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Apple Pie Spice Uses

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Apple Pie Spice UsesApple Pie Spice Uses

There are many Apple Pie Spice uses that you can use to benefit your body. All you have to do is add this herbal ingredient in your various recipes. First of all, you can use this blend of spices to create scrumptious homemade apple pies. Also, this herbal spice would provide your body with some wonderful benefits. Additionally, you can use this Natures Garden blend with your cosmetic making supplies or soap-making supplies to create some amazing products for your body. In fact, many of these herbs are beneficial for the skin. Plus, this blend of herbs and spices have a delicious and strong aroma. So, using this cosmetic ingredient will provide your products with some fantastic qualities. Let’s get into all the benefits that this herb has for your whole body!

Apple Pie Spice Uses: Growing ConditionsApple Pie Spice Uses: Growing Conditions

Since this spice is a blend of various herbs, there are many plants that were needed to create this herb wholesale. The essential herbs and spices that are used to create Apple Pie Spice are cinnamon, lemon peel, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg. A few of these ingredients can be grown in an herb garden, but many of the spices will become trees. So, most of these spices require more space and effort than other types of herbs. But, we can still discuss how they are grown and harvested.

Apple Pie Spice Uses: Where Do Spices Come From?

First, we have the cinnamon herb, which comes from the bark of the laurel tree. This process is a bit complicated, but it begins by growing the tree for two years. After, the tree is cut down and the following year little shoots will appear. These shoots will have a thin layer of bark on the inside. This bark is collected, dried, and used as the spice we all know and love.

Second, we have lemon peel powder. These lemons grow on trees in warm, full sun conditions. Once the tree is about three years old, it will begin to produce fruit. These fruits are harvested once they are yellow and firm with a slightly glossy appearance. Then, the skin of these fruits will be dried and ground to be used for lemon peel powder.

Next, ginger is a root that can be grown using roots that have visible green “eyes”. These “eyes” will sprout long stems and below the dirt, the root will grow larger. This plant prefers nutrient rich soil that can hold moisture. However, the set up needs to be free draining to prevent over saturating the plant. About eight months after planting, you can dig up the ginger root.

Additionally, cloves are dried flowers that grow on clove trees. These trees prefer a wet, tropical climate and can’t survive below fifty-nine degrees Fahrenheit. These flowers are picked before they have the chance to open. Then, they are sun dried for about five days.

Finally, nutmeg is produced from a nutmeg tree, which creates yellow fruits that are similar to apricots. Inside the fruit are purple/brown seeds that are covered in a red skin. The skin, which is used to make mace, is removed and the seed can be ground into nutmeg.

Apple Pie Spice Uses: Industrial Uses

There are so many ways that you can use this aromatic blend of spices to create some wonderful products. Each of the ingredients in Apple Pie Spice can be useful for promoting health. Further, these various botanical herbs and spices can be used to benefit the skin and hair. Plus, this amazing blend of spices is perfect for making all kinds of delicious food! So, let’s look at some of the many benefits that these different ingredients have for different products.

Apple Pie Spice Uses: Medicinal UsesApple Pie Spice Uses: Medicinal Uses

While this blend of spices was created to enhance the qualities of a delicious dessert, there are many more reasons than the taste for enjoying these spices. Amazingly, each of these individual herbs still have some beneficial properties for the body. Each of these spices have some benefits that they can provide for the body. So, let’s look at some of the various benefits that these herbs can provide for our bodies.

Apple Pie Spice Uses: Medicinal Benefits

First, cinnamon has many benefits for the body. There are those that have found that cinnamon can be useful for decreasing blood sugar. Also, it has been found that cinnamon can help to reduce blood clots and reduce bad cholesterol levels. Additionally, this spice has been known to boost brain function and calms the mind. Further, some find that the cinnamaldehyde in this spice can reduce the risk of cancer

Second, lemon peel has been thought to provide health benefits. The herb has shown to relax your blood vessels and reduce blood pressure. Also, this herb has been known to promote healthy eyes and strong bones.

Third, ginger has some beneficial properties, too. The anti-inflammatory properties are thought to help with arthritis, muscle pain, and other inflammatory issues. Plus, this herb has been known to help lower blood pressure and reduce symptoms of indigestion.

Fourth, cloves have beneficial properties that can be useful for the body. This spice has been found to be useful for boosting the immune system and reducing blood sugar. Additionally, the antioxidants in this spice have been shown to protect organs, especially the liver, from free radicals that can cause damage. Also, some have found that cloves are beneficial for oral health, as it reduces pain for teeth and gums. Plus, it is believed that this spice would reduce the occurrence of mouth ulcers, like cold sores.

Lastly, nutmeg can be used to provide benefits to your body. One benefit that this spice has been found to help detoxify your liver and kidneys. Also, some people have found that this spice can be used to reduce congestion caused by a cold. Additionally, many have found that this spice can be useful for reducing pain due to sore muscles, joint pain, and other issues due to inflammation.

Apple Pie Spice Uses: Bath and Body ProductsApple Pie Spice Uses: Bath and Body Products

Not only are these herbs great for promoting health inside the body, but this herbal blend has plenty of benefits for the outside, too. In fact, these herbal spices are wonderful for the skin and hair. You can perfectly include cosmetic ingredients wholesale, like this herbal spice, in your soap and lotion making supplies to create some fantastic bath and body recipes. So, let’s talk about some of the benefits that these powdered herbs can provide for your body.

Apple Pie Spice Uses: Bath and Body Product Benefits

One great way to use this spice blend is to create an acne fighting recipe. Some have found that cinnamon and clove can both be used to help reduce acne and acne scars. Also, nutmeg has been known to reduce blackheads and reduce signs of acne scars. Plus, the lemon peel is known to have astringent and antimicrobial properties that are great for battling acne. Also, nutmeg has been found to be amazing for those suffering from hormonal or cystic acne due to its astringent properties. So, this spice may be useful for anti-acne formulations.

Further, this spice can be useful for moisturizing and exfoliating your skin. Also, nutmeg has been shown to help reduce signs of aging, as it reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. So, this may be a great addition for wholesale face masks add to your homemade soap and lotion supplies.

Also, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon all have been known to have anti-inflammatory properties that are useful for reducing muscle pain, arthritis, eczema, and much more. So, this would be a great cosmetic ingredient for creating wholesale bath and body products. Plus, clove has been known to be used to reduce various skin issues, like scabies, rashes, bug bites/stings, and fungal infections. So, you can soak in these wonderful properties to reduce pain and other inflammatory issues.

Plus, adding cinnamon to hair care products can help cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish the scalp. Also, ginger has been shown to promote healthy hair growth, as it stimulates circulation to your scalp and promotes healthy growth. Further, ginger can be used moisturize the hair and help control dead ends.

Apple Pie Spice Uses: Natures Garden Bath and Body RecipesApple Pie Spice Uses: Natures Garden Bath and Body Recipes

The Vanilla Cinnamon Sugar Scrub Recipe was created by Natures Garden to care for the body. The various butters and oils will nourish the skin as the sugar exfoliates dead skin. Plus, the spices and herbs in Apple Pie Spice pamper and provide even more benefits for the skin. Further, the scent of this delicious spice blends perfectly with the aroma of our Vanilla Silk Fragrance Oil and our Cinnabun Type Fragrance Oil.

Apple Pie Spice Uses: Food and BeveragesApple Pie Spice Uses: Food and Beverages

Obviously, the recipe for Apple Pie Spice was created with the intention to make the perfect apple pie. However, there are even more wonderful ways to bake with this spice. When the leaves start to turn colors and the autumn arrives, this is a perfect spice to break out.  You can use it to create all kinds of foods with more warmth and depth. This spice is perfect for all kinds of recipes from apple spice muffins to Lifting Revolution’s Better Than Grandma’s Apple Pie Shake. There are just so many ways to use this spice to enhance your favorite recipes!

Apple Pie Spice Uses: OtherApple Pie Spice Uses: Other

Not only are there benefits for the body, but there are many uses around the house for this wonderful blend. First, you can use this herbal blend to repel various insects. Not only do people find that cinnamon repels moths, but roaches, fleas, and ants are all thought to be repelled by lemon peels. Additionally, this spice blend can be used as a natural cleaner. The cloves in this herb have been found to combat mold due to its antiseptic properties.


