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Whipped Soap Recipes

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Whipped Soap BaseWhipped Soap Recipes

Have you created any whipped soap recipes?  If you haven’t, would you like to add a new product to your line of handcrafted soaps?  Often, customers ask how whipped soap is made.  The truth is it is actually very simple when using a base such as the whipped soap base.  Below, we will talk about whipped soap and how you can use it your handmade bath and body products.  In fact, not only can the whipped soap be used alone, it can also be used to create foaming scrubs.  Another use for the whipped soap is soap frosting when creating melt and pour soap.  So, read on to find some fun and creative ways to use whipped soap.

Whipped Soap Recipes: Creating Body Frostings

Let’s start by talking about creating body frostings.  Body frostings are simple to create and can be used just like soap.  However, they have the addition of powdered sugar.  We are often asked why the powdered sugar is added to the body frosting.  Well, the powdered sugar will help to thicken the base just slightly so that it has more of a frosting consistency.  Read on to find out the different ways that we have created body frostings.

Foaming Body Frosting Recipe

Foaming Body Frosting RecipeFirst, we have the foaming body frosting recipe.  This soap recipe is a great way to use the whipped soap base from Natures Garden.  This particular soap frosting uses a body safe fragrance oil along with the FUN Soap Colorants to give the soap a little color.  Finally, we topped the whipped soap with decorative sprinkles for a fun twist and an added bonus.

Creme Brulee Whipped Soap Recipe

Creme Brulee Body Frosting RecipeNow, we have the Creme Brulee Whipped Soap Recipe.  This whipped soap is scented with the Creme Brulee Fragrance Oil.  In addition, we added powdered sugar to thicken the soap slightly and give it a gentle exfoliation.  We also topped this soap with brown sugar and a blackberry embed to give it an adorable finishing touch.  This soap embed is created with the Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap.  It also uses the deep purple FUN Soap Colorant along with the black oxide FUN Soap Colorant to give the soap embed a dark purple color.

Chocolate Foaming Body Frosting Recipe

Chocolate Foaming Body Frosting RecipeThe Chocolate Foaming Body Frosting Recipe uses Creamy Chocolate Cupcake Fragrance Oil.  This fragrance begins with creamy top notes of bittersweet chocolate and buttercream.  Then, it is followed by warm middle notes of corn syrup and amaretto.  Finally, it is well rounded with base notes of vanilla sugar, malt, dark cocoa, and espresso powder.  In addition, this body frosting uses organic cocoa powder to give the whipped soap a natural chocolate color.

Mango Tangerine Bath Icing Recipe

Mango Tangerine Bath Icing RecipeNext, we have the Mango Tangerine Bath Icing.  This whipped soap recipe is fabulous on its own.  However, when you factor in the Mango Tangerine Fragrance Oil, it takes it over the top.  This strong mango tangerine scent is the as a tropical blend of mango mixed with zesty clementines and red raspberries blended with sweet vanilla.

Juicy Lemon Foaming Bath Whip Recipe

Juicy Lemon Foaming Bath Whip RecipeAnother great way to make the whipped soap is the Juicy Lemon Foaming Bath Whip Recipe.  This soap making recipe uses the whipped soap base to create a lemon scented bath soap.  This whipped soap uses Juicy Lemon Fragrance Oil.  Juicy Lemon fragrance oil is the tart aroma of lemon.  The scent has a distinct lemon citron top note, a lilac nuance and lemon rind middle note, finishing with a gingery, woody base note.  In addition, we have added powdered sugar which will slightly thicken the base and give a very gentle exfoliation.

Whipped Soap Recipes: Shaving Cream Recipes

Another wonderful way to use the whipped soap base is in shaving cream recipes.  To create these type of recipes, you simply add a couple of ingredients to the base.  First, you want to add a clay.  Cosmetic clay will add glide to the finished product.  So, you can see why this is the perfect type of additive for shaving soap.  In addition, we have added cosmetic butter to each one.  Whether it be shea, cocoa, or mango butter, it really helps to give the shaving cream extra moisturizing power.

Whipped Shaving Cream Recipe

whipped shaving soapNext, we have the whipped shaving cream recipe.  We have added bentonite clay to this recipe to help pull impurities from the skin.  In addition, this cosmetic clay will give the whipped soap a fabulous glide that is perfect for shaving.  We have also added mango butter to the shaving soap for its moisturizing properties.  We scented this whipped shaving soap with Knock Out Fragrance Oil.  Knock out Fragrance Oil is a spicy, rich, warm woody fragrance with bright notes of lime, bergamot, and pineapple enhanced with notes of rose, muguet lily, and jasmine. These notes are sitting on masculine base notes of green moss, dark musk, cedar, sandalwood, and amber.  It is a true knock out!

Whipped Rose Clay Shaving Cream Recipe

Whipped Rose Clay Shaving Soap RecipeAnother fabulous recipe using the whipped soap base is the whipped rose clay shaving cream recipe.  This whipped soap recipe uses rose clay to give the shaving soap a wonderful glide.  In addition, rose clay is perfect for those with sensitive skin since it helps reduce irritation and help with circulation.  Also, this soap has the addition of shea butter to truly pamper your skin.  It is scented with Strike a Pose Fragrance Oil to get your legs runway ready.  Finally, the rose clay gives this whipped shaving soap a gorgeous pink color!

