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Popular Christmas Fragrances

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Popular Christmas FragrancesPopular Christmas Fragrances

It’s almost that time of year! Time for Christmas, time for gifts and time for some inspiration to create those gifts. Christmas can sometimes feel overwhelming! From decorating the house, writing out Christmas cards, baking cookies, shopping, Christmas parties, well, the list can go on and on. Plus, trying to think up something fun and unique to give for your friends and family can be intimidating as well. If your a crafter, soaper, candlemaker, then naturally you have the urge to make something for those friends and family. Nature’s Garden has a list of our 10 Popular Christmas Fragrances that we hope will get those creative juices flowing!

Popular Christmas Fragrances: Candy Cane Fragrance OilPopular Christmas Fragrances: Candy Cane Fragrance Oil

First up we have our Candy Cane Fragrance Oil. This is a very popular fragrance at Christmas time! This isn’t just a straight up peppermint scent. This fragrance is peppermint, spearmint, with a touch of strawberries, eucalyptus and a nice soft background of vanilla.

Candy Cane fragrance worked perfectly in our cold process soap testing! There was no ricing, separation, or accelerating! However, we did experience some discoloring to a brown. You can use Vanilla White Color Stabilizer to help prevent the oxidation of the fragrance. Also, the scent retention was strong and true throughout the cure time!

This fragrance oil is body safe and would be perfect in all bath and body products. We have a wonderful recipe that uses our Candy Cane Fragrance Oil. Check out our sweet Candy Cane Candle. This candle has pretty pink, red and white layers with a fluffy white topping and some sweet little swirled wafer embeds sitting atop the fluff!

Popular Christmas Fragrances: Christmas Cabernet Fragrance OilPopular Christmas Fragrances: Christmas Cabernet Fragrance Oil

This next fragrance oil is lovely all year long, not just at Christmas time! Christmas Cabernet fragrance oil has a true Cabernet scent of cherries and oak. With hints of ginger, vanilla and wine, this is a perfect fragrance to get you into the holiday spirit.

Christmas Cabernet is a soaper’s dream! During our cold process soap testing, there was no ricing, accelerating, or separating. Although it did turn a shade of olive brown, using a Vanilla White Color Stabilizer may help prevent this. Also, the scent retention was incredibly strong even after its cure time. This fragrance is also body safe and makes some wonderful smelling bath and body products. It also worked equally well in all soy and vegetable waxes.

If you enjoy making bath and body products, check out our Wine Sugar Scrub recipe. Sugar scrubs are incredibly popular and easy to make. A few simple ingredients such as sugar, olive oil, cocoa butter and grapeseed oil, is all it takes to make up nine 4 oz. jars of this yummy smelling scrub! Your skin will smell amazing and will also feel soft and smooth afterward.

Popular Christmas Fragrances: Christmas Cabin Fragrance OilPopular Christmas Fragrances: Christmas Cabin Fragrance Oil

Nature’s Garden’s Christmas Cabin Fragrance Oil is a true best seller during the holiday season. If Christmas had a smell it would definitely be the scent of bayberries, cranberries, cinnamon and orange zest! With one sniff, you can practically picture a pine tree, decorated with garlands of popcorn, cranberries, twinkling white lights and rustic ornaments adorning the branches, sitting in the corner of a cozy cabin, a warm, crackling fire burning in the stone fireplace. This fragrance is a definite must for your Christmas line-up!

Christmas Cabin did perfectly in our cold process soap testing! There was no ricing, accelerating, separating or discoloring. Also, the scent retention was nice a strong! This fragrance also was perfect in all candle wax testing and room freshening sprays!

Popular Christmas Fragrances: Christmas Thyme Fragrance OilPopular Christmas Fragrances: Christmas Thyme Fragrance Oil

Christmas Thyme fragrance oil is perfect for those that want a pine fragrance that isn’t overwhelming! Definite top notes of cinnamon, bayberries and apples along with the undertones of pine and thyme. A perfect balance that smells fresh and crisp!

