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Hibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe

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Hibiscus Bath Bomb RecipeHibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe

Next, we have a gorgeous bath bomb recipe that includes the properties of skin-loving hibiscus flowers. This cosmetic herb was used to create the Hibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe. This wonderful Natures Garden recipe is both beautiful and amazing for the skin! Further, this wonderful, floral bath bomb includes the scrumptious scent of our Hawaiian Ginger Fragrance Oil. The tropical scent of this scented oil blends wonderfully with the aroma of the our cosmetic hibiscus herb. So, this recipe is a great choice for the bath, as you can enjoy the scent of this cosmetic recipe along with the skin loving qualities of this bath and body recipe!

Dandelion Bath Bomb Recipe: Ingredients Available from Natures Garden

Citric Acid
Sodium Bicarbonate
Fractionated Coconut Oil
Hawaiian Ginger Fragrance Oil
Hibiscus Flowers Whole
Kaolin Clay Powder
Hibiscus Flowers Powder
Bath Bomb Molds
8 oz. Clear PET Bullet Bottles
Safety Glasses
White Fine Mist Sprayers 24/410
Safety Gloves 
Nature’s Garden Apron
Safety Mask

Dandelion Bath Bomb Recipe: Other Needed Ingredients

Witch Hazel (in spray bottle)
Mixing Bowls
Mixing Spoon
Rubber Gloves

Dandelion Bath Bomb Recipe: Total Weights and Amounts

300 grams of the Citric Acid
600 grams of the Baking Soda
18 grams of the Fractionated Coconut Oil
5 grams of the Hibiscus Flowers Whole
10 grams of the Kaolin Clay Powder
5 grams of the Hibiscus Flowers Powder
18 grams of the Hawaiian Ginger Fragrance Oil

Dandelion Bath Bomb Recipe: Hawaiian Ginger Fragrance OilDandelion Bath Bomb Recipe: Hawaiian Ginger Fragrance Oil

Not only do we use wonderful skin nourishing ingredients in these cosmetic recipes, but this bath bomb includes a refreshing, tropical aroma. The Hawaiian Ginger Fragrance Oil has a paradise of fruity and floral notes that create something you”’ want to escaping to find. The scent has notes of tangy pineapple, freshly-sliced summer melons, and crisp apple slices. This scrumptious aroma blends with notes of iris, rose, jasmine, and cyclamen. Finally, these scents are all sitting on a blend of vanilla and musk that make this blend absolutely perfect!

Hibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Preparing and Sanitizing

Before you begin creating this lovely bath and body recipe, you will want to do a little bit of prep work. First, you will want to gather all the cosmetic ingredients that are needed to create this recipe. Further, you will need to gather and clean all the equipment that you will need for this bath and body recipe. Also, we suggest that you clean and sanitize an area for you to work, too. After you have a work space cleaned off and you have prepared the cosmetic supplies, you are ready to begin creating this bath bomb recipe!

Hibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Preparing the Dry IngredientsHibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Preparing the Dry Ingredients

First, you are going to want to weigh out a few of the dry ingredients for this bath bomb recipe. You will need to use the scale and a medium mixing bowl. Then, weigh and add 300 grams of the citric acid and 600 grams of the baking soda to your medium mixing bowl. While you can begin to mix these ingredients together and break up any clumps, it doesn’t need to be perfect at this point, Since we have more powdered herbs to add, it would be okay to wait until you add the next ingredient to the bowl.

Hibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Adding the Kaolin White Clay PowderHibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Adding the Kaolin White Clay Powder

Next, you will be adding a skin loving cosmetic clay to the rest of your dry ingredients in the mixture. So, take the same medium mixing bowl with the other ingredients. So, you can add in 10 grams of the kaolin clay powder. This cosmetic ingredient is great for those with sensitive skin, can help cleanse the skin, and can help remove toxins. Now, you are going to need to mix these dry ingredients together. We suggest you use a gloved hand to mix these cosmetic ingredients thoroughly. Also, be sure to break up any clumps that may have formed in the mixture.

Hibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Mix Everything ThoroughlyHibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Mix Wet and Dry Ingredients Thoroughly

Now, you will need to prepare the wet ingredients. So, set aside the bowl of  the dry ingredients and grab the other medium mixing bowl. Then, you will need to add 18 grams of the fractionated coconut oil as well as 18 grams of the Hawaiian Ginger Fragrance Oil. After you weigh these ingredients you can combine the wet and dry ingredients. Then, mix these cosmetic ingredients together using your hands until everything is evenly mixed. Once these ingredients have been combined well, you can move on to the next step.

Hibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Divide the Bath Bomb Mixture in Half

Now that these wonderful cosmetic ingredients are all blended together, you can divide the mixture into two even portions of the bath bomb mixture. So, use the two medium mixing bowls to evenly separate the portions into these two bowls. One of the portions will use the whole hibiscus flowers herb and the other portion will use the powdered hibiscus herb.

Hibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Adding the Herb PowderHibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Adding the Cosmetic Herbs

So, take one of the two medium bowls full of your bath bomb mixture. You will want to add 5 grams of the hibiscus flowers powder to this portion of the mixture. First, adding this cosmetic herb will provide a pretty pink color to your first portion of the bath bomb recipe. You will love this cosmetic ingredient for both the appearance and the benefits for the skin, as this herb is full of nutrients. Once this wholesale herb is added you need to mix these ingredients together thoroughly.

Hibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Spray the Herb Powder PortionHibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Spray the Herb Powder Portion

Now that the first portion of the bath bomb recipe is mixed completely you can get this portion prepared for the mold. So, you can use the witch hazel spray on this pink bath bomb mixture. You will need to mix this dough with a gloved hand as you continue to spray. Once the dough is a crumbly dough consistency, you are ready to use this mixture to fill your molds. However, you will need to be careful and pay attention to avoid using too much of the spray. If you spray more witch hazel than you need, then some of the ingredients may activate. This will be apparent to you, as you will see fizzing in the bowl. Unfortunately, this means that your mixture may not work properly.

Hibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Fill the Bath Bomb Mold Hibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Fill the Bath Bomb Mold

Finally, this portion of your mixture is ready to fill the bath bomb molds. So, take one of the halves and pack it full. After you have one of the wholesale bath bomb molds filled, you can begin to fill then rest of your bath bomb halves. You should be able to use this mixture to fill six halves of your bath bomb molds. You will not be putting these portions together with each other. Instead, you can set all of these halves aside until you have the second half filled and ready to use. So, you can move on to the next step to prepare the other half of this bath bomb.

Hibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Spray the Whole Herb PortionHibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Spray the Whole Herb Portion

Then, you can put the mixture with the hibiscus flowers powder aside for the time being. Now, you can take the second portion of this mixture to add the whole cosmetic herb. So, add the 5 grams of the hibiscus flowers whole and incorporate it evenly into this portion. Once these ingredients are fully mixed, you can begin to spray these ingredients with witch hazel. Again, you will need to mix the dough with your gloved hand as you spray. Once you obtain the correct consistency you will be ready to move on to the next step.

Hibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Fill the Second Half of the Bath BombHibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Fill the Second Half of the Bath Bomb

Next, you will be filling the other halves of  your bath bomb molds. So, take the portion of this mixture with the whole hibiscus flowers. At this point you should have the right dough-like consistency. If you do, then you can start packing this dough into your bath bomb mold. Then, you can fill the other six bath bomb halves. Once these are all filled you can begin combining these halves.

Now, take one of the pink colored halves and one of the uncolored halves. You will need to lightly spray each of the halves with witch hazel and press them together. Once the mold snaps shut, you can leave the filled bath bomb mold aside for now. Lastly, you will need to do the same thing to create the remaining bath bombs.

Hibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Finishing the Bath Bombs

All you have left to do is wait for your bath bombs to set up! The time that this takes can be slightly different depending on the humidity level and the climate of your area. However, you will know that the bath bomb is set up once it has hardened. If you want to leave them in the container, then you can use this cosmetic mold as a kind of simple bath bomb mold packaging Or, you can pop them right out of the mold and they will hold their fun, round shape. Then, you can either use your own packaging ideas or just use them in you own bath!

Hibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Hibiscus Wholesale HerbHibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Cosmetic Hibiscus Wholesale Herb

There are many fantastic reasons for you to use this wonderful herb in your cosmetic recipes. First, this cosmetic herb is perfect for using as a natural colorant for bath and body products. Not only does this wonderful cosmetic herb powder provide a lovely pink color, but there are some wonderful benefits for your skin, too.

This cosmetic herb can help even out the skin in both texture and tone. Also, the hibiscus cosmetic herb can help cleanse and soften the skin. Further, this herb has been used to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging. Also, this herb can be useful for promoting faster wound healing for the skin. So, this herb is perfect for promoting healthy, beautiful skin. If you want to learn more about this cosmetic herb, then you may want to check out our Hibiscus Class.

Hibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Hibiscus Wholesale Herb RecipesHibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Hibiscus Wholesale Herb Recipes

Although Natures Garden sells our hibiscus herbs for cosmetic use only, not for food products, there are many benefits for using a food grade hibiscus herb in food recipes. If you add this herb to your diet, then there are some benefits that you can gain from the hibiscus herb. First, this herb is thought to help with colds. Also, hibiscus has been known to improve appetite. Plus, this herb may work as a laxative and a diuretic. Plus, this herb can be used to help treat inflammation. So, there are many benefits for adding  some of the hibiscus herb to your diet.

Often, people like to add hibiscus flowers to their tea recipes. This herb is said to have a tart taste in teas that can be balanced with other yummy, sweet herbs. But, there are many other fun ways to use this wonderful herb. One fun recipe that you can create with this herb is the scrumptious Strawberry Hibiscus Jam by Love and Olive Oil.  Regardless of how you want to add this cosmetic herb to your diet, the hibiscus flowers are sure to provide benefits to your body.

Hibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Ask Us Your QuestionsHibiscus Bath Bomb Recipe: Ask Us Your Questions

If you have any questions about this herbal recipe or anything else, then you can reach out to us to ask them. You can find us on the phone, at the store, and on social media. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using either our company name or our handle @ngscents. Here you will find updates on cosmetic recipes like this one on our social media pages. We hope that you enjoyed this lovely bath and body recipe! If you want to see more unique, herbal bath bomb recipes like this one, then keep a look out for even more wonderful cosmetic recipes that are coming very soon!