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Pleasingly Pumpkin Fragrance

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Pleasingly Pumpkin FragrancePleasingly Pumpkin Fragrance Oil Spotlight

It’s time for the autumn season and time for pumpkins! It’s a big ol’ pumpkin party! We’ve even got two famous festivals in Ohio celebrating the orange gourds: The Barnesville Pumpkin Festival and The Circleville Pumpkin Show. Both celebrations boast giant pumpkin contests. The competing pumpkins in Barnesville are so big that conventional scales are too small- the funeral home scale is used instead! Extra spooky! Pumpkins competing for King Pumpkin in Barnesville typically weight over 1400 pounds. The largest pumpkin to date at the Circleville Pumpkin show was almost 2000 lbs. Both festivals feature parades and pageants. If you love pumpkins as much as these folks, then this is the fragrance for you!

What Does Pleasingly Pumpkin Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

The sweet, creamy combination of pumpkin puree with warm notes of butter and sweet vanilla cream. An NG Original Scent!

How Do Our Customers Use Pleasingly Pumpkin Fragrance Oil?

Candles! This authentic aroma performs perfectly in joy wax and wow wax and is nice and strong in soy wax. It is not gel wax compatible. The maximum recommended usage percentage for this fall fragrance in vegetable waxes and paraffin wax is 10%. Our coloring suggestions for candles are to use 3 drops orange liquid candle dye per 4 pounds of wax or shred a small amount of orange color block into your melted wax. Never color candles with crayons; it will clog the wick!

We’ve also got an awesome Pinecone Firestarters recipe! You only need pillar of bliss wax, fragrance, candle dye, candle wicks, and pinecones! If you follow the simple instructions closely, you should have great smelling firestarters in no time! Please remember that these are designed to start a fire in your fireplace and are not intended to be used as regular candles. Be sure to adhere to all rules of fireplace safety!

Room scents (no fire needed)! This sweet, true scent comes across nice and strong in aroma beads and it maximum recommended usage percentage in incense and potpourri is 50%.

Soaps! The maximum recommended usage percentage for this alluring autumn aroma in bath oils, bath gels, and soaps is 5%. Our cold process soap testing found that CP soap made with this fragrance had perfect pour: no acceleration, no ricing, no separation, and strong scent retention. It did, however, discolor to a chocolate color. This is likely due to the fragrance’s 5% vanillin content. Vanillin has a tendency to discolor bath and body products to varying shades of brown; more vanillin means darker discoloration. In order to combat discoloration due to vanilla, we recommend trying Vanilla White Color Stabilizer. Remember- you are responsible for the results in your finished products. Our coloring suggestions for bath and body products are to use orange soap colorant in the amount that satisfies you. Never color bath and body products with candle dye or they will end up coloring you!

We’ve also got some cute mini-pumpkin molds and jack-o-latern molds for pumpkin-shaped soaps!

Body products (outside of the bath)! This perfectly pumpkin fragrance performs perfectly in perfumes and its maximum recommended usage percentage in lotions and body sprays is 5%.

Cleaning products (not for your body)! The maximum recommended usage percentage for this seasonal scent in cleaning products is 5%.

Be sure to check out our Unscented Bases for an easy way to make a variety of products with this festive fragrance using the guidelines listed above!


Make Pinecone Firestarters

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Melissa’s Weekly Memoir:  This was a question asked by one of our wonderful customers this week…  How do you make firestarters?  Good Question!  Here’s the Answer…

Are you in the mood for a captivating campfire, or maybe just a nice calming evening in front of the fireplace all warm and toasty, and snug as a bug lying on a rug.  Well, get your hot cocoa ready… because this recipe is fabulous; and makes starting a fire super easy.

Starting a fire in your fireplace can sometimes be a little challenging, but starting fires with festive pinecones makes this process way easier. They’re cute, they smell fantastic, and if you are not feeling like a fire, they are an amazing way to scent your home without even being lit.


Things You’ll Need


1. Gather pinecones from a pine tree. Remove any debris or dirt on them.  Place the pinecones on the cookie sheet.  Preheat the oven to 250 degrees. Carefully, slide the cookie sheet into the oven. Turn the oven off after 30 minutes.  Leave the pinecones in the in the oven for the duration of two hours.  This will ensure that they are completely dry.

2. Starting at the bottom end, wrap the wick around the pinecone two or three times.  Try to get the wick as far into the pine cone layers as possible.  Leave 1 to 2 inches of wick at the top of the pinecone.

3. Melt two pounds of Pillar of Bliss Wax.  Once the wax hits 195 degrees, add red coloring.  Let the wax temperature drop to 180 degrees.  Add 1 ounce of Pleasingly Pumpkin fragrance oil per pound of melted wax.  Stir gently.

4. Now, you are ready to dip the pinecone.  For the first dip you need to prime the wick.  Holding the end of the wick, immerse the pinecone completely in the wax for 45 seconds.

5.  Place the dipped pinecone on wax paper.  Allow the wax to cool and harden.  Repeat step 4 until the pinecones are completely coated to your satisfaction.

6. Allow the pinecones to dry overnight, then store in airtight containers.

7. You are now ready to set the night a fire.  Do not use these as regular candles!  They are meant to start fires in your fireplace.

Melissa (Natures Garden Customer Service Rep)