitude of uses.

What Does Kiwi Watermelon Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden has bubbly, juicy top notes which make this fragrance irresistible!  This fragrance begins with top notes of juicy watermelon and grapefruit;  followed by middle notes of strawberry, green melon, and white lily; sitting on base notes of ozone, Balsamic vanilla, and fresh woods.

How Do Our Customers Use Kiwi Watermelon Fragrance Oil in Bath and Body Products?

Homemade bath and body products can be created using this fruity blend fragrance oil. Bath gels, bath oils, soaps, lotions, and many more bath and body products can be created using a maximum of 5% for this scent. Also, this fragrance oil will perform perfectly in perfumes, as long as there is a fragrance oil concentration of no more than 5%.

Additionally, this delicious fruity fragrance oil can be used to create soaps that are made through a variety of different methods. For instance, our Cold Process Soap Testing Results have revealed that this fragrance oil is a great addition to create soap from scratch. A batch containing this scent will have no ricing, no acceleration, and no separation. The final product has a very strong scent retention and the bar will discolor to a cream hue. Although, vanilla white stabilizer is often able to prevent discoloration. There are more than forty ingredients used in fragrance manufacturing causing discoloration, it is difficult to determine the true effect this additive would have. If you want to color these products, then we suggest using red liquid soap dye in an amount that you desire.

How Do Our Customers Use Kiwi Watermelon Fragrance Oil in Room Scenting Recipes?

Those of our customers that make their own room scenting products can use this delightful fruit fragrance oil to create their own recipes. Potpourri and incense can be created using a maximum of 50% for this fragrance oil in their recipes. Any household cleaning products can be made with no more than 5% of this scent in the formulation. Also, the fragrance oil’s scent will remain nice and strong in aroma beads.

Our customers can use this tasty fruit fragrance oil to create homemade candle products that smell great. Candle product that are made with either vegetable waxes or paraffin wax can include up to 10% of this fragrance. Joy wax and wow wax will both perform perfectly for this scent. Also, the fragrance oil’s scent will remain nice and strong in products made from soy wax. If you want to add color to your candle products, then we suggest using either three drops of red liquid candle dye or a small amount of shredded red color block per four pounds of wax. Just remember to never use crayons as a substitute for coloring your candles as they will clog your wick.


Frozen Margarita Fragrance Oil

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Frozen Margarita Fragrance OilFrozen Margarita Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Kick back and relax with a frozen margarita; no tequila necessary (it’s not necessary, but it is an option)!  Get a whiff of the intoxicating Frozen Margarita Fragrance Oil, which smells exactly like a frozen Lime Margarita!  Cool and refreshing, this scent is a top-shelf choice for any of your scented product needs.  As a room scent, Frozen Margarita Fragrance Oil is bright and uplifting! In bath and body products, this lime fragrance oil is as clean as they come.  The blend of fruity notes, frothy aromas, and subtle notes of guava nectar and rum are created just perfectly, so remember to tip your bartender!  Grab a pitcher and some ice, get the blender ready, and get out for some fun in the sun.  Make yourself a tall, cool margarita, all while enjoying the wonderful aroma of Frozen Margarita Fragrance Oil!

What Does Frozen Margarita Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

Frozen Margarita Fragrance Oil smells just like a strong frozen lime margarita!  Top notes of essential oil of Lime and Mandarin orange blend with notes of southern Valencia, lemon, and sea salt.  Middle notes of frothy iced guava nectar cool this beverage-scent to make way for subtle strawberries and pineapple, all sitting on base notes of brown sugar, vanilla rum, and musk!

How Do Our Customers Use Frozen Margarita Fragrance Oil?

Frozen Margarita Fragrance Oil is the perfect scent to get the party started!  Potpourri, incense, and Smelly Jellies can be made with a maximum recommended level of 50% fragrance oil.  This fragrance also performs nice and strong in aroma beads.  Inviting homemade margarita scented candles can be created with this lime aroma. Candle crafters will be delighted to learn that this fragrance performs perfectly in all of Natures Garden’s candle waxes.  This margarita scent smells amazing in any of our soy waxes, Pillar of Bliss, Joy, or WOW wax.  The recommended maximum usage for this fragrance oil is 10% when used with vegetable waxes or paraffin waxes.  We suggest using 3 drops of green and 3 drops of yellow per four pounds of wax.  You can also shred a small amount of green and yellow color blocks into your melted wax.  Never use crayons to color your candles as they will clog your wick.

Our customers created buzzing bath and body products with Frozen Margarita Fragrance Oil!  Incorporating this floral scent up to 5% in your recipes can make your bath gels, bath oils, and bath bombs irresistible.  Soap makers can use up to 5% fragrance oil in cold process soap or melt and pour soap recipes.  Our Cold Process Soap Testing Results show us that soaps made with this fragrance oil experience no ricing, no acceleration, and no separation.  Cured soap did not discolor, and had a very strong scent!  If you wish to color your soap, we recommend using green and yellow soap colorant in the amount of your liking.  Remember never to use candle dye in bath and body products as candle dyes are not body safe.

Frozen Margarita Fragrance Oil can be used to create an entirely intoxicating lime scented product line!  With a maximum usage of up to 5%, this fragrance oil performs perfectly in homemade perfumes and body sprays.  Distinct handmade lotions pair nicely with bright scent, which can be used at a maximum of 5% fragrance oil.  Customers also create homemade cleaning products which can incorporate a maximum of 5% fragrance oil.


