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What is Red Clover Good For?

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What is Red Clover Good For?What is Red Clover Good For?

What is red clover good for? This fantastic wholesale herb has all kinds of benefits for your entire body. You can use the Natures Garden herb to create some fantastic bath and body recipes. This cosmetic ingredient is sure to provide you with some wonderful benefits for both the inside and outside of your body. Also, you can use this herb to create an herbal red clover tea. This tea has some known benefits for the body, as well. So, there are all kinds of benefits for your when used in cosmetic recipes. If you are interested in learning more about the potential benefits, then continue reading this cosmetic blog to learn even more!

What is Red Clover Good For?: Growing ConditionsWhat is Red Clover Good For?: Growing Conditions

Not only are there herbal benefits provided by these beautiful flowers, but the red clover plants can actually be quite beneficial to farming. There are many farmers that will use this herb as a cover crop, which means that it will protect the soil. Further, this herb can help to replenish the nitrogen in the soil. So, planting red clover will promote better health for the next years crop. Although there are other similar plants that will grow faster, produce more, and provide more nitrogen, this plant can be grown in many more soil types and weather conditions. So, the reason why this plant may be preferred  in many regions of the United States is that it can be grown anywhere corn is grown.

You will want to be sure to plant your clover by early spring. This will allow you to have approximately three harvests. For the seeds, you will need to make sure that the soil has a pH between 6 and 7.  Although you can add limestone to raise the pH, you won’t be able to plant if the soil is above 7 and too basic. Also, you will want to plant the seeds a quarter inch deep into soil that is well draining. If you want to enrich the soil, then you can add some phosphorous. Further, these clovers will prefer to have either full sun or partial shade.

Once the seedlings are planted, the plant will take about seven days to sprout. Then, the plant will develop into about 40 to 60 days. After, you are ready to harvest these wonderful herbs!  You can either use this crop for farming or you can simply grow red clovers for the decoration or as well as herbal purposes, too.

What is Red Clover Good For?: Red Clover Benefits for SkinWhat is Red Clover Good For?: Red Clover Benefits for Skin and Hair

There are all kinds of reasons to add the red clover herb to your bath and body recipes. This herb can be used whole or used to create an herbal infusion. Of course, this cosmetic herb has benefits for your skin. So, adding this to homemade lotions or soap making recipes will leave your skin soft and youthful. Plus, this flower herb has some beneficial properties for your hair, too. Adding this herb in your shampoo or other hair care recipes will lead to stronger, healthier hair. If you are interested in using this cosmetic herb, then you may want to check out exactly how it  can benefit your body.

What is Red Clover Good For?: Red Clover Uses

First, you can use the red clover herb to nourish your skin. So, you can use this cosmetic herb to reduce issues due to eczema or psoriasis. Also, this herb can be useful for burns, minor cuts, or skin sores. In fact, this herb can help your skin heal faster. Further, you can use this cosmetic herb to create fantastic bath and body recipes. So, you can use this herb to reduce signs of aging, as this herb contains nutrients that are beneficial to the skin.

These nutrients help maintain the keratin in the skin and leave you with a youthful appearance. Also, there are substances called isoflavones that act very similarly to estrogen. Further, these estrogen-like substances in this cosmetic herb can be useful for reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and increasing elasticity. Plus, you can use the red clove herb to improve dry skin. Also, you can use this herb cosmetically to help with acne and other breakouts.

Additionally, you can add this dried herb to you handmade hair care products. If you add this herb to cosmetic products for your scalp, then you are in for some fantastic benefits!  For instance, this herb is perfect for reducing dandruff. Also, you can reduce you likelihood of scalp infections. Furthermore, this herb contains nutrients that will promote fast, healthy hair growth. So, this cosmetic herb will leave you hair feeling silky soft and looking absolutely stunning.

What is Red Clover Good For?: Food and BeveragesWhat is Red Clover Good For?: Medicinal Uses

Not only does this cosmetic herb have benefits for the outside of the body, but the red clover herb is thought to have health benefits as well. You can use this herb to help provide you with fantastic nutrients. Further, this cosmetic herb will provide you with health benefits that may be useful for helping with certain conditions. So, you will absolutely want to try out the red clover to promote your health. If you are interested in learning even more about the benefits this herb can have for your health, then check out the potential benefits this herb has for your body.

