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Sandalwood Scented Candle Project

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Sandalwood Scented Candle ProjectSandalwood Scented Candle Project

Finding new recipes to incorporate into your home to create new family traditions, or into your business to invite more customers can be very exciting, especially around this time of year. The season of giving is just around the corner and we know that plenty of people are searching for inventive gift ideas for their family members. Our Sandalwood Scented Candle Project will give you just that! Sure, a book, a coffee mug, or a blanket are cute gifts to give, but why not try out something new and more personalized?! Homemade candles could be just what you are looking for! Being able to create a candle from scratch to give someone as a present around the holidays is special and unique. Plus, who doesn’t love a candle?

In this blog we are going to to be sharing with you the Natures Garden homemade Sandalwood candle recipe! This is one of our chunky candle recipes, which we only have a few of. Chunky candles are a new, exciting and creative way to start making candles. This fun idea is one that we originally came up with in order to ease the process of candle making by eliminating the step of re-pouring when making votive candles. This step can eat up a lot of extra time in the work station, which is not ideal. To see how these chunky votive candles are made, check out the Natures Garden class that explains how to make chunky candles. Without further ado, let’s get started on this Sandalwood scented candle project!

Ingredients Found at Natures Garden

Other Supplies That You Will Need:

16 oz. Glass Apothecary Jar
Mixing Spoons
Hot Glue Gun and Stick
Pot (For Double Boiler)

Pillar of Bliss Wax

Natures Garden Pillar of Bliss Wax is made up of more than 50% soy wax that is blended with paraffin wax. This wax is great to use for poured votive candles, pillar candles, candle wax tarts, and embeds! Our Pillar of Bliss wax comes in a granulated form and also has great fragrance retention. It is a harder wax than our Joy Wax, which makes it an easier wax to work with when making molds. Natures Garden has plenty of fun options when it comes to making candles in molds, such as coffee cups, foods, hearts, animals, and sports! Pillar of Bliss is a great wax to use for these.

Weigh Out the Pillar of Bliss Candle WaxWeigh Out the Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax

For the first step in this project, you will need to use a scale to weigh out 120 grams of the Natures Garden Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax.  After the wax has been weighed out, use a double boiler to melt the wax. Allow it to melt until it reaches a temperature of 195°F, which you can continue checking with the thermometer. 

Color Blocks Dye

After the Pillar of Bliss Wax has melted, we are going to incorporate the chocolate color blocks dye. Natures Garden now carries many new colors in the color blocks! They each weigh between 0.5-1 ounce and are very easy to use in any of our candle waxes. A little goes a long way with these, and depending on the color you are trying to achieve, it can be adjusted by adding more or less of the dye. On our website some of the options you can choose from are red, orange, pink, yellow, white, black, caramel, and chocolate, which we will be using in this recipe.

Add the Chocolate Candle ColorantAdd the Chocolate Candle Colorant

For this Sandalwood recipe, measure out about three grams of the chocolate color block, and make sure to use a scale to ensure accuracy. Add small amounts of the chocolate color in order to reach the desired shade. Add this to the melted Pillar of Bliss Wax. Be sure not to add too much of the chocolate color block to the wax, as it can end up clogging the wick and affecting the way that your candle will burn.

Combine the wax with the colorant by stirring both of them together. To ensure that you are achieving the correct color, there are some ways that you can test it. One way of doing this is by placing a small amount of the wax on a white paper plate using a spoon. You will be able to see the true color of the wax once it has had time to set up. Add more of the color block to your Pillar of Bliss Wax in small amounts if it is needed.

Sandalwood Fragrance OilSandalwood Fragrance Oil

We have over eight hundred fragrance oils to choose from at Natures Garden. All of our fragrances are 100% concentrated, and this one is no different. Our signature Sandalwood fragrance has a very woody scent, which contains hints of both cedar wood and sandalwood.  The scents of jasmine and rose also come out in this fragrance oil, which adds to the distinct softness of sandalwood. The aroma that it gives off is both strong and wonderful. We use this Sandalwood Fragrance Oil in our homemade Sandalwood Bath Bomb and Sandalwood Soap recipes as well.