Coconut Craziness Fragrance Oil

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Coconut Craziness Fragrance OilCoconut Craziness Fragrance Oil– Fragrance Oil Spotlight

The Coconut Craziness Fragrance Oil is a Nature’s Garden original fragrance! Which may sound like downright craziness, but it’s absolutely true. This scrumptious coconut scent is wholly original and not something you will ever want to miss out on. A succulent concoction of nectar, tropical flowers, and coconut milk infused with a breeze of sweet vanilla that dances across your senses. You can add a touch of the tropical lifestyle right into your own home, it’ll be like vacation every day. Well, not quite but definitely close!

What Does Coconut Craziness Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden embraces summertime, and that is just one thing we are crazy about here!  Coconut craziness fragrance oil begins with top notes of lemon, orange, pineapple, and lime;  rounded-out with middle notes of caramel and coconut, with base notes of buttercream, coconut milk, vanilla bean, and musk. Surfs up!  An NG Original Fragrance!

Top Notes:  orange, peach nectar, lemon, pineapple, lime
Mid Notes:  heliotrope, gardenia, coconut
Base Notes:  vanilla bean, amber, musk, caramel, buttercream, coconut milk

How Do Our Customers Use Coconut Craziness Fragrance Fragrance Oil?

Hand crafted candles can be created using this tropical scent. Candle crafters can use no more than 10% in their products. This beachy scent performs perfectly in joy wax, wow wax, and is nice and strong in soy wax.  Although we don’t have a specific color recommendation to use with this fragrance, you can use liquid candle dye or some shavings of a color block, if you so choose, in any shade and amount that is desired for your product.

Aromatic room scents can be made using this fragrance. These room scents can be made using a maximum of 50% for potpourri and incense. Further, this scent has shown to be gel wax compatible and is nice and strong in aroma beads. Additionally, lotions, perfumes, and cleaning products can include up to 5% of this fragrance.

Homemade cold process soap and melt and pour soaps can be made using Coconut Craziness fragrance oil. Our cold process soap results revealed no ricing or no separation. Also, the bar has good scent retention. However, the fragrance causes some slight acceleration and discoloring to a tan shade. If you wish to have a lighter bar, then vanilla white stabilizer may be able to counteract any of the discoloration caused by the 2% vanillin content. Although this should help correct the problem, there are more than 40 ingredients used in fragrance manufacturing that may contribute to discoloration of products. We don’t have a certain color recommendation for this fragrance. If there is a certain color is desired, then feel free to use either soap colorant to achieve the perfect shade of your chosen color.

This is just one coconut from the tree, there are so many more fun and interesting variations to these basics of what our customers are able to do with this fragrance and others. Just open up your mind up to these beachy vibes and get creative!


Coconut Coast Fragrance Oil

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Coconut Coast FragranceCoconut Coast Fragrance Oil– Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Coconut Coast Fragrance Oil is a tropical scent used for homemade craft projects.  This tropical combination of tropical fruits and fresh air make Coconut Coast scent a great summer addition to your bath and body products.  Our customers love this fragrance oil in their electric burners, candles, soaps and more.  One customer stated, “I used this in some of my shave bars (cp soap) looking for a mellow scent that as unisex and this is it! It’s not suntan lotion coconut sweet and yet it’s not too airy or musky. I really do love it and it works perfect for in the bath.”

What Does Coconut Coast Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

Kick back and enjoy the summertime sensation of creamy coconut enhanced by fresh fruits and island air.

Top Notes: Creamy Coconut Milk, Tangelo, Pineapple
Middle Notes: Mango, Nectarine, Island Fresh Air
Base Notes: Vanilla Extract, White Musk, Sea Moss

How Do Our Customers Use Coconut Coast Fragrance Oil?

Handcrafted candles can be made using a maximum of 10% Coconut Coast Fragrance Oil.  This coconut fragrance oil performs perfectly in Natures Garden’s Pillar of Bliss Wax, Palm Wax, and it is also very strong in Joy Wax, WOW Wax, and soy wax.  With this wonderful tropical aroma we recommend leaving it uncolored.  This fragrance oil will leave your tarts and candles perfect without any candle dye.

Soap makers can use Coconut Coast Fragrance Oil in homemade soap recipes at a maximum usage rate of 5%.  It can be used in both melt and pour soap and cold process soap.  Our suggestion for coloring, no color.  However, if you choose to color your soap, never use candle dye in any handmade bath and body products, they can color your body.  How does this tropical aroma perform in cp soap?  No ricing, no acceleration, no separation, it discolors to a milk chocolate, and maintains a very strong scent that stays true to form in cp.  If you would like to view the results for yourself, click here to view our soap testing video using our Coconut Coast Fragrance Oil.  Since Natures Garden’s Coconut Coast Fragrance Oil will discolor to a milk chocolate, it is likely due to an 8.2% vanillin content.  The discoloration may be lessened by adding vanilla white color stabilizer. However, there are more than 40 ingredients used when fragrance oils are manufactured that may cause bath and body products to discolor.  For this reason, you will want make sure you test all of these types of products.  Homemade lotions, creams, and perfumes can be created using a maximum of 5%. This coconut scent performs perfectly in these types of products. Homemade cleaning products can utilize a maximum of 5% of this tropical aroma.

Room scenting projects can even be created using Coconut Coast scent.  Handcrafted incense recipes and potpourri projects can be made to scent a room with a maximum usage percentage of 50%.  Also, this aroma can be used in homemade room sprays and scented aroma beads.

As you can see, Coconut Coast scent can be used in a variety of homemade craft recipes, including candles, bath and body products, cleaners, and room scents.  You can begin creating whatever type of scented home or bath and body product your heart desires.