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How Joy Wax Can Be Used

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How Joy Wax Can Be Used

Are you interested in learning about some different methods to create homemade candles, potpourri, wax tarts, and wax melts? We at Natures Garden would like to introduce you to our Joy Wax, which is only available at Natures Garden’s store and on our website! This wax is made from a combination of soy wax, different vegetable waxes, food grade paraffin, and other proprietary ingredients. We test each batch out ourselves using color, fragrance oil, CD candle wicking, and of course, 100% Joy Wax. We sell our Joy Wax in various sizes, depending on the amount you are going to need for your projects. This product of ours is continuously gaining popularity on the market and is rated our number one candle wax. Get ready to hear all about the Natures Garden Joy Wax, what it is, and a variety of ways that it can be used!

The Size Variety of Joy WaxThe Size Variety of Joy Wax

The Natures Garden Joy Wax comes in a few different sizes, all of which we are going to mention. The first and smallest size that we sell is one slab of Joy Wax, which are about 10-12 pounds each. The next size up is one case of Joy Wax, which range from 54-60 pounds each. The largest size that we sell is by the skid-load, made up of 42 cases of Joy Wax, again, 54-60 pounds each. With this variety, you will be able to make as many candles and wax melts as you would like!

More About Joy Wax

As we have mentioned, our Joy Wax consists of soy wax, vegetable waxes, paraffin, and other proprietary ingredients. We decided to create a wax that would work excellently for container candles. With this Joy Wax that we have created, you will be able to get both hot and cold scent throw, without any curing time being necessary.

Since we had container candles in mind when we were creating this, it has been designed to cling nicely to jars. It also has a creamy and smooth finish to it, and no additives need to be added for the wax to perform the way that it should. By using our Joy Wax, you will be able to create candles that are rich in color. Your candles will also have an excellent melt pool, and usually only require one pour in most jars.

Joy Wax Candle Making Kit Joy Wax Candle Making Kit

We believe that the best way to get started making your own candles is to purchase a starter kit, which we have several of. It would be a good idea to start with our Joy Wax Candle Making Kit to get familiar with this product. This candle making kit comes with three pounds of Joy Wax, two color blocks, 4 one ounce fragrances, 25 six inch hemp candle wicks, twelve hexagonal jars with lids, and it includes a complete set of instructions. The fragrances included in this kit are currently fresh linen, spring rain, vanilla silk, and strawberry passion. You will also need to get a metal pouring pot and a candle thermometer, which do not come in the kit. Both of these items are available to buy from Natures Garden. This kit makes it very easy for you to get started and learn how to work with Joy Wax. In addition, you will not need to use all products included in the kit, so you will have a jump start on your next candle making project.

How to Make Joy Wax Container CandlesJoy Wax Container Candles

Now is the fun part! We are going to begin talking about just how you can make container candles using Joy Wax. First, we will introduce to you a recipe to make basic Joy Wax candles. Then we are going to give two specific recipes using Joy Wax: Shimmer Gel Potpourri and Pumpkin Cheesecake Wax Melts. Seeing each of these will allow you to learn the variety that Joy Wax offers in candle making. The first recipe we will be referring to makes four pounds of candles.


Joy Wax
Coloring (You can use either our Spectrum Liquid Candle Dye or Color Blocks)
Pouring Pot
13 x 9 pan
Candle wicks
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
Heat source
Candy thermometer
Work clothes
Safety glasses

How to Make Joy Wax Container Candles

First, weigh out 4 pounds of Joy Wax on a scale. Turn your oven on 150-200°F. Put your empty glass candle containers on a tray and in the oven to warm them to about 150°F when you will be pouring into them. Pouring hot wax into a cold container will cause your wax to set up too quickly and your candles will develop jump lines or wet spots.