Adding the Sandalwood Fragrance Oil

Once your candle wax has reached the correct chocolate color, you will need to weigh out 12 grams of the Natures Garden Sandalwood fragrance oil on a scale and add it to the wax. After this has been added, stir the wax once again to fully blend all of the ingredients together before putting the wax into molds.

Molding Your Candle WaxMolding Your Candle Wax

The next step in this recipe is to pull out the 4-loaf silicone mold. Use each of the cavities in the 4-loaf silicone mold to pour some of the melted wax into. Allow enough time for the poured in wax to setup and harden.

Cutting Your Candle ChunksCutting Your Candle Chunks

Once the wax has had time to set, you can then pop each of the loafs out and remove them from the mold.  Then, using a knife, you are going to want to cut the wax into square pieces.  When you are finished, your wax should look like little chocolates. You are going to set these pieces aside for the time being.

What Is Joy Wax?

We are going to begin using the Joy Wax for this next step. This product is only available and sold at Natures Garden! A blend of soy wax, different vegetable waxes, food grade paraffin, and other proprietary ingredients makes up our Joy Wax. This is an excellent product to use for candle making because of the way it holds to containers. It is different than the Pillar of Bliss Wax, as it holds very nicely to the sides of jars and has a glossy finish to it. Our Joy Wax gives off amazing cold and hot scent throw with NO curing time necessary! Joy Wax allows you to create candles with rich colors without having to include any additives.

Melting the Joy Wax for Your Sandalwood CandleMelting the Joy Wax for Your Sandalwood Candle

Now that we have learned more about this product, similarly to what you did with the Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax, you are going to weigh out 300 grams of the Joy Wax. After it is measured out, you are going to melt it using the double boiler once again. Continue melting until it reaches a temperature of approximately 200°F, using the thermometer.

Coloring the Joy WaxColoring the Joy Wax

Now that the Joy Wax is melted, the next step is to add a very small amount of the pink color block. We want the color to be a very light pink, so it is important not to add too much color.  Each one of Natures Garden color blocks can create several different shades for products. This includes the pink color block, which can provide candles with a nice variety of pink shades. Once again, you will probably need less than a gram of this color block because we want it to come out a fairly light shade of pink. Stir to completely blend the colorant with the candle wax.

Adding the Sandalwood Fragrance OilAdding the Sandalwood Fragrance Oil

After the pink color block is thoroughly mixed with the Joy Wax, you will need to measure out and add 30 grams of the Sandalwood Fragrance Oil.  In order to completely incorporate the Sandalwood fragrance oil, stir the mixture together.

Adding the Candle WicksAdding the Candle Wicks

Now that everything has been mixed together evenly, the time has come to add your wicks to the jar!  The CD candle wicks at Natures Garden are precut, prewaxed, and pretabbed. They come in various sizes, including CD 5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, and 22. Here is a helpful chart on what size wicks you will need depending on the size of your candle jar or container. In order to get the candle wicks to stick in your jar, you can use a hot glue gun with a hot glue stick to get them to adhere to the candle wax.  Evenly place the candle wicks in the jar and make sure they are centered. We used two CD-12 wicks in our 16 ounce apothecary jar.

Setting Up Your Finished Sandalwood CandleSetting Up Your Finished Sandalwood Candle

Pour the melted wax into the 16 oz. glass apothecary candle jar that you have. Now it is time to retrieve your chocolate colored cubes that were set aside earlier and gently drop them into the jar.  It is important that you make sure to keep the wicks remain straight and centered as you are doing this.


Curing the CandleCuring the Candle

Before trimming the wicks that you set up, allow enough time for your candle to fully harden. Also allow enough time for the candle to cure if you choose to do so.


Using Your Sandalwood CandleUsing Your Sandalwood Candle

Once your homemade Sandalwood Candle has had enough time to cure, it will be all ready to burn. Simply trim your wicks prior to lighting it. We hope that you enjoyed making this homemade Sandalwood Candle Project as much as we did!

More Fun With Chunky Candles

Just when you thought you couldn’t have anymore fun, you can also make chunky pillar candles! Stay tuned for a recipe on how to make chunky pillar candles soon. In the meantime, check out these fabulous metal candle pillar molds that you can use to make more chunky candles! They come in different shapes including octagonal, circular, and square. You can use these containers to make your Chunky Votive candles, and they can last forever if they are taken care of properly. Besides Sandalwood, another one of our homemade chunky candles is the Apple Dumpling Candle. We also have a recipe for a Chunky Lip Balm which is another one that utilizes the same idea.