What is Red Clover Good For?: Medicinal Benefits

Some women will use this wholesale herb to help deal with symptoms that come along with menopause. This herb can be useful for reducing hot flashes. Also, the red clover herb can help reduce breast pain or tenderness. Further, this herb can even be useful for dealing with menstruation. Some people have even found that this herb can help deal with PMS, or premenstrual syndrome. Also, you can use this herb to help with other hormonal conditions, as this herb contains estrogen and can be used to help balance your hormones.

Further, this cosmetic herb can be used to reduce symptoms of an enlarged prostate. So, using this cosmetic herb can help reduce night time urination as well as promoting a good urine flow rate. Plus, adding more red clover to your diet will help promote a positive prostate size. Also, you can use this herb to help boost your immune system with vitamin C. The nutrients in this botanical herb are thought to be useful for stimulating white blood cells. So, this herb can help your body defend its self from all kinds of illnesses. Additionally, this cosmetic herb can be useful for detoxifying the body. This cosmetic herb can be useful as a diuretic, which can help remove toxins.

What is Red Clover Good For?: Food and BeveragesWhat is Red Clover Good For?: Food and Beverages

Of course, there are all kinds of fantastic reasons that will make you want to add this cosmetic herb to your typical diet. You can gain many of these medicinal benefits just by simply adding this lovely herb to the food you normally eat. Plus, there are all kinds ways that you can incorporate this herb into your diet. If you are interested in learning about some fun and unique recipes, then you will certainly want to check out some of these recipes for scrumptious food and beverages.

What is Red Clover Good For?: Types of Food and Beverages

Also, you can include the red clover herb in some great food and beverage recipes. Many people would describe the taste of this herb as being pleasant. Some people will think that the herb has a common legume taste, which is similar to a bean. So, you can include this herb in all kinds of typical dinner recipes. One way that you can use this cosmetic herb is to create some Red Clover Meatballs from Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. These scrumptious meatballs perfectly incorporate the wonderful health benefits of this herb. Further, this recipe is perfect for creating a nutritious and delicious dinner!

Additionally, you can use this wholesale herb to create beverage recipes, too. In fact, the beverage recipes are just as beneficial and even easier to create! First if all,you can create a beneficial tea with the red clover herb. If you are looking for some tips on making an herbal tea, then check out the recipe for making red clover tea below. Also, there are some other beverage recipes that you can create with this lovely herb. One fun beverage recipe that you can include this herb in is the Red Clover Lemonade from Green Child. This simple lemonade recipe uses a few simple ingredients to create a refreshing and herbal drink!

What is Red Clover Good For?: Other UsesWhat is Red Clover Good For?: Other Uses

One benefit of this cosmetic herb is that it can be useful for promoting female fertility. This cosmetic herb can be made into a tea and used to help promote fertility. This cosmetic herb is thought to be useful as it is full of estrogen. So, this herb may be able to promote you reproductive functions. This home remedy is especially useful for women with low levels of estrogen, as this herb can help make you hormone levels more regular. Also, there are some people that use this cosmetic herb for helping reduce the chance of cancer. It is thought that this herb can be useful for reducing the possibility of uterus and breast cancer. Additionally, some people will use this cosmetic herb to help with weight loss along with their regular diet and exercise.

What is Red Clover Good For?: How to Make Red Clover Tea

If you are interested in the medicinal benefits of the red clover herb, then you will definitely want to try out some scrumptious red clover tea. The Red Clover Tea article from The Right Tea has everything you will need to know about this herbal tea. In this recipe, you can learn even more about all the health benefits. Also, you can learn more about the purposes for the tea, which include heart health, blood purifying, and other benefits! Also, you can get a bit more into the potential risks of this herb. Furthermore, this article even has a simple recipe for making refreshing clover tea, which includes other herbs, like burdock, mint or lemon, that pair absolutely perfectly with this fantastic cosmetic herb!