Gathering Your Materials

Put about 1″ of water in your 13 X 9 pan on the stove. Turn the temperature setting on your stove between low and medium. Gather your pouring pot, coloring, additives, fragrance, containers, and wicks to start making your container candles. Put the 4 pounds of Joy Wax into a clean pouring pot and place that inside of your 13 x 9 pan on the stove.

Melt Your Joy Wax

Allow your wax to melt in the pan. It is important that you never melt wax with the pouring pot directly on a heat source. This can quickly become a fire hazard or can result in your wax being scorched. If your wax gets scorched, it will create a burnt smell. If your wax smells like this, it is ruined and wax that becomes scorched cannot be corrected. Periodically check the temperature of your melted wax with your candy thermometer. Heat the Joy Wax up to 200°F. Once again, make sure that it does not get too hot and become scorched.

Adding the Candle Colorant

You should add the candle colorant at the hottest temperature. Add 1-10 drops of liquid candle dye to the melted wax. Stir. Do not use more than ten drops of the liquid candle dye. Liquid candle dyes will make it easy to get a consistent color since you can simply count how many drops you have added. This can be important when marketing you homemade candles to your customers. Alternatively, you can use Natures Garden’s color blocks with the Joy Wax. Color blocks are a good alternative to liquid candle dye if you are looking for more rich, dark colors for your candles. They are great for larger batches. However, if you are creating candles in smaller batches, you will need to make sure you are weighing out just how much of the color block you are adding in grams. This will allow you to get a consistent color.

Preparing the Candle Wicks

While you are waiting for your wax to cool you can prepare your jars. Putting wicks in your candles is much easier when you use either the pretabbed prewaxed wicks. The zinc core or CD type wicks from Natures Garden are the most popular. You have a couple of options when adding candle wicks. Allow your candles to cool a little until you see that the bottom of the container has about one inch of candle setting up. Straighten your wicks and place them in the candle centered and evenly spaced apart.

If you are placing more than one wick into your jars, make sure that the wicks are not too close to the sides of the container because it may create soot. Your wicks will move if you try to wick your candles too soon and they will not be spaced apart properly. However, if you wick your candles too late, your wicks will not migrate to the bottom of the container. This brings us to the second option. It may be helpful for you to use a hot glue gun to center and adhere your wicks to the bottom of your containers if you wish to. If you decide on using the hot glue gun, you will need to put the wicks into your containers prior to pouring in the hot wax.

Adding Fragrance Oil and Pouring the Joy Wax

Remove your warm glass candle containers from the oven and place them on a surface that is heat resistant. Prepare them in a line so that they will be ready for the hot wax to be poured in. You can add your candle wicks now, or later. This will depend on which option you chose. Next, you will need to remove the pouring pot from heat and allow the temperature of the Joy Wax to drop to 170°F. Then, add 1-1.5 ounces of fragrance oil per pound of melted wax to your melted wax mixture. Stir the wax, thoroughly blending the fragrance oil and pour the Joy Wax into your glass containers. Stop pouring the wax at the point when your candle jar starts changing shape. Sink holes may develop if you fill your jars too full.

Cooling the Candles and Finishing Up

For the best results when cooling your candles, allow them to cool at room temperature. Center and straight your wicks before allowing them to set up all of the way. You can place a pencil across the opening of the jar, wrapping the candle wicks around it to keep them in place. We also find that placing a fine tooth comb across the opening, using the space in between teeth of the comb to hold the wicks in place also works well. Condensation can develop if they are put on the jars too soon.

Finally, let’s talk about curing. You can allow your candles to cure for a few days in order for the fragrance to fully bind to the wax before burning it. Cure the candles with their lids on after they have completely set up and cooled down. While we find it isn’t 100% necessary since Joy Wax has a beautiful scent throw without curing, it really kicks the scent throw up a notch.

Shimmer Gel Potpourri RecipeShimmer Gel Potpourri Recipe

Now, we are going to introduce to you one of our homemade room scenting recipes using Joy Wax. Did you know Joy Wax can be used for more than just container candles? For example, although this recipe is made from soy wax, it can easily be substituted with Joy Wax. This is yet another way to show the versatility of Joy Wax. When coloring this recipe, you can also use spectrum candle dyes in place of the gold mica pigment. You will be able to produce one 8 ounce bottle for your oil burner using this recipe.