Apple Pie Spice Uses: Making Apple Pie Spice for Baking

Although our blend of spices and herbs is only meant for bath and body recipes, you can mix up your own version of this spice for the kitchen. While this recipe isn’t exactly like ours and doesn’t have as many benefits for your skin, it is close enough to make your recipes taste delicious! So, you can blend these spices and begin creating some fantastic recipes. If you want to create your own apple pie spice blend for your homemade apple pies, then check out Homemade Apple Pie Spice Blend Recipe by Delicious Obsessions.

Apple Pie Spice Uses: Ask Us Any QuestionsApple Pie Spice Uses: Ask Us Any Questions

We hope that you have enjoyed this herbal blog on our Apple Pie Spice. If you have any questions about this herb or any other herbs and spices, then feel free to reach out to us. You can ask us your questions in the store, on the phone, or online. If you want to reach out to us online, then check out one of our social media pages. You can find us on the Natures Garden Facebook page. Also, you can use our handle @ngscents to find us on both Instagram and Twitter. Have fun making your homemade products and we hope to hear from you soon!

Apple Pie Spice Uses: A Note About Our Herbs

Note: We at Natures Garden sell our Apple Pie Spice Blend for external use only. We do not sell any of our herbs as food items. The information that we provide on our herbs is for educational purposes only. We do not intend for this information to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the information we have provided. Make sure that you keep all herbs out of reach of children and pets. Also, pregnant and/or lactating women should take special care when handling any of our herbs. Natures Garden accepts no responsibility (written or implied) for any products that you make with our herbs. Further, all testing is the responsibility of the customer.


Spearmint Leaf Benefits

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Spearmint Leaf BenefitsSpearmint Leaf Benefits

There are many beneficial properties in spearmint leaves that you can use for your whole body. There is spearmint that you can use to create food and herbal teas. Also, there are herbs like ours that you can use to nourish your body from the outside in. Further, there are tons of beneficial properties that can be utilized. Whether you are looking for a natural remedy for a cold or just love the aroma of spearmint, you are sure to enjoy this cosmetic herb. The Natures Garden Spearmint Leaf Cut and Sifted herb is perfect for creating herbal spearmint soap and so many more wholesale bath and body products. So, try out some of these spearmint leaf benefits in your own natural bath and body recipes.

Spearmint Leaf Benefits: Growing ConditionsSpearmint Leaf Benefits: Growing Conditions

While spearmint can be grown either in a garden outside or in a planter inside, you will likely what to plant it in a pot This mint plant can grow quickly and possibly over take other plants in a garden. Further, this plant is considered invasive in many areas outside of the Mediterranean and could harm the local environment. The root system of a mint plant is dense and can stretch out many feet and pop up all over the place. So, proving borders for you plant is a safe way to prevent your delicious mint from becoming a pesky weed. Many gardeners will use a hanging basket or separate containers for their mint.

Since spearmint is popular for cooking, it is a perfect plant to add to the herb garden anyways. The plant will prosper in partial shade and a pH of 6.5 or 7. Also, the spearmint plant requires moist soil that drains well. Once your plant has sprouted, you can water the plant one or two times a week, just be careful not to water too often. It is believed that infrequent, thorough waters are better than a shallow watering that occurs more often. Also, you can fertilize the soil but be care to avoid getting the fertilizer on the leaves. You could dilute the fertilizer to help reduce or eliminate the possibility of burning your spearmint leaves.

Spearmint Leaf Benefits: Industry Uses

Spearmint is great herb with a bright, minty aroma and some wonderful properties for the body. Both the aroma and natural properties of this mint provide benefits for the body. You can use spearmint in natural home remedies for feeling sick. Also, you can use this wholesale mint herb to create bath and body products that care for your skin and hair as well as help to relieve congestion. Plus, spearmint is perfect for adding flavor to delicious foods, like ice cream or candy. So, there are many ways to use the beneficial properties of this herb.

Spearmint Leaf Benefits: Bath and BodySpearmint Leaf Benefits: Bath and Body

Also, this wonderful cosmetic herb has many wonderful properties for your body. These properties are perfect for providing you skin and hair with wonderful benefits. Plus, the aromatic scent of spearmint is useful for your respiratory system. So, this is an especially great herb for anyone that is sick or has allergies. However, healthy people will enjoy the properties of this herb just as much! So, check out all the properties that the spearmint leaves has for your body.