Christmas Thyme is one of the few fragrances that is not body safe, therefore we did no cold process soap testing, nor any testing in bath and body products. However, this is a wonderful scent for those looking for candle fragrances that have wonderful cold and hot throws. This fragrance also makes a perfect room freshener or potpourri and incense.

If you are looking for a recipe to create for those that like potpourri, check out our Christmas Liquid Potpourri Recipe. This recipe uses our DPG solvent and of course, Christmas Thyme fragrance oil. When it’s ready to use, simply pour into your potpourri burner or even an oil burner and let your house fill with the fresh, clean scent of an outdoor Christmas.

Popular Christmas Fragrances: Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins Fragrance OilPopular Christmas Fragrances: Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins Fragrance Oil

What in the world is a Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins? This fragrance oil by Natures Garden was inspired by one of our favorite movies of all times – “ELF”.  At one point in the movie, Buddy mentions that he feels like a “Cotton headed ninny muggin”; AKA…an ELF Airhead.  This made us think, “What would a cotton headed ninny muggin smell like?”  Cotton headed ninny muggin fragrance oil begins with sweet, buttery, creamy coconut and vanilla frosting; leading to middle notes of powdery heliotrope and spicy hints; and sits on a powerful vanilla base. A very yummy smelling cotton head you will be!

Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins worked perfectly in our cold process soap testing! With no ricing, accelerating, separating, it soaped beautifully. However, it does discolor to a chocolate brown. The addition of some Vanilla White Color Stabilizer would be perfect to help prevent that. This fragrance oil also tested positive in room fresheners, all candle waxes and in bath and body products!

Have you ever thought of making your own play dough? It’s actually an easy craft that the kids can help out making! With some flour, vegetable oil and warm water, you can have some fun creating when it gets too yucky to play outside! Our Scented Play Dough recipe is made with five different colors and five different Christmas fragrances, one being Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins! This is must try if your kids are looking for something fun to do!

Popular Christmas Fragrances: Country Christmas Fragrance OilPopular Christmas Fragrances: Country Christmas Fragrance Oil

Our Country Christmas fragrance oil is a truly fantastic scent that is a blend of bayberries, cranberries, and apples, with spicy nuances of nutmeg and cloves with a top note of orange zests. This is another fragrance oil that makes me picture an old fashioned Christmas in a warm, cozy farmhouse or cabin. 

Country Christmas fragrance oil was not tested in cold process soap due to the fact that the maximum body safeness level was very low. If you do choose to soap with it, please try to stick to the guideline of the percentage we have allowed for. However, this fragrance is perfect in candles, wax melts, and any type of room freshening recipe!

With a country Christmas comes pictures of rustic decorations, home smells and family gatherings. We developed an easy decoration that uses our Country Christmas fragrance! Our Scented Twine Christmas Ornaments are a fun, easy craft to create! Simply wrap twine around an inflated balloon, coat the twine in scented glue, allow to dry. When the twine has hardened, you can pop the balloon and you’re left with a yummy smelling, rustic ornament that will give your tree a down-home look!

Popular Christmas Fragrances: Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy Fragrance OilPopular Christmas Fragrances: Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy Fragrance Oil

This fragrance oil is truly a charming Christmas scent that is filled with surprises to delight all of the senses! Smell the plums, dark cherries and sweet oranges enhanced with peppery woody pine undertones and you will be entranced with the combination!

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy fragrance did very well in our cold process soap testing! There was no accelerating, ricing or separating. It did discolor to a light beige. It also did wonderful in bath and body products, room fresheners and in all candle waxes with strong scent retention all around.

A very unique fragrance oil deserves its very own recipe! Our creative team came up with the Sugar Plum Bath Bomb recipe! This is a perfect creation for the little girls in your life. With its  sweet fragrance and its pretty sparkly, purple color, the kids will want to take a bath to watch the fizzy, bubbly fun!

