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Che Bella Donna Fragrance

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Che Bella Donna FragranceChe Bella Donna Fragrance Oil– Fragrance Spotlight

Che Bella Donna Fragrance Oil is a Nature’s Garden duplicate of a perfume from designer brand. Che Bella donna translates to you beautiful woman.  This lovely scent is perfect for women that are beautiful inside and out. So why not try out this feminine fragrance and indulge yourself in something delightful?

What Does Che Bella Donna Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

The essence of opulence and femininity are personified through sparkling citrus notes mingling with romantic floral notes of heady tuberose, lily and sassy carnation. This unforgettable blend culminates with lingering notes of resinous galbanum.

Top: Lemon, Orange, Tuberose
Mid: Tea Rose, Carnation, Lily
Base: Galbanum, Sandalwood

How Do Our Customers Use Che Bella Donna Fragrance Oil?

Both melt and pour and cold process soaps can be created using this feminine fragrance at a maximum recommended usage rate of 5%. This floral fragrance is a beautiful one for any cold process soap maker. Our cold process soap testing results found Che Bella Donna Fragrance Oil to have a great performance! After adding this scent to your cp soap this fragrance was found to have no acceleration, no ricing, and no separation. Partly due to the vanillin content of 0%, the bar will not have any discoloration.  Further, this fragrance has an awesome scent retention in finish soap. Coloring is definitely an option for this project and we suggest that you use pink soap colorant in the amount that satisfies you. Always be careful not to use candle dye in any body products.

Gorgeous homemade candles can be created using this floral scent. In products containing vegetable waxes or paraffin wax, the fragrance can be up to 10% of the total product weight. Also, it will perform perfectly in joy wax, wow wax, and soy wax. The scent is nice and strong in soy wax candles. Further, this fragrance oil is compatible with gel wax, but it is the customer’s own responsibility to test each fragrance purchase. If you wish to color, then we recommend that you use one of the two following methods. First, you could use two drops of red liquid candle dye with a tiny bit of purple candle dye per 4 pounds of wax. Second, you could shred a small amount of a red color block and a purple color block into the melted wax. However, crayons are not a suitable method for coloring your candles as they will clog your wick.

A wide variety of bath, body, and room products can be made with this lovely fragrance. Room scenters can use up 50% of this fragrance oil in their reed diffusers, incense or potpourri.  Also, it will be nice and strong in aroma beads. All natural cleaning products can use up to 5% of this feminine scent. Further, Che Bella Donna Fragrance Oil will do well for a variety body scenting products. Any perfumes will perform perfectly for this scent. Homemade perfumes and lotions can use no more than 4% of fragrance. Bath gels and bath oils will perform well with this fragrance. The maximum use of this fragrance is 5% of the total weight for your recipe.

Looking for a project idea for Natures Garden Che Bella Donna fragrance?  Try out our Pink Salt Bath Bombs Recipe.  This bath fizzy recipe uses this beautiful feminine scent and is sure to be a hit!


Bumbleberry Fragrance

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Bumbleberry FragranceBumbleberry Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Spotlight

Bumbleberry Fragrance Oil by Natures Garden is a combination of blackberries and strawberries and a whole lot more.  Our customers have described it as “fresh, sweet fruity”, and “a delicious red berry scent”.  I must admit, in the past, I have heard of bumbleberries being used for baking purposes.  Imagine my surprise when I found out that there is no such thing as an actual bumbleberry, the do not exist.  After a little bit of researching this nonexistent fruit, I found that bumbleberry refers to a mixture of  in season berries that you need to hurry and use before they go bad.  You mix them together as fruit salad type dish.  However, you can also use frozen berries to create your own bumbleberry dish.

What Does Bumbleberry Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

Bumbleberry Fragrance Oil is an explosion of wild blackberries and strawberries, combined with just the right amount of earthy woods.  Natures Garden’s bumbleberry fragrance begins with top notes of blackberry, apricot, and strawberry;  followed by middle notes of sweet pear, lavender, and jasmine;  sitting on base notes of earthy woods.

Top Notes:  blackberry, apricot, strawberry
Mid Notes:  pear, lavender, jasmine
Base Notes:  woods

How Do Our Customers Use Bumbleberry Fragrance Oil? 

For our handmade soap makers and those who prefer to make homemade bath and body products; the maximum usage is 5% for this berry scent.  Bumbleberry Fragrance Oil performs perfectly in perfumes and in other bath and body products such as bath oils, bath gels, and lotions, it performs well.  Natures Garden’s cold process soap testing results show no separation, no acceleration, and no ricing while the scent is strong, juicy, fruity, and delicious.  There was no discoloration as there is 0% vanillin content.  Coloring suggestion for this fragrance oil is to use purple soap colorant and red soap colorant in the amounts that satisfy you. Never use candle dye in any bath and body products.

Room scenters, the maximum recommended use is 50% for your homemade potpourri, reed diffusers, and incense where the scent is nice and strong.  For homemade cleaning products, the maximum usage is 5%.

Candle crafters who enjoy making homemade candles, the maximum recommended usage rate for this fruity scent is 10%.  Bumbleberry Fragrance Oil is nice and strong in soy wax while performing perfectly in joy wax and wow wax.  Bumbleberry fragrance can also be used to create homemade candle wax tarts using  our pillar of bliss wax.  For coloring these homemade creations, we suggest using 2 drops of purple liquid candle dye plus 2 drops of red liquid candle dye per 4 pounds of wax or shred a small amount of a purple color block and red color block into your melted wax.  Never use crayons to color your candles as they will clog your wick.

Bumbleberry Fragrance Oil is a nice berry scent that will have your home smelling of fresh fruits.  To place your order today, type in “bumbleberry fragrance oil” in Natures Garden’s search bar and you will be taken directly to the ordering page.