Whipped Soap Recipes: Foaming Sugar Scrub Recipes

Next, the whipped soap recipe can be formulated to create a foaming sugar scrub.  A foaming sugar scrub is created simply by adding sugar to the base.  So, with the addition of granulated white sugar or brown sugar, you can create a quick product that will leave your skin feeling clean, soft, and exfoliated.  You can also add salt to create to the base to create a scrub with extra exfoliating power.

Toffee Crunch Latte Foaming Sugar Scrub Recipe

Toffee Crunch Latte Foaming Sugar Scrub RecipeNow, we have the Toffee Crunch Latte Foaming Sugar Scrub Recipe.  This recipe uses powdered sugar and brown sugar.  So, this whipped soap is a gentle scrubbing soap the smells amazing.  In fact, this whipped soap is scented with Natures Garden’s Cafe Caramel Fragrance Oil.  This caramel scent is the aroma of fresh-brewed cappuccino.  So, the scent is filled with top notes of fresh brewed coffee and middle notes of heavy cream.  Finally, the scent is finished with sweet and sugary caramel.

Chocolate Bath Butter Scrub Recipe

Chocolate Bath Butter Scrub RecipeNext, we have the Chocolate Bath Butter Scrub Recipe. This whipped soap recipe is scented with Natures Garden’s Better Than Sex Cake Fragrance Oil.  In addition, this chocolate whipped soap uses Epsom salt to give the soap scrubbing qualities.  Finally, it has organic cocoa powder added.  This scent is blended with semi-sweet chocolate chips and laced with crunchy toffee bits to create this decadent treat.  Vanilla creme and butterscotch syrup create a luscious undertone, while hints of almond and coconut complete the yummy blend.

Foaming Sugar Scrub Recipe

Foaming Sugar Scrub RecipeThis foaming sugar scrub recipe uses white sugar to give the scrub a wonderful exfoliation.  In addition, this scrub is scented with Natures Garden’s Yummy Gummy Fragrance Oil.  The Yummy Gummy scent is a fruit medley of strawberries, raspberries, cherries, and tree ripe peaches squeezed with fresh lemons and essential oil of tangerine warmed by soft woods.


Whipped Soap Recipes: Soap Frosting Recipes

Now, I know what you are thinking, didn’t we already talk about body frosting?  Is this a typo?  The answer is no.  With the whipped soap base you can create a soap frosting that can be used to top your melt and pour soap or, in one case below, to create a rolled soap.  While all of the other whipped soap recipes that we have talked about can be simply placed in jars, these are a little different.  When the whipped soap is mixed with melt and pour soap, it can actually be used to top things like soap cupcakes.  In addition, it will setup and harden while still maintaining a frosting look.  When creating this type of recipe, we also add vegetable glycerin so that it still maintains some pliability.

Peeps Bunny Cupcake Soap Recipe

Peeps Bunny Cupcake Soap RecipeFirst, we have the Peeps Bunny Cupcake Soap Recipe.  This recipe is simply a cupcake that has been topped with the soap frosting that we talked about.  It uses Oatmeal Melt and Pour Soap Base from Natures Garden.  In addition, we have added an mp Peeps bunny to the top and sprinkles to give the soap a decorative touch.  To be completely honest, this lemon scented soap is my absolute favorite.


Chocolate Orchid Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Chocolate Orchid Melt and Pour Soap RecipeAnother way to use soap frosting is to top a soap loaf like we did in the Chocolate Orchid Melt and Pour Soap Recipe.  This soap loaf is topped with fluffy soap frosting.  It is also scented with the Chocolate Orchid Fragrance Oil from Natures Garden.  So, it smells AMAZING!  In addition, it has brown swirls embedded throughout and purple soap confetti to give it a festive look and feel.  Finally, it was topped with the soap frosting and brown and purple soap confetti was added to the top.

Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle Rolled Soap Recipe

Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle Rolled Soap RecipeFinally, we have the Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle Rolled Soap Recipe.  This soap recipe can be difficult for beginners.  So, you definitely want to have some experience working with whipped soap recipes before attempting this soap recipe.  It is scented with Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle Fragrance Oil.  It was inspired by this cake roll recipe from Spend With Pennies.  So, the chocolate colored portion of the roll was created with melt and pour soap.  We added vegetable glycerin to the mp soap to give it flexibility.  Then, we created pink soap frosting and placed it on top.  Once we had the soap frosting in place, we rolled the soap just like you would roll a pumpkin roll.  We topped the soap with the whipped soap frosting, using rubbing alcohol to help hold everything in place.  Finally, we drizzled the soap with white mp soap.

Macaroon Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Macaroon Melt and Pour Soap RecipeFinally, we have the Macaroon Melt and Pour Soap Recipe.  Of course, we scented this mp soap recipe with Almond Macaroon Fragrance Oil from Natures Garden.  However, this soap recipe uses the whipped soap base to create little soap sandwiches that look like macaroons.  We used the whipped soap base to create a soap frosting and used the soap frosting as our cookie filling.


We hope that you have enjoyed learning about these whipped soap base recipes.  Perhaps you found a new way to use the base or a new craft recipe to try.  We would love to see how you have used the whipped soap base.  Tag us in your project pictures on Instagram or Twitter @ngscents.  You can also share your picture on our Facebook page.  We absolutely love hearing from our customers and seeing your creations!