Due to this herb’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti fungal properties it is great for creating effective bars of soap. Further, the antibacterial properties are beneficial for treating and naturally disinfecting minor cuts and scrapes. Also, many have found that spearmint was useful for some skin conditions. Another bonus is that the spearmint herb has a cooling and refreshing feeling for the skin. Some people have found that spearmint was effective for treating their acne. So, this is a perfect ingredient for making spearmint soap or even lotion recipes. Also, you can include this cosmetic herb to create cleansing hair care products. This herb would be perfect for a natural lice remedy recipe. Plus, the soothing properties are useful for reducing the irritation of an itchy, dry scalp.

Spearmint Leaf Benefits: How to Add Herbs to Recipes

If you are interested in adding this cosmetic herb to your homemade bath and body products, there are a few ways you can do it. First, you can add the whole herbs to the recipe. This can be especially useful for creating a light exfoliation in your final product. However, this isn’t the only way to include this natural herb. Anyone that wants a smooth product can use a teabag to hold the herb and soak them in the ingredients. If your recipe uses water, then you can create a tea. Similarly, you can soak the herbal tea bag in your melting oils for recipes that don’t use any water. This will allow the beneficial properties to escape form the herb to incorporate into your natural recipe.

Spearmint Leaf Benefits: Natures Garden RecipesSpearmint Leaf Benefits: Natures Garden Recipes

We included this wonderful herb in our own bath bomb supplies wholesale to create the Sinus Relief Bath Bomb Recipe. This recipe uses both peppermint leaf and spearmint leaf to enhance the scent of our Sinus Relief Fragrance Oil. This fragrance oil has a cool, crisp blend of camphor, eucalyptus, and mint that makes it perfect for clearing your sinuses. In fact, it smells just like Vick’s Vapor Rub! So, the mint herbs blended perfectly to add a stronger mint note to the fantastic aroma. 

Spearmint Leaf Benefits: Medicinal UsesSpearmint Leaf Benefits: Medicinal Uses

Not only is spearmint enjoyed for its flavor, but it has some medicinal properties that many people enjoy. Often, people will create a tea with spearmint to benefit from these properties. This will allow the body take in a larger amount without too much extra other stuff. But, you can also add spearmint to a sweet tea or even food. So, there are plenty of options for you to get these beneficial properties into your system. Check out all the potential benefits for you body before you look into the different types of food that you can create!

First, many people use spearmint on its own or in teas to settle their stomachs. This mint herb is useful for soothing your stomach during digestion and dealing with indigestion. Further, some studies have shown that spearmint can be used to reduce nausea due to illness, morning sickness, or even motion sickness. Not only will spearmint help to calm your sick stomach, but it has been known to be beneficial for treating respiratory problems, like colds. Plus, there is evidence that the aroma of spearmint is useful for allergies and asthma.

Spearmint Leaf Benefits: Spearmint Tea Hormones

Additionally, spearmint has been found to help regulate the hormones that may throw our periods out of wack. So, any ladies out there that are frustrated with irregular periods may want to give spearmint a try. Not only do some people find that this herb is able to help stabilize irregular periods, but some women have been able to solve their issue of early menopause. Further, many women have found spearmint tea useful for relieving symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. The spearmint has been known to help balance the excess androgens produced by the body by suppressing testosterone a bit. So, this may be useful for keeping the hormone imbalances in check and remedying the symptoms.

Spearmint Leaf Benefits: Food and BeverageSpearmint Leaf Benefits: Food and Beverage

Spearmint is one of the most beloved types of mint, as it has cool and crisp notes  a  peppermint with a sweeter, smoother taste. Since spearmint is about as popular as peppermint, it has been incorporated into quite a lot of different types of food. First, spearmint has been used to flavor different candies and desserts, which is perfect for achieving a great, mint taste that is sweet and delicious. If you are looking for a yummy dessert recipe to try using fresh spearmint at home, then check out Martha Stewart’s Fresh Spearmint Ice Cream recipe! This ice cream recipe uses natural ingredients to create a scrumptious dessert without ever leaving the comfort of home.