More About Sandalwood

You can also check out this article written by Meenakshi Nagdeve about some of the benefits that Sandalwood. She discusses sandalwood as an oil and its properties, as well as talking about its importance in certain cultures and religions. Nagdeve also mentions the health benefits of sandalwood, some of which include that it is an anti-inflammatory, it can help with skin care, and can even aid in memory.

Social Media

We would love to see your results of these creations! Feel free to reach out to us on any of our social media pages:

Facebook: Natures Garden
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For even more fragrance fun, check out all of our free candle making and soap making recipes and classes!



Berry Fragrance Oils

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Berry Fragrance OilsBerry Fragrance Oils

We at Natures Garden have some delectable Berry Fragrance Oils that you will definitely want to try! Of course, scenting your products is important. When you are choosing your candle or soap-making supplies you need to make sure that your fragrance is going to work in your recipe and smell retain its fantastic scent. Whether you are making soap, crafting candles, or making other homemade products, these are some great fragrance oils to choose from.

Berry Fragrance Oils: Acai Berry Fragrance OilBerry Fragrance Oils: Acai Berry Fragrance Oil

First, we have the delicious scent of our Acai Berry Fragrance Oil. This fruit is best known for in health for its high level of antioxidants and has a unique tropical berry taste. Luckily, our perfumist was able to recreate this exotic scent so we can include it in fragrance oils! The scent of this fragrance is top notes of acai berries, middle notes of cherry, plum, violet petals, and woodsy base notes. Together, these scents create quite a magnificent aroma!

Berry Fragrance Oils: Acai Berry Fragrance Oil RecipeBerry Fragrance Oils: Acai Berry Fragrance Oil Recipe

Since this fruit is beloved in the health world, we decided to make a sugar scrub inspired by a smoothie! The Acai Berry Smoothie Sugar Scrub Recipe uses herbs to make it seem like these berries were freshly blended into a scrumptious smoothie full of delectable fruits. You are sure to love the scent and the scrub!

Berry Fragrance Oils: Black Cherry Fragrance OilBerry Fragrance Oils: Black Cherry Fragrance Oil

If you like cherries, then you are going to love this next scented oil. We have a scent that smells just like its name implies, as the Black Cherry Fragrance Oil has an extremely strong aroma of ripened sweet black cherries. Not only is this scent oil fantastic to smell, but it is perfect for soapmaking and is a wonderful candle making fragrance oil. Further, this fragrance oil can be used in many other cosmetic recipes.

Hair Conditioner Recipe For Dark HairBerry Fragrance Oils: Black Cherry Fragrance Oil Recipe

One great way to use this scent is the Hair Conditioner Recipe For Dark Hair. This homemade hair care recipe is a simple way to create diy conditioner without needing to buy hair conditioner base.

Berry Fragrance Oils: Black Raspberry & Vanilla Fragrance OilBerry Fragrance Oils: Black Raspberry & Vanilla Fragrance Oil

Also, you can try out the scrumptious aroma of our Black Raspberry & Vanilla Fragrance Oil. This oil scent is an enticing blend of blackberries and raspberries on top and middle notes of white floral greenery. Then the scent culminates with bottom notes of musk and vanilla. This fragrance oil has such a fantastic aroma that you will want to include it in with your soap making supplies permanently!

black raspberry vanilla body butter recipeBerry Fragrance Oils: Black Raspberry & Vanilla Fragrance Oil Recipe

Our next recipe uses luscious ingredients, like shea butter and cocoa butter, to create a fantastic lotion. Not only does the Black Raspberry Vanilla Body Butter Recipe include amazing skin care ingredients, but it uses the scrumptious scent of this fragrance oil.

Berry Fragrance Oils: Blackberry Bling Bling Fragrance OilBerry Fragrance Oils: Blackberry Bling Bling Fragrance Oil

Also, you can use the delicious scent of our Blackberry Bling Bling Fragrance Oil in your homemade soaps and candles. The aroma of this fragrance is of juicy blackberries and bright citrus and juicy fruits that is perfectly blended with fresh herbs and greenery to create this spicy and sparkling combination. This NG original scent is definitely not one you would want to miss out on!