Popular Christmas Fragrances: Elf Sweat Fragrance OilPopular Christmas Fragrances: Elf Sweat Fragrance Oil

Do elves sweat? I really don’t know, but if they do than it probably smells like this fragrance!  This fragrance oil by Natures Garden was inspired by Santa’s elves.  Magical, happy, and hard-working…the perfect description of the personalities of Santa’s elves!  Are you ready to smell a fragrance that embraces these personality traits?  Elf sweat fragrance is a bubbly, magical blend of candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup, with effervescent spicy soda pop bubbles to provide a unique, magical top note.  This is fun, creative fragrance oil that will make any products pop!

Elf Sweat fragrance oil is a perfect, all around fragrance that works perfectly in all types of products. In our cold process soap testing, it behaved perfectly with no ricing, accelerating or separating. It did discolor to a light beige color, but that can be prevented with so Vanilla White Color Stabilizer. Our customers love this fragrance in everything from candles, to bath bombs to lotion! A good fragrance to keep in stock during the holidays!

Who knew that lumps of coal could smell so good! These Elf Sweat scented bath bombs are perfect for anybody in your family that’s not been very good all year. Just kidding! They are perfect for anybody in your family that deserves a fun treat for bath time! From little kids to big kids, bath bombs are a perfect way to get them into the bath tub with out fussing! Lumps of Coal Bath Bombs will leave your skin soft and hydrated with baking soda and coconut oil! Plus, with the addition of Hawaiian Black Salt and activated charcoal, they are perfect for exfoliating the skin also! 

Popular Christmas Fragrances: Gingersnap Cookies Fragrance OilPopular Christmas Fragrances: Gingersnap Cookies Fragrance Oil

Gingersnap Cookies fragrance oil smells like true gingersnap cookies! The bite of ginger, with base notes of bakery scents is the perfect addition to any line of smell good bath treats you are creating for the holiday season!

When we tested Gingersnap Cookies Fragrance Oil in cold process soap, it performed perfectly! There was no ricing, accelerating, or separating. While it did discolor to a light tan, that seems to be perfect for a gingersnap scented soap if you ask me! The scent retention was strong and yummy through its cure time! It also worked perfectly in all candle waxes and in bath and body products!

I feel that you can never have to many bath bomb recipes or ideas to have in stock, especially when it comes to Christmas time! Bath bombs are really easy to make and kids love them! They truly can make bath time fun time! With skin friendly ingredients, adults love them to. They leave your skin soft and moisturized feeling! These Gingerbread Cookies Bath Bombs are perfect to give in spa bags or gift baskets!  Add in some gingersnap cookies lotion, soap and candle set and you have a truly lovely gift set to give!

Popular Christmas Fragrances: Reindeer Poo Fragrance OilPopular Christmas Fragrances: Reindeer Poo Fragrance Oil

Reindeer Poo? In a fragrance oil? Do people really want to smell that? Well of course they do! If it’s from Nature’s Garden they do! Reindeer Poo fragrance oil is a unique blend of apples and pears; followed by middle notes of eucalyptus, pine, and geranium. Base notes of vanilla and cedarwood balance it all out! This is truly a fun fragrance to have in your collection!

Reindeer Poo Fragrance Oil did accelerate in our cold process soap testing, so it is strongly suggested to soap at room temperature. However, there was no ricing or separating. It did discolor to a tan, but the scent stayed strong and true through its cure time. This fragrance did perfect in all candle waxes and in room fresheners. It also performed well in bath and body products.

If you are looking for a fun craft to make for somebody special this Christmas, our Reindeer Poo candle is the answer. This pretty candle is made using our Palm Container Wax. This wax has a beautiful crystal effect when it has hardened, which is perfect for winter-themed candles. On top of the whipped, fluffy snow is a little present left by Rudolph! What could it be? Well Reindeer Poo of course! (The good smelling kind!)

Popular Christmas Fragrances: That’s All For Now

We hope you have enjoyed learning about some of these popular Christmas fragrances from Nature’s Garden. If you would like to explore more of our Christmas fragrances, follow this link to see what we have to offer! Once you have made your awesome creations with any of Nature’s Garden products, come find us on social media and show us what you did! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter (@ngscents) or Instagram (@ngscents). Show us a picture and we will share for all to see! We love seeing what our customers have been up to and it’s an awesome way to toot your own horn and be proud of what you did!


Snowman Balls Fragrance Oil

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Snowman Balls Fragrance OilSnowman Balls Fragrance Oil  – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Snowman Balls Fragrance Oil is a sexy winter time scent created by Natures Garden. This aroma is a blend of sensual, spicy, minty, bubbly, and fruity scents that together create a perfect fragrance oil for combating the wintertime blues. This fragrance oil is a is a delicious and interesting change to the more typical winter, pine tree aroma. We hope that you enjoy this scent and have a great winter!

What Does Snowman Balls Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is a provocative, racey new approach to preventing the winter time blues.  A FUN fragrance, that is sure to bring smiles to the faces of many sad people!  Let’s face it, you could never have a snowman without first starting with snowballs.
While we were creating this fragrance, many thoughts came to mind, “Why are all snowmen created with obesity problems?”  While all snowmen are created with obvious weight issues, they seem to have very high self-esteems; wearing nothing more than a crocheted scarf and a felt hat. We thought, “If snowmen are going to bare all in public, perhaps these snowmen should be constructed in a more fashionable, sexy, muscular manner”.  Society stresses that women need to be “Skinny Minis” in order to be accepted, so to bring light to the unfair stereotypes placed on human females, we thought we’d symbolize these crazy societal norms with the male snowman race. Plus, don’t forget that Frosty was one magical dude!  If you’re going to be a male snowman, you need to start stepping up your game!  We want to start seeing sexy, magical snowmen in the yards of America!

Many thoughts went into creating our Snowman Balls fragrance, and we think you will be quite inspired by its overall complexity!  Snowman balls fragrance is a sexy, spicy blend of peppercorns, nutmeg, and fresh clove; embodied with notes of elderberries, blackberries, plums, and fresh green oakmoss; with magical, effervescent top notes of carbonated fizzy pop and just a hint of cool mint.   NG Original Scent!

How Do Our Customers Use Snowman Balls Fragrance Oil in Bath and Body Recipes?

All kinds of bath and body products can be created using this winter fragrance. Bath oils, lotions, perfumes, bath gels, soaps, and other related products can be scented with a fragrance concentration of 5%. Further, our Cold Process Soap Testing Results have shown that this fragrance oil is great for this kind of soaping. A batch that uses this scent has no ricing, no separation, and no acceleration. The final product will have a very light beige color in soap and the bars will have a very strong scent. We suggest that you use blue soap colorant in products that use this scent. Just remember that you should never use any candle dyes in any of your body products.

How Do Our Customers Use Snowman Balls Fragrance Oil in Room Scenting Recipes?

Room scenting products can be created with this fragrance oil. Potpourri and incense can both use up to 50% fragrance. Homemade cleaning products can be created with 5% of this scent. Also, aroma beads will retain a nice and strong scent for this fragrance oil. Furthermore, up to 10% of this fragrance oil can be used to create wax based room scenting products that are made of either vegetable waxes or paraffin wax. Joy wax and wow wax will both perform perfectly for this scent and soy wax will have a nice and strong aroma for this fragrance. We suggest using either one drop of blue liquid candle dye or a small amount of a shredded blue color block for products with this scent.

Snowman Balls Fragrance Oil Play Dough RecipeFinally, this Scented Play Dough Recipe is an easy way to make this kids toy more fun by scenting all the different colors. Not only is this a great and creative way to enhance your child’s play dough, but this super simple craft will smell great too! We hope that your enjoy this idea and feel free to swap fragrance oils for certain colors if you wish.