Also, spearmint is used to create teas or naturally flavor drinks like sweet tea. Although many people prepare spearmint this way to enjoy its medicinal properties, as it is simple to make, it is actually tasty, too. Plus, spearmint is even occasionally used as a garnish or a flavoring in certain recipes. So, there are tons of ways that spearmint has been integrated into our foods. Further, spearmint is used in gum, mouth wash. and tooth paste. The spearmint is added  both the cool, refreshing flavor and the benefits it can provide for your mouth. Spearmint has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that are useful for killing bad bacteria in your mouth. So, spearmint will keep bad breath away as well as help to promote healthy teeth and gums.

Spearmint Leaf Benefits: OtherSpearmint Leaf Benefits: Other

Also, you can use spearmint to create a homemade mosquito repellent recipe, as it has been known to repel various insects. So, you can create a natural lotion recipe that is both loving for the skin and repels pesky bugs. Also, it thought that the herb may repel other pests, like moths, flies, and ants. Although you may not need to repel these bugs from swarming you, the spearmint can be useful for creating natural bug repellent for your home.

Additionally, some people believe that the aroma of spearmint has relaxing properties that are useful for dealing with some negative emotions. You can use the oil to relieve stress. It is said that spearmint helps to relax you by reducing headaches and by helping to promote overall brain health. Also, some have found that this was able to help with anxiety and depression. Plus, using spearmint as aroma therapy is thought to improve alertness too. This is useful for periods of heavy work, or feeling tired, and lose of motivation. So, you can use this herb to combat the stresses of being overworked.

Spearmint Leaf Benefits: History of Spearmint

Spearmint originally began growing in Mediterranean. It was initially used to scent bath water, clear the voice, cure hiccups, and more. Plus, it was used as an aphrodisiac in Greece. Later, it spread to other areas in Europe, including Great Britain. Then, spearmint was brought to American by the pilgrims for aromatic and herbal purposes. Although this plant is useful for us and has many benefits, spearmint is considered an invasive species in many places outside of the Mediterranean.

Spearmint Leaf Benefits: Ask Us Your QuestionsSpearmint Leaf Benefits: Ask Us Your Questions

We hope that you enjoyed this cosmetic blog on spearmint and learned something about its uses and benefits. You can use this herb in your natural bath and body products and enjoy the wonderful benefits. Plus, you can mix it with other Herbs and Spices from our website. If you have any questions about using this herb, then please reach out to us. We are available on the Natures Garden Facebook page and you can find us on Twitter or Instagram using @ngscents. Also, feel free to share your opinions on this herbs and your favorite recipe to include spearmint in. Good luck with your wonderful recipes and we hope to hear from you soon.

Spearmint Leaf Benefits: Reminder About Our Herbs

Note: Natures Garden sells herbs, like our Spearmint Leaf Cut & Sifted, for external use only. Although some people use spearmint leaves in food, we do not sell our herbs as food items. So, the information that we provide about our herbs is only for educational purposes. We do not intend for you to use this information to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated any of this information. Make sure that you keep all herbs out of reach of children and pets. Also, pregnant and/or lactating women should take special care and attention when handling any of our herbs. Natures Garden accepts no responsibility (written or implied) for any products you make with our herbs. Also, all product testing is the responsibility of the customer.


Is There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil?

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Is There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil?

A few of our customers have had the following question on their mind; Is There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil? So, we decided to explain each one to be able to compare them better. Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils have a variety of different scents that are able to set the perfect mood regardless of whether you need some relaxing aromatherapy or a jazzy pick me up scent.

While both are great for adding scents to you body products or homemade candles, they have a few key differences. This forces us to categorize them differently. Personally, I use and love both types of scented oils. I find that each is perfect for certain recipes. Essential Oils have a more pure, true scent that I love for facial products, while fragrance oils are more fun and unique, which is irresistible in lotions and soaps. So, let’s talk about what makes them each perfectly unique!

Is There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil?: Fragrance OilsIs There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil?: Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are a blend of many scents that work together to create a fantastic aroma. A purfumist will create three distinct parts for a single fragrance oil. These scented oils have top notes, middle notes, and base notes. So, they will have each of these layers crafted to perfectly complement one another to make an unforgettable scent.