Berry Fragrance Oils: Blackberry Bling Bling Fragrance OilBerry Fragrance Oils: Blackberry Bling Bling Fragrance Oil Recipe

You can use this scented oil to create a super cute fizzy bath bomb recipe. Our Blackberry Bling Bling Bubble Bar Recipe uses one of the best blackberry cosmetic fragrance oils along with skin-loving oils to create a great bath and body product. Plus, this recipe includes mica and uses an ice cream scoop to make these bath fizzies look as cute as possible!

Berry Fragrance Oils: Blueberry Cheesecake Fragrance OilBerry Fragrance Oils: Blueberry Cheesecake Fragrance Oil

Another great fragrance oil is the Blueberry Cheesecake Fragrance Oil. This scent has an aroma of sweet, yummy decadence! This fragrance starts with Tahitian vanilla, rich creamy butter and ripe blueberries that sits atop a crumbly graham cracker crust. Careful, this is one of the dessert fragrance oils that is sure to make you hungry for the real thing!

Berry Fragrance Oils: Blueberry Cheesecake Fragrance Oil Recipe Berry Fragrance Oils: Blueberry Cheesecake Fragrance Oil Recipe

This yummy fragrance was used in the Blueberry Cheesecake Cold Process Soap Recipe. If you want to learn how to make a soap with an in the pot swirl. Then, this may be a good recipe to try. We used two colors and swirled them together in a bowl before pouring them into a silicone soap mold. You can find the step by step instructions on the website page for this recipe!

Berry Fragrance Oils: Strawberry Kiwi Fragrance OilBerry Fragrance Oils: Strawberry Kiwi Fragrance Oil

Plus, you have another terrific fragrance that you can use include with your candle-making or soap-making supplies is the Strawberry Kiwi Fragrance Oil. This scent has a wonderfully balanced blend of fresh strawberries that is rounded out with just the right amount of tart kiwi. Perfect scent for on its own or used to mix with other delicious fragrance oil!

Berry Fragrance Oils: Blueberry Fragrance OilBerry Fragrance Oils: Blueberry Fragrance Oil

Another great berry scent is our Blueberry Fragrance Oil. While this fragrance has a simple, fresh blueberry scent, it is still a wonderful berry aroma. This single note of freshly ripened blueberries is great for mixing your own fragrance blends. Also, this is perfect for customers who desire a straight blueberry scent. So, there is an option to keep it simple or get creative to create a unique fragrance blend. 

Berry Fragrance Oils: Blueberry Fragrance Oil RecipeBerry Fragrance Oils: Blueberry Fragrance Oil Recipe

We used this delicious blueberry fragrance in our Blueberry Bath Bomb Recipe. Not only did we use a fantastic fragrance oil, but we had other great bath bomb supplies, like skin loving oils and herbs. Also, you could make this recipe even easier by making your entire bath bomb a blue color, like a giant blueberry!

Berry Fragrance Oils: Bumbleberry Fragrance OilBerry Fragrance Oils: Bumbleberry Fragrance Oil

Plus, you can try out the scrumptious scent of our Bumbleberry Fragrance Oil. This fragrance is an explosion of wild blackberries and strawberries, combined with just the right amount of earthy woods. Natures Garden’s bumbleberry fragrance oil begins with top notes of blackberry, apricot, and strawberry that is followed by middle notes of sweet pear, lavender, and jasmine. This is all sitting on base notes of earthy woods.

Berry Fragrance Oils: Chocolate Covered Strawberries Fragrance OilBerry Fragrance Oils: Chocolate Covered Strawberries Fragrance Oil

Also, you can use the Chocolate Covered Strawberries Fragrance Oil to create some delicious homemade products. This scent has hints of orange liquor that accent the fresh fruity tones of this luscious confection. The aroma of ripe red strawberry is surrounded by creamy milk chocolate notes to create a decadent treat. Then, the scent culminates with sweet vanilla creme and rich maple combine at the base.

Berry Fragrance Oils: Chocolate Covered Strawberries Fragrance Oil RecipeBerry Fragrance Oils: Chocolate Covered Strawberries Fragrance Oil Recipe

If you want to learn how to make soap, then you may want to start out with a melt and pour recipe. Our Swirled Melt and Pour Soap Recipe uses soap making ingredients, like a tasty fragrance, melt and pour soap base, cosmetic clays, and one of our silicone molds, to create a nicely swirled soap.