What is Red Clover Good For?: Ask Us Your QuestionsWhat is Red Clover Good For?: Ask Us Your Questions

If you have any more questions about this cosmetic herb or any other of the Natures Garden herbs, then please feel free to reach out to us. You can find us in the store, on the phone, and online. Of course you can always reach out to us in the store or on the phone help line, but our social media page is another easy way to reach out. You can reach out to us on our Facebook page. Also, you can use the handle @ngscents to find us on our Instagram and Twitter accounts. Not only can you reach out on our social media for help and advice, but you can share your own creations and share your ideas with like minded craft makers . We hope to hear from you soon and wish you the best with creating your very own unique bath and body creations!

What is Red Clover Good For?: A Note About Our Herbs

Note: Natures Garden sells the cosmetic herbs, like the Red Clover herb, for external use only. We do not sell our cosmetic herbs as food items. The information that we provide is only for educational purposes. Further, the information that we provide  in this blog is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. Further, this information on red clover has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Keep all cosmetic herbs out of reach of children and pets. Special care should be taken by pregnant and/or lactating women when handling herbs. Natures Garden accepts no responsibility (written or implied) for any products you make with our herbs. All testing is the responsibility of the customer.


Blackberry Sage Fragrance

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Blackberry Sage Fragrance OilBlackberry Sage Fragrance – Fragrance Spotlight

Blackberry Sage Fragrance Oil by Natures Garden has a spectacular scent.  It has been described by our customers as a sweet, fruity blend that brings the country smell to you. It is a fabulous fruity fragrance for both soaps and candles.  It has been described as both a clean and fresh scent, with a  very earthy sage base.  Not too sweet and not too tart, its alluring aroma is pleasurable to both females and males.  Many customers have originally purchased this fragrance oil thinking it would a great as a “seasonal” fragrance, but most have decided very quickly that it is definitely an “all year round” scent, which could be why this is one of Natures Garden’s Best Sellers!

What Does Blackberry Sage Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

This fragrance oil has strong top notes of tart blackberries, mulberries, and orange zests; middle notes of nutmeg, rose petals; bottom notes of fresh green sage leaves, red clover, and a dry down of vanilla.

Top Notes:  blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, orange zest, mulberry
Mid Notes:  plum, white sage, violet, jasmine, rose petals, nutmeg
Base Notes:  French vanilla, green sage leaves, red clover, allspice

How Do Our Customers Use Blackberry Sage Fragrance Oil?

Coloring Suggestions:   Blackberry Sage Fragrance Oil

Candle crafters, we have a couple of different coloring suggestions for homemade candles which are as follows; 5 drops of purple liquid candle dye or shred an ample amount of purple color block into the melted wax.  And please remember to never use crayons to color your candles as they will clog your wick.  For bath and body products, try purple soap colorant in an amount that satisfies you.  Never use candle dye in any bath and body products.

Blackberry Sage Fragrance Oil may remind you of your blackberry sage tea.  For homemade candles, this fragrance performs perfectly in joy wax, wow wax, and is nice and strong in soy wax and has a 10% usage rate.  It’s also nice and strong in aroma beads and can be used to create one of a kind, homemade candle wax tarts using our pillar of bliss wax.  The maximum use of 50% room scenting purposes such as potpourri and incense.

For homemade soaps, bath oils, bath gels, lotions and perfumes, the maximum usage rate is 4%.  Our Cold process soap testing results show that this fragrance oil pours perfectly with no acceleration, no ricing, and no separation.  The vanillin content is 0%.  This blackberry fragrance oil will discolor your soap to a dark cream while maintaining a strong scent retention.

And lastly, this aromatic scent can be used for cleaning purposes by whipping up a batch of Vacuum Air Freshener Beads.  The maximum usage rate is 4%.

To quickly find this fragrance, type in “Blackberry Sage” in our search bar and that will take you directly to our Blackberry Sage Fragrance Oil page so that you can order today!  While your viewing this page, please check out the Blackberry Sage Soap recipe by clicking on the recipe tab above the picture.