First, the top notes are the most volatile notes. So, these are the first notes to evaporate and reach your nose, which will provide you with the initial burst of scent. The top notes can be things like citrus oils and light, aromatic ingredients. Next, we have the middle notes of the fragrance oil and the heart of your aroma. These notes are noticeable throughout most of the fragrance oil’s life time and creates what is called the “fragrance signature”. It is typical to have notes like floral, spice or fruit tones in this layer. Lastly, we have the base notes that are the longest lasting scents of the scented oil. These notes provide rich, deep scents that last long after the top notes and middle notes have evaporated. This layer may contain notes like are musk, vanilla, resins and woods. These bursting layers blend together perfectly to create a fragrance oil that smells fantastic from beginning to end!

Is There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil?: Are Fragrance Oils Bad For You?Is There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil?: Are Fragrance Oils Bad For You?

Fragrance Oils aren’t bad for you. In fact, there are fragrance oils that contain essential oils in them. For example, our Rosemary Fragrance Oil contains high levels of the rosemary essential oil. The only difference between the two is that the fragrance oil contains notes of camphoraceous eucalyptus and coriander along with the essential oil to round our the cool, crisp herbal aroma. These wonderfully herbal notes were created synthetically to enrich the overall scent of our fragrance oil and without these notes the fragrance oil wouldn’t be as delightfully complex.

Is There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil?: Using Fragrance Oils for Bath and BodyIs There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil?: Using Fragrance Oils for Bath and Body

One great way to use a complex fragrance oil is creating bath and body products that will nourish the body and leave you smelling fantastic. We used the Chocolate Raspberry Chocolate Drizzle Fragrance Oil to create our Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle Rolled Soap Recipe and it was absolutely delicious. So, you just determine how much fragrance oil can be used in your recipe and get to crafting. You can easily figure out which fragrance oils can be used on the body and their usage rate by checking the Fragrance Oil IFRA Certificate. Also, you can find our personal suggestion for usage rates in the written portion on the same page. When we determine our recommend usage rate, we take into consideration the integrity of the product. So, what do I mean by that?  Some fragrance oils have very high usage rates.  So, let’s say you are looking at a fragrance oil and the IFRA Certificate said you could go as high as 50% fragrance oil when using that particular scented oil.  If we were to say we recommend 50% in your soap, you will end up with come very mushy soap.  So, when we make these recommendations, we test to determine how much you can use and still have a beautifully well made finished product. However, you can make this judgement for yourself and test them in your own products.

Typically, you can’t use fragrance oils that have a high concentration of spice notes in large amounts. In fact, some are not safe for bath and body products. But, this is also the case with spice essential oils, like Star Anise, as well. It just means that these types of scents are more likely to irritate the skin, so it is recommended to be cautious with these scents.

Is There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil?: Using Fragrance Oils in Scented CandlesIs There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil?: Using Fragrance Oils in Scented Candles

Candle making is the perfect way to use any fragrance oil. You can use all of the Natures Garden fragrance oils to create homemade candles. While you can use all of our fragrance oils in diy candles, there are some that we would highly recommend using. Our Top Candle Scents  are some of the strongest fragrance oils for candles and are sure to pick up the mood in a room. One of these strong room scenting fragrances was used to create our Spring Smelly Jelly Recipe. In this recipe the scent of a freshly blooming lilac bush from the Lilac Fragrance Oil was a strong, pure aroma that was irresistible.

Is There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil?: Fragrance Oils Can Be CheaperIs There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil?: Fragrance Oils Can Be Cheaper

In addition to being a more complex alternative to essential oils, fragrance oils are often cheaper than essential oils. Sometimes an essential oil is just way too expensive for daily use, so we are able to turn to a fragrance oil for an alternative. First, you can take an essential oil and combine it with other notes. This way you will still enjoy the scent of the essential oil, but you will need slightly less of the essential oil.

Another option for perfumes is creating a scent that smells just like the essential oil. This is perfect for the essential oils that would be extremely expensive. One example of this is Moonlight Tuberose Fragrance Oil. While the Tuberose Essential Oil is extremely expensive, it is possible to create a fragrance oil that contains the scent of Tuberose for much cheaper. So, you are able enjoy the aroma in this complex scent in your homemade recipes all the time!