Berry Fragrance Oils: Citrus Strawberry Fragrance OilBerry Fragrance Oils: Citrus Strawberry Fragrance Oil

Further, you can use the delectable scent of our Citrus Strawberry Fragrance Oil in your homemade recipes. This fragrance is an amazingly creative strawberry citrus fragrance blend. The scented oil includes top notes of mandarin, strawberry, and lime, which is followed by middle notes of raspberry, sweet sugar caramel, and lily of the valley. Finally, this is well-rounded with a nice woodsy, musk muguet.

Berry Fragrance Oils: Fresh Raspberry Fragrance OilBerry Fragrance Oils: Fresh Raspberry Fragrance Oil

Our Fresh Raspberry Fragrance Oil is another great berry scent that you can use in candle or homemade soap recipes. The scented oil has a nice, strong, true fresh raspberry aroma. Plus, this scent did not have the oily green top notes we were trying to have our perfume maker avoid. This is an extraordinarily fresh raspberry fragrance that we are extremely excited to share with you!


Berry Fragrance Oils: Fresh Raspberry Fragrance Oil RecipeBerry Fragrance Oils: Fresh Raspberry Fragrance Oil Recipe

Next, check out one of our cold process soap recipes to learn how to make your own soap from scratch. Our Raspberry CP Soap Recipe is a fun recipe that both looks and smells delicious. Plus, it is a simple CP soap recipe that creates gorgeous swirls in your finished bars.

Berry Fragrance Oils: Mulberry Fragrance OilBerry Fragrance Oils: Mulberry Fragrance Oil

Also, you can use the Mulberry Fragrance Oil in you homemade candles and soaps. This scented oil takes a classic mulberry aroma and enhances it by adding the scents of cinnamon sticks, wild berries and bitter orange peels. Of course, this scent is one of our best selling fragrances. Such a magnificent transformation! 

Berry Fragrance Oils: Mulberry Fragrance Oil RecipeBerry Fragrance Oils: Mulberry Fragrance Oil Recipe

You can use this lovely scented oil in a simple and cute air freshener recipe. The Mulberry Love Air Freshener Recipe uses this scent, aroma beads, candle dye, and just a few other common household objects to create some cute air fresheners that work wonderfully.

Berry Fragrance Oils: Raspberry Lemonade Fragrance OilBerry Fragrance Oils: Raspberry Lemonade Fragrance Oil

Further, you can use the yummy aroma of our Raspberry Lemonade Fragrance Oil. This fragrance is a mouth-watering combination of ice-cold lemonade and sweet, juicy raspberries. But, this has a unique twist of natural lavender and white musk. Such a wonderful scent for both soap and candle making! So, you will love how we used this scented oil.

Berry Fragrance Oils: Raspberry Lemonade Fragrance Oil RecipeBerry Fragrance Oils: Raspberry Lemonade Fragrance Oil Recipe

We used this deliciously unique scent in our Pink Lemonade Scrub Recipe. This sweet and sour sugar scrub is perfect for exfoliating and moisturizing your entire body. We used some yellow and pink soap pigments to create a scrub that was perfect for our fragrance.

Berry Fragrance Oils: Strawberry Cheesecake Fragrance OilBerry Fragrance Oils: Strawberry Cheesecake Fragrance Oil

Another great oil scent combines juicy berries and sweet dessert to create an amazing fragrance. Our Strawberry Cheesecake Fragrance Oil is a perfect aroma of creamy cheesecake with nice thick strawberry sauce glazed over top. Once you know how to make dessert soaps or candles, this would be a perfect fragrance to try out in these recipes!

Berry Fragrance Oils: Blackberry Jam Fragrance OilBerry Fragrance Oils: Blackberry Jam Fragrance Oil

Lastly, we have a scrumptious jam scent that is smooth and sweet. The Blackberry Jam Fragrance Oil is a well-rounded blend of ripe and tart blackberries with base notes of vanilla and fresh greenery. Great for making soaps and candles that look like dessert, like candle pies! Plus, this tasty fragrance is one of our best selling fragrance oils!