Jack Frost Fragrance Oil

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Jack Frost Fragrance OilJack Frost Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Jack Frost Fragrance Oil is a jolly holiday scent by Natures Garden. This aroma is a perfect candy like blend of fresh peppermint and sweet vanilla that forms a wonderful winter time scent. Not only do our customers use this peppermint fragrance oils for their Christmas candles and soaps, some even use it year round. Our Jack Frost scent also happens to be one of my personal favorites fragrances! Make sure you check this one out, you will not be disappointed!

What Does Jack Frost Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

A wonderful Christmas fragrance oil by Natures Garden. A crisp clean peppermint aroma with hints of vanilla bean. Many of our customers sell this fragrance year round by renaming it Buttermint Candy.

How Do Our Customers Use Jack Frost Fragrance Oil?

Bath and body products that include this wonderful winter fragrance oil will perform well. Your homemade recipes for bath and body products can use a maximum of 5% for this scent. Also, this scent will perform perfectly in perfumes, as long as there is a fragrance oil concentration of no more than 5%. Furthermore, this minty scent can be used to create soaps through a variety of different methods. For example, our Cold Process Soap Testing Results revealed that this scent is great for creating soap using this method. Not only does adding this scent provide a perfect pour, but this batch will have other preferable qualities too. A batch containing this scent will have no ricing, no acceleration, and no separation. The final product will have a very strong fresh and clean mint scent and the bar will discolor to a brown color. Due to the 2% concentration of vanillin, adding vanilla white stabilizer may prevent some of the discoloration from occurring. However, there are more than forty ingredients that are used in fragrance manufacturing that could potentially contribute to discoloration in the final product. While we suggest not adding color to bath and body product containing this scent, you can use any color of soap colorant to achieve your desired hue.

Our customers can use this peppermint fragrance oil to create a wide variety of great room scenting products. Potpourri and incense can be formulated with a maximum of up 50% for this fragrance oil. Any household cleaning products can be created using no more than 5% of this scent in their recipe. Additionally, the fragrance oil’s scent will remain nice and strong in aroma bead products. Moreover, candle creations can be made using this sweet minty fragrance oil. Any candle products that are made with either vegetable waxes or paraffin wax can include up to 10% of this fragrance oil. Joy wax and wow wax will both perform perfectly for this fragrance oil. Also, the scent will remain nice and strong in candle products made of soy wax. While we recommend not using colorants for candle creations containing this scent,you can use any color of either liquid candle dye or a shredded color block to achieve your desired hue.  Remember to never use crayons to color your candles as they will clog your wick.

Jack Frost Fragrance Oil Potpourri RecipeJack Frost Fragrance Oil Scented Play DoughIf you’re looking for a creative craft recipe, then check out either our Glistening Snowflakes Potpourri Recipe or our Scented Play Dough Recipe.  You will have a blast making both of these projects that use our Jack Frost Fragrance Oil!




Scented Play Dough

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Fragrances like Natures Garden’s Reindeer Poo make really amazing scented childrens play dough!

This weekend was a chilly one.  Snow fell in many areas, and although ours did not stick, we did not go unnoticed.  With the weather not really cooperating, my girls and I were trapped in the house all weekend long.  Not fun!

Needless to say, we were already feeling the walls closing in.  We needed something entertaining to do.  Off to google I went to see if there were any projects we could do to pass the time away.

My girls are huge fans of creative things.  They love to color, draw, build castles with their building blocks, and play with craft dough.  So, at least I knew if I could find something that was hands on, we were in there.  I knew that my mom had made craft dough with the girls before and they had a blast.  I only needed to find a recipe.

After quite a few links, I stumbled upon a great recipe of unscented play dough.  Could this play dough be scented?  Yes it can!