Is There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil?: Essential OilsIs There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil?: Essential Oils

Essential oils are created by extracting the essence of natural elements. These elements can be flowers, spices, woods, or even herbs. So, a single essential oil will have the pure scent of the natural element it came from. So, you won’t have too much complexity in the aroma of your essential oils. For example, in Cinnamon Leaf Ceylon Essential Oil you only have the scent of Cinnamon and in Apple Jack Peel the cinnamon is used as a middle note among many other scents. This means you can have the herbal scent of Lavender Essential Oil or the citrus scent of Tangerine California Essential Oil, but you won’t have any of the top notes or base notes to support your scent. While you can mix a few of these essential oils together to create an essential oil blend, these blends are not as complex as many fragrance oils. This means that essential oils are perfect for creating homemade products with a simple, elegant aroma.

Is There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil?: Are Essential Oils Natural?Is There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil?: Are Essential Oils Natural?

Since essential oils are taken from natural elements and not created synthetically, they are natural. Most often, essential oils are extracted by a process called steam distillation. This involves putting the flower, plant, or herb into a still containing pressurized steam. Eventually, the cell walls burst and release the essence of this natural element. After, this essence is shocked with cool water. This mixture of essential oil and water will separate over time, which allows manufacturers to harvest the essential oil. Many believe that this method is the best to produce high quality essential oil. If you would like to learn about any of the other methods for extracting essential oils, then check out our Essential Oil Class!

Is There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil?: Can You Use Essential Oils to Make Soap?Is There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil?: Can You Use Essential Oils to Make Soap?

You absolutely can use essential oils for soap making! In fact, you can use most essential oils on the skin. So, we can include these essential oils in recipes for soap, lotion, and any other kind of bath and body product you want to create, too. We have used both the Lavandin Grosso Pure Essential Oil and the Patchouli Essential Oil to create the herbal Patchouli Infused Hair Conditioner Recipe.

You just need to make sure that you check the  IFRA Certificate for your essential oil to see what the usage rate is for your recipe. The PDF for the certificate is a blue color. The PDF certificate like is on the right side of the page of the essential oil that you are looking at. Just like fragrance oils, you can only use essential oils  in certain percentage rates. For example, you can only use Star Anise Essential Oil at a 0.1% rate for all bath and body recipes. Also, you can use the Bergamot Italian Rectified Essential Oil at a 5% rate for body products like soap and lotion, but only a 2% rate for nails or hair care products.

Is There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil? : Can You Add Essential Oils to a Candle?Is There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil? : Can You Add Essential Oils to a Candle?

You can use Essential Oils to create some fantastic natural candles! While these candles won’t have the complex top notes or lingering base notes, essential oils are perfect for those that enjoy pure scents. We recommend using soy wax though.  Essential oils will not blend with paraffin waxes. If you have a favorite natural essential oil, then you will absolutely love a soy candle made with it. You just have to be cautious of a few things. First, you need to add your scent at a temperature below its flash point. Otherwise, the scent may evaporate immediately. You can find the flash point on the IFRA Certificate for each essential oil, which is on the page for each essential oil.  You will need to test to determine the proper amount of essential oil to use.  Each essential oil will be different.

Is There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil?: How Much Do Essential Oils Cost?

While essential oils are made from natural elements, we are a bit limited in what can be used to become an essential oil. This is because some plants contain such small amounts of essence that it can take up to a hundred pounds to create a single ounce of one an essential oil. This can lead to some essential oils being extremely expensive, like the pure Tuberose essential oil. While some can cost quite a bit, not every essential oil is super expensive. You can find about twenty seven different essential oils on the Natures Garden website at reasonable priced.

Is There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil?: Luxurious Essential Oils

While Natures Garden doesn’t carry any extravagant essential oils, there are some oils out there that get pretty high in price. It was really interesting to see the essential oils on the list and how expensive they can be. If you are curious in learning  about more of these expensive essential oils, then check out the Top 10 Most Expensive Essential Oils in the World by Most Luxurious List.

Is There a Difference Between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil?: Talk to Us

We hope that you have enjoyed this scent blog and have learned something about the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils. We know that it can be confusing when you are just learning as they are both do similar things, but the differences are fairly simple once you learn them. If you have anymore questions or just want to share you experiences, then reach out to us on social media. The Natures Garden Facebook page is one place that is great for communicating with us and the other craft makers. Also, you can find us on Twitter and on Instagram with @ngscents. Have fun with your favorite scented oils and we hope to talk all about them with you soon!


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