Berry Fragrance Oils: Blackberry Jam Fragrance Oil RecipeBerry Fragrance Oils: Blackberry Jam Fragrance Oil Recipe

There is a lot that you can do with some fun soap molds! We used a cupcake base mold and our Blackberry Cupcake Soaps Recipe to create some adorable cupcake soaps. All we really needed after that was some whipped soap base for the frosting and they were perfect! So, definitely use this fragrance to create some of your very own blackberry soap.

Berry Fragrance Oils: Pick Your Own

After all these delicious berry scents, I’m in the mood for some fresh berries of my own. So, I decided to look for a way to go out and try berry picking! There is a website called Pick Your Own where you can pick your location almost anywhere in the World and it will tell you what places are around to pick! We have found so many fun options in Ohio and there’s a good chance you’ll find somewhere great, too! I just can’t wait to pick some berries and I hope that you find something good, too!

Rainbow Zebra Print Soap RecipeBerry Fragrance Oils: Reach Out to Us

After all those delicious berry scented oils and fun recipes, we sure you’re ready to go make something fun. If you run into any problems or have any questions, then please reach out to us. We are available at the store, on the phone, and on social media. If you want to reach out on social media, then you can use Facebook, Twitter (@ngscents), or Instagram (@ngscents). Good luck and have fun!


Pumpkin Sugar Scrubs

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Pumpkin Spice ScrubsWhat a fun time I had with the Pumpkin Sugar Scrubs Recipe as my first solo attempt at melt and pour homemade soap making.  We have a wide variety of pumpkin products such as molds, pumpkin fragrance oils, pumpkin powders, and even pumpkin recipes to satisfy your craving for this seasonal scent.  For now, I’m all about making melt and pour soaps and learning all I can about the different products here at Natures Garden, learning the techniques, and trying out the fabulous recipes.  I decided that making small, solid pumpkin sugar scrubs as my first official project was appropriate for this time of year.

I am brand-spanking-new to the wonderful world of soap making and part of the fun is figuring it out! I did some research on Pinterest and looked over a couple of our solid sugar scrubs recipes before coming up with this ridiculously fun recipe:

Ingredients used:                                                                                            


Tools needed:Silicone Soap Mold - 24 Mini Pumpkins

I included turmeric and carrot powder in the recipe both for their coloring properties and skin-loving benefits.  As this was my first attempt to make this recipe, I carefully prepped my work area and laid out all of the ingredients and tools I would need for this recipe.   Below is the step-by-step instructions that I followed:

Step 11. Place the silicone pumpkin soap mold off to the side.
2. Measure out your powders! I did this by placing one of my glass measuring containers on the scale, taring it to 0, then adding my powders one at a time (tare in between the powders if you’d prefer not to do any math).
3. Add 30g vegetable glycerin to your small glass bowl with your powders and stir until it is thoroughly mixed and you have created a paste free of lumps.  Place to the side.
4. Measure out your sugar and place to the side.
5. Measure out your oils.
6. Cut 175g of your melt and pour base and place in you microwavable bowl.
7. Microwave your soap in 30 second intervals, stirring in between, making sure it is melted. If you have a more powerful microwave, you can do it for shorter bursts of time.
8. Once that soap is completely melted, add your Pumpkin Walnut Biscotti Fragrance oil and your sweet almond and pumpkin seed oil; stir thoroughly.
9. Then pour your powder paste and add your 20 drops of orange oxide into the bowl all while its wet.Step 4
10. Then add the sugar and stir, stir, stir.
11. Once you’ve completely mixed your soap, oils, and sugar pour mixture into the mold and allow the little pumpkin bars (this recipe makes about 24) to set up for 4 hours. Ta-da!

Things got a little weird for me around step 11.   As I was mixing the mixture, it began to harden.  As you will see in the picture, I attempted to pack the mold versus pouring.  I decided to go ahead and re-heat it in the microwave for another 30 seconds.  When I took it out, it was a thick liquid that I stirred with the spatula (just to remix) and then began to poor into the mold.  It poured beautifully into each mold.  As excited as I was that this project seemed to turn out just right , I immediately decided it was time to put them to the true test.  I used a couple of these and they worked really well!  The bar held its shape despite the fact that anytime you add water to sugar, it breaks it down.  I hope you have as much fun as I did using this recipe.