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Alpine Snowdrift Scent

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alpine snowdrift fragrance oilAlpine Snowdrift Fragrance Oil– Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Hello everyone! Brrrr, this cold winter weather is surely upon us! What are your favorite activities for the winter time? Maybe you love to build a snowman with your loved ones, or maybe you take everyone and go on a big ski trip? Or maybe your favorite part of winter is just watching all of the beautiful snow blanket the ground in a layer of white? I know that’s one of my favorite parts! For all you crafty people out there, how do you capture the beauty of winter in your projects? Our Alpine Snowdrift scent is the perfect fragrance to do just that! This fragrance is sure to bring the sting of the cold winter air right into your new creations!

What Does Alpine Snowdrift Smell Like?

Alpine Snowdrift by Nature’s Garden is the ultimate winter fragrance, a fresh blend that will bring instant thoughts of the ski slopes to your mind. It is a wonderful mix of spearmint leaves, menthol, woodland moss, ozonic accord, galbanum, frosted vanilla, winter anise, wet snow, and an accord of frozen air.

How Do Our Customers Use Alpine Snowdrift Fragrance Oil?

Are you ready to take on all of those steep slopes with your skis? Or maybe you’re more comfortable just watching from the warm ski lodge with a cup of delicious hot chocolate. Either way, Alpine Snowdrift is the perfect scent for all of your holiday creations. When you choose to use this fragrance for the candle making process, it works perfectly in wow wax and joy wax, while performing nice and strong in soy wax. This scent also has a 50% maximum usage rate if you want to use it in incense or potpourri recipes! You can even fill your whole house with this winter smell by using it in some nice and strong aroma beads!

For bath and body products, Alpine Snowdrift scent has a maximum usage rate of 5%. Common bath and body products it can be used in are bath oils, bath gels, perfumes, soaps, and lotions. Just be careful though as this scent does have a vanillin content of 1.40%. A vanillin content means that it may discolor your products, so just make sure to test this fragrance out before using it in your final products. Another option would be Vanilla White Color Stabilizer.  This will help with the discoloration.  For all of the cold process soapers out there, this fragrance is just right for you! Our CP findings are: No ricing, accelerates trace, no separation, discolors to a brown orange color and a very strong scent!

The easiest way to get your hands on this wonderful winter fragrance is just by typing “alpine” into the search bar on our website. That will take you right to our Alpine Snowdrift Fragrance Oil page! But be sure to check out all of our amazing free classes and recipes while you’re there as well! You’re sure to find some awesome ones for the holidays that all of your friends, family, and even your customers will love! Please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Nature’s Garden with any questions or concerns, and make sure to watch for more Enlightened by Layla!

alpine snowdrift

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