This craft dough is pretty basic and can be colored and scented to extend the wow factor.   My girls selected all the fun Christmas scents, and I double checked to make sure that all of the fragrances were body safe.  I also let them choose the colors for the craft dough.

Here are the supplies that are needed:

8 cups flour- I used the All-purpose kind

8 cups warm water

4 cup salt- the regular table kind

1 cup vegetable oil

1/4 cup Cream of Tartar

Latex gloves

5 Glass plates

5 gallon sized Ziploc bags

5 Pipettes

Natures Garden Soap Dyes:  Red,
Blue, Yellow, Green

Natures Garden Cotton Headed Ninny Muggin Fragrance oil

Natures Garden Jack Frost Fragrance oil

Natures Garden Snowman Balls Fragrance oil

Natures Garden Mrs. Claus Cookies Fragrance oil

Natures Garden Reindeer Poo Fragrance oil


This recipe is for a really large batch, but I wanted to make sure that both girls had a nice amount of craft dough to play with.


First: In a large saucepan, mix the flour, salt, cream of tartar, water, and vegetable oil together.  Stir.  Place the saucepan on the stovetop and cook over low heat.  Stir occasionally.  You are looking for when the craft dough starts to look like mashed potatoes.  The key to when it is finished is when the dough clumps together and you can pull it from the sides of the saucepan.  You do not want the dough to be sticky though.  Keep the low heat on until the dough appears dry.  You are seeking the same texture as store
bought craft dough.


Second:  Remove the saucepan from the heat and set aside.  You want the craft dough to cool naturally.  It is done when you can touch the dough and it is cool.  While the dough is cooling, wipe down your counter space with warm soapy water.  You want to do this now so that the area is dry for the next step.


Third:  Carefully, dump all of the craft dough onto your work space.  Start to knead.  You will knead until the craft dough is smooth.  It will almost have a silky feel to it.


Four:  Divide it up.  Since we are making 5 different scents and colors, you will want to separate the dough as evenly as possible
into 5 large balls.  Please note, one of the balls will be uncolored, this will be your cream color.


Five:  Once you have all of the balls, using your index finger poke a hole into it.  You are going to use this hole for your soap dye coloring.  One color designated per ball.  I would suggest doing this step one ball at a time.


Six:  Put on your latex gloves.  Take one glass plate and place a ball on it.  Carefully, start to knead the ball on the plate.  Keep
kneading until the color is consistent throughout the entire dough portion.  If you need to go bolder on the color, just recreate the ball and hole and start over again.  The tip here is do not be afraid to knead your heart out in this step.  Repeat this step for each color until you have all colors completed.


Seven: Once you are happy with your new bright and beautiful dough colors, stick each one individually in a gallon Ziploc bag.  It
is time to get your scent on in the next step.


Pause- Here is our scent to color break down we used:

RED- Cotton Headed Ninny Muggin Fragrance oil

BLUE- Jack Frost Fragrance oil

CREAM (uncolored)- Snowman Balls Fragrance oil

GREEN- Mrs. Claus Cookies Fragrance oil

YELLOW-Reindeer Poo Fragrance oil


Eight: Using one pipette per dough bag, drip 2ml of the fragrance into the Ziploc bag and sealshut.  Knead again, but do it in the
Ziploc bag until all of the fragrance is absorbed.  Repeat for the remaining 4 dough bags.


Nine: Get crafty and have some fun!  When you are finished, store left over craft dough in Ziploc bags.


This was really a ton of fun to do.  My girls had a blast making it and playing with it. This is something that is fun, easy, and way cheaper than the store bought.


Caution:  Because the craft dough is scented with fragrance oil, make sure that any surface that is used with making or playing
with it is safe for fragrance.  Fragrance can ruin wood stained areas.  Scented play dough contains fragrance;  do not allow children to eat the play dough!


Fragrance & Fun For Everyone!

Nicole (Manager at Natures Garden)