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Tranquil Oasis Fragrance Oil

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Tranquil Oasis Fragrance Oil Tranquil Oasis Fragrance Oil– Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Tranquil Oasis Fragrance Oil is an exotic scent by Natures Garden. This aroma is a luxurious blend of cool citrus notes, fresh floral scents, and calming scents similar to a salty ocean with undertones of exotic musk and bamboo scents that perfectly blend to create a fragrance fit for a spa resort get away. This scent has been described as a perfect aroma for perfumes as well as other bath and body creations.

What Does Our Tranquil Oasis Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

Pamper yourself with this luxury spa fragrance oil by Natures Garden that soothes the senses and rejuvenates the soul. A refreshing blend of cool citrus notes of satsuma and verbena, followed by rich French jasmine petals and salty sea notes, and rounded out with exotic musk and oriental bamboo.  A Best Seller!  An NG Original Fragrance!

How Do Our Customers Use Our Tranquil Oasis Fragrance Oil in Bath and Body Recipes?

Our customers can create all sorts of different bath and body creations with this rejuvenating fragrance oil. Bath oils, bath gels, lotions, perfumes, bath teas, bath bombs, and other similar products can be made with a maximum of 5% of this fragrance oil. Finally, strongly scented household cleaning products can be scented with a concentration of 5%.

Any soap from scratch recipe can successfully use this scent, which is shown by our Cold Process Soap Testing Results. A batch of soap that uses this aroma will have no separation and no ricing. While the scent will cause slight acceleration in trace, soaping at room temperature will help to reduce some of this issue. The final results will retain a strong scent in the soap and the fragrance will have no discoloration. If you are looking to color any of your bath and body creations, then we would recommend using some blue liquid soap dye in the amount you would prefer most. These kinds of products can be colored differently as long as you don’t include candle dyes.

How Do Our Customers Use Our Tranquil Oasis Fragrance Oil in Room Scenting Recipes?

Various homemade room scenting creations can be made well with this relaxing spa fragrance oil. Dry potpourri recipes and diy incense sticks can each be made with no more than 50% of this exotic scent. Further, sachet recipes can be created with this spa aroma. Also,this tropical scent can be included in making scented candles at home. Up to 10% of this island scent can be used in either vegetable waxes or paraffin wax products. Joy wax and wow wax will both perform perfectly. Soy candles diy can be created with this relaxing aroma. We suggest using either three drops of blue liquid candle dye or a small bit of shredded blue color block. Of course, crayons aren’t a good substitute for colorants as they are likely to clog your candle wick.

Tranquil Oasis Fragrance Oil Recipe

Our Tranquility Bath Melts Recipe combines the relaxing aroma of this tropical spa fragrance oil with the serene setting of a nice, long bath to create a perfect product to unwind and forget your worries.


Lavender Luxury Fragrance Oil

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Lavender Luxury Fragrance OilLavender Luxury Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Lavender Luxury Fragrance Oil is a floral scent by Natures Garden. This is an upscale spa like scent that not only smells amazing in handmade soap, it is also fabulous in homemade candles.  One reviewer, using it in both applications, says, “OMG I love this fragrance. I’m not a fan of lavender, but this is amazing!! I made a relaxation soy candle and it has great throw. I also used it in M & P soap and it is just wonderful!! Love it!!”

What Does Lavender Luxury Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is a lavender lover’s dream! A tranquil combination of fresh herbs and cool camphor. Unique and lovely! Natures Garden’s lavender luxury fragrance begins with top notes of Italian bergamot, eucalyptus leaves, citrus zest, and French lavender; followed by middle notes of lily of the valley, and clary sage; sitting on base notes of Nordic pine, cool camphor, and clove buds.

How Do Our Customers Use Lavender Luxury Fragrance Oil Bath and Body Recipes?

First, our customers who create their own bath and body creations can include this floral scent in their recipes. Homemade cream, bath teas, lotions, and many more bath and body products can use a maximum of 5% scent. Also, this aroma will perform perfectly in perfumes using up to 5% Lavender Luxury scent.

Moreover, this lavender blend fragrance oil can be used to create soaps. For instance, our Cold Process Soap Testing Results have shown Lavender Luxury Fragrance Oil performs wonderfully. Foremost, a batch containing this scent will have no ricing, no acceleration, and no separation. The final product will maintain a beautiful scent that is strong and true. Also, the soap bar will not have any discoloration after cure. If you want to color your bath and body products, then we suggest using purple soap colorant in an amount that you desire. Just remember to never use candle dye in any body products.

How Do Our Customers Use Lavender Luxury Fragrance Oil Room Scenting Recipes?

A wide variety of room scenting products can be created using this tranquil fragrance oil. Potpourri and incense can use a maximum of 50% of this lavender fragrance oil recipes. Also, any homemade cleaning products can be created utilizing 4.6% Lavender Luxury Fragrance Oil in the recipe. Additionally, the scent can be used to create strongly scented aroma beads.

Furthermore, this unique lavender fragrance oil can be included in candle creations. Any candle product that is made using vegetable or paraffin waxes can include up to 10% of this fragrance oil. Joy wax and WOW wax will both allow you to create strongly scented candles. Also, the scent will remain nice and strong in candle products that are made from soy wax. If you want to add color to your candle products, then we suggest using either two drops of purple liquid candle dye or a small amount of shredded purple color block per four pounds of wax.

Lavender Luxury Fragrance Oil CP Soap Recipe


Finally, If you’re looking for a lovely cp soap recipe that includes our Lavender Luxury Fragrance Oil, then you may want to try our Lavender Luxury Cold Process Soap Recipe!