To create this potpourri, the first thing you do is 60 grams of Joy Wax into your pouring pot. Then, you will use the double boiler method as described above to melt the wax on a low temperature on the stove until the wax is all liquid.

Next, weigh out 30 grams of Natures Garden’s Glitter Fragrance oil. Prepare your gold mica pigment or your spectrum candle dye, whichever you have chosen to use. Once your Joy Wax has been liquefied, it is now time to add the fragrance oil. Stir well and then add the mica pigment or candle dye, and stir again.

Weigh out 142 grams of the Rice Bran Oil that you will be mixing with your wax. Once the wax has been both scented and colored, add the Rice Bran Oil.  Stir well to fully combine. Allow the temperature of your mixture to reach somewhere between 140-150°F. At this temperature, pour the liquid you created into your Boston round bottle slowly. Give it enough time to cool. Add the disc top lids to your bottle once the outside of it is cool to the touch, and you have finished your homemade potpourri!

Pumpkin Cheesecake Wax MeltsPumpkin Cheesecake Wax Melts

Lastly, we want to show you one more product that you can create using Joy Wax. Our wax melt recipes are very popular, and this recipe of ours is also perfect for this time of the year. Pumpkin cheesecake would be a perfect scent to melt and smell around the house this fall. We have linked the ingredients that you will need to create this below.

Since the recipe is linked above that you can follow, we are only going to mention where the Joy Wax is incorporated in this recipe. It comes into play when you are preparing the whipped topping of the pumpkin cheesecake wax melts. After you weigh out 9 ounces of Joy Wax, place it into the pouring pot. Continue melting on your stove on a low setting until the wax is completed melted. Next, weigh out and add 0.9 ounces of Pumpkin Cheesecake Fragrance Oil to the wax and stir.

After the wax has started to set up in the pot, use a spoon to begin whipping the wax until you achieve a whipped topping texture. Simply frost each of your cheesecake bases quickly and  fluff the tops to look like whipped cream. Finally, sprinkle pumpkin pie spice blend powder over each of the melts. Remove them from the molds when they have cooled down. Now, if you are hungry for the real thing, our pumpkin cheesecake wax tarts were inspired by these mini pumpkin Oreo cheesecakes.


Dreama Wax Tarts Recipe

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Dreama Wax Tarts RecipeDreama Wax Tarts Recipe

If you are looking for a fun wax tart recipe, then the Dreama Wax Tarts Recipe is a great wax tart recipe to try out! These handmade wax melts use quality candle making supplies from Natures Garden. Not only does this candle wax recipe use great candle making ingredients, like our candle wax wholesale and fragrance oil for wax melts, but this recipe looks like a pretty spring flower! So, check out one of our candle blogs below to learn how to make wax melts just like this!

Dreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Clean and Sanitize

Before you begin to create your handmade wax melts recipe, you will want to make a few preparations. First, gather your ingredients for this wax tarts recipe. It can be useful to get everything that you need before making your flower wax melts to have the process go easier. Also, you will want to sanitize any craft equipment that you will need for this recipe. Next, you will want to prepare an area for a work space. Further, it is suggested that you wear gloves, protective clothing, and a hair net while you prepare this candle wax recipe. After you have made these preparations, you will be ready to work on making this homemade craft recipe!

Dreama Lotion Recipe: Making the Double Boiler

Next you are going to want to create the double boiler for this recipe. While you will still need to stir, the double boiler will be useful for preventing your wax from scorching. To create this device you will need two pots that will fit into each other. In the larger pot, you will add water, which will be heated to a boil. Your pouring pot will act as the smaller pot for this recipe. Now, you will want to heat your water. Once the water is at a boil, set your pouring pot inside to melt the candle wax inside.

Dreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Ingredients From Natures Garden

Palm Pillar Wax
Pillar of Bliss Wax
Dreama Fragrance Oil
Bayberry Color Block
Yellow Color Block
White Color Block
Embed Mold Daisies
Pouring Pot
Disposable Pipette

Dreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Other Needed Ingredients and Supplies

Mixing Spoon
Pots (for double boiler)
Portion Cups

Dreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Needed Weights and Amounts

A Small Amount of a Bayberry Color Block
1.85 ounces of the Dreama Fragrance Oil
A Small Amount of a Yellow Color Block
13.5 ounces of the Palm Pillar Wax
4.75 ounces of the Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax
A Small Amount of a White Color Block

Dreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Melting the Yellow Candle WaxDreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Melting the Yellow Candle Wax

First, you are going to create the flower embeds for your candle wax tarts recipe . So, you are going to need to melt down the wholesale candle wax with the pouring pot. Of course, you should use the pouring pot that is used to make your double boiler. You will need to weigh out 0.25 ounces of the Pillar of Bliss Wax. Then, you will be ready to add the candle wax to this pouring pot. You will need to stir your mixture as the wax melts down. This will both move the process along and prevent scorching.

Dreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Adding the Finishing TouchesDreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Adding the Finishing Touches

Now, you are going to add a few finishing touches to this portion of the melted wax. So, you will need to add a very small amount of a yellow color dye block. You will need to stir to fully incorporate this candle colorant. This candle wax color will be used to create the yellow center of the embed flowers. Although we are adding a colorant, we are not going to add a scent to this small portion of the candle wax. Since this is a small portion of the wax melt, it won’t make much of a difference to leave it unscented.

Dreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Creating the Center of the FlowerDreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Creating the Center of the Flower

Next, you will need to use this yellow wax to create the center of your embed flowers. So, you will need to get your Daisies Embed Mold ready to use to create the flowers. Then, you will need to use a disposable pipette to fill the center of the embed flower mold. Just take some of the melted yellow wax in the pipette and add it to the center of the flowers. Also, you will want to be careful that you only fill the center part of the mold.

Dreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Melting the White Candle WaxDreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Melting the White Candle Wax

The second part that we will create is the white portion of the flower embed mold. This will be used to create the petals of the flower. You are going to add 4.5 ounces of the Pillar of Bliss Wax to the pouring pot in the double boiler. Once all of your wax has melted, you are going to add a small portion of a white color block to the wax. Be sure that you mix to fully incorporate the candle colorant.

Dreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Scent and Pour the Embed DaisiesDreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Scent and Pour the Embed Daisies

Now, you are going to add the fragrance oil and create your embed daisies. First, you are going to add 0.45 ounces of the fragrance oil to the melted wax. You will need to stir in the scented oil to fully incorporate the scent. Next, you are going to pour the white candle wax. Since the yellow wax should be set up at this point, you will be able to pour this white portion of the embed mold directly on top of the yellow wax. After all of your daisy cavities are filled, you are ready to move on to the next step.

Dreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Removing the Embed DaisiesDreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Removing the Embed Daisies

Once the wax for your daisies has completely set up, you can remove them from the mold. If the wax has not yet set up, you can set the mold aside for the moment. You can always come back to pop out the daisies later on in the candle making process. For now, you can move on to the next part of the process of making the best wax tarts!

Dreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Melt the Wax Melt BaseDreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Melt the Wax Melt Base

Next, you are going to prepare the base of the wax tarts. Again, you are going to need your pouring pot in the double boiler. So, weigh out and add 13.5 ounces of the Palm Pillar Wax to the pouring pot. As your wax melts, you will want to make sure that you stir occasionally.

Dreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Adding the Color and ScentDreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Adding the Color and Scent

Once your candle wax has completely melted, you will be ready to add the colorant to your wax! So, you are going to use a small amount of the bayberry color block to get a pretty green color. As the color dye block melts, you will want to stir in the candle colorant. After the melted wax has an even color throughout the wax, you will be ready to move on to the next step.

Dreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Adding the Color and ScentDreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Adding the Color and Scent

Once your wax has been melted and colored, you will be ready to add the scented oil. So, you are going to need to measure and incorporate 1.35 ounces of the Dreama Fragrance Oil. This fragrance begins with notes of oakmoss and lilies. The scent continues with middle notes of ylang ylang and jasmine. Further, the scent has a base of amber, musk, and sandalwood. So, this is a fantastic aroma to include in your wax melts. Again, you will need to stir to make sure that your scented wax includes the fragrance evenly.

Dreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Creating the Wax Tart BaseDreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Creating the Wax Tart Base

Now that your green candle wax is melted and ready to use, you are going to need to set up your portion cups. These portion cups will act as the wax tart mold for this recipe. In total, you will need about 9 individual portion cups to create your wax melt base. So, you will use up your freshly melted candle wax to fill each of these portion cups. You will want to make sure that you leave a little bit of room to add the daisy on top. We recommend that you pour slightly above 3/4 of the way full. Once you have filled each of your portion cups, you will need to move on to the next step before your candle wax sets up completely.

Dreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Adding the Wax Embed DaisiesDreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Adding the Wax Embed Daisies

Next, you are going to add your cute daisy embeds to the green wax tart base. You will want to make sure that you add your flower shaped wax melts to the top of the base before it entirely sets up. Of course, you will want to make sure that the wax base is set up enough that your flower won’t sink right through. However, the wax tart base will need to still have a soft surface. Once you reach this sweet spot, you will be ready to add each of your daisies to the soft candle wax.

Dreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Using Your Finished ProductDreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Using Your Finished Product

Finally, your wax tarts are finished and nearly ready for you to use! All you have left to do is wait for your wax tarts to set up completely and cure. After your wax tarts have hardened, you can wait to remove the wax tarts until after the curing process. The process of curing should only take about two or three days to make sure that the fragrance oil has settled. This will allow you to make wax tarts will be the best strongest wax melts that you can possibly make. If you want to ensure that the scent remains trapped, you can cover your wax tarts to help keep the scent trapped in the jar and allow it to really come alive.

Dreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Even More Wonderful Flower Scents

Our Dreama Fragrance Oil is a gorgeous blend of floral notes that create a scented oil that is just too good to pass up! If you love the aroma of our lovely fragrance oil, then you may be interested to check out even more gorgeous scents of different kinds of flowers! Not only can you experience the lovely aroma of this lovely fragrance oil, but you can enjoy the aroma and gorgeous appearance of your favorite bouquet. So, you can click here to visit the Flower Delivery section of The Bouqs Company website and check out the lovely flowers available on this site. Plus, you can order beautiful bouquets that will be sure to provide a gorgeous aroma that is almost as wonderful as the aroma of our Dreama Fragrance Oil.

Dreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Talk to Us at Natures GardenDreama Wax Tarts Recipe: Talk to Us at Natures Garden

Whether you used this recipe to learn how to make wax melts to sell or make your very own wax melts, we hope that you enjoyed this recipe! If you have any more questions about how to make this diy wax melts recipe, then you can reach out to ask us. You can reach us on the phone, in the store, and online. An easy way that you can reach out to us online is through social media. We are available on the Natures Garden Facebook page. Also, you can use our handle @ngscents to find us on both Instagram and Twitter. Not only can you use these social media platforms to ask any questions that you may have about candles and wax melts, but you can share your own homemade creations, too! So, we hope that we hear from you soon!

Natures Garden is not responsible for the performance of any of the recipes provided on our website. Testing is your responsibility. If you plan to resell any recipes we provide, it is your responsibility to adhere to all FDA regulations. If there are ingredients listed in a recipe that Natures Garden does not sell, we cannot offer any advice on where to purchase those ingredients.