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Candle Making Terminology

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Candle Making TerminologyCandle Making Terminology

We at Natures Garden know that there is a lot of candle making terminology and techniques that you need to know to make great homemade candles. So, we are going to answer some common candle making questions and problems to make your experience more fun. So, set aside your candle making equipment and let’s figure out how to make gorgeous scented candles!

Candle Making Terminology: Types of Candles

Candle Making Terminology: What is a Pillar Candle?Candle Making Terminology: What is a Pillar Candle?

Pillar candles are free-standing candles that don’t require a container. These often use a harder type of candle wax that is made for creating pillar candles, like Pillar of Bliss Wax or Palm Pillar Wax.

Candle Making Terminology: What is a Votive Candle?Candle Making Terminology: What is a Votive Candle?

Votive Candles are a smaller kind of candle. The average size is 1.5 ounces and they are about two inches tall and one and a half inches wide. These are often made with a Votive Mold.

Candle Making Terminology: What is a Tealight Candle?Candle Making Terminology: What is a Tealight Candle?

Tea Lights are very small candles that are about an inch and a half wide and a half inch tall. They can be made in Tea Light Cups .

Candle Making Terminology: Candle Fragrances

Candle Making Terminology: What Does Fragrance Load Mean?

In candle making, fragrance load refers to the amount of fragrance oil that you are using in your homemade candle recipe.

Candle Making Terminology: My Candle Wax Will Hold a 10% Fragrance Load. How Do I Know How Much to Add?Candle Making Terminology: My Candle Wax Will Hold a 10% Fragrance Load. How Do I Know How Much to Add?

All you need to do is some simple math that we will walk you through! First, weigh the amount of candle wax you are using. Then, multiply this amount by 0.10, which is 10% to determine the amount of fragrance oil that you can use.

  • Formula: Candle Wax Weight X Fragrance Percentage = Amount of Fragrance That Can Be Added
  • Example: 20 (ounces of candle wax) X 0.10 = 2 ounces of fragrance oil So, since your candle wax is in ounces, the fragrance amount that can be added to the candle wax will also be in ounces.
Candle Making Terminology: What Does Scent Throw Mean?

The scent throw is the strength of fragrance that the candle releases into the air. Cold throw is the strength of scent when the candle is not lit yet. Hot throw is the strength of the scent throw when the candle is lit and burning.

Candle Making Terminology: Candle Waxes

Candle Making Terminology: What Kind of Wax Should I Use for Candles?Candle Making Terminology: What Kind of Wax Should I Use for Candles?

Choosing a candle wax type depends on the type of candle that you want to create. So, the isn’t a universal answer to the question, “Which is the best wax for candle making?” For example, pillar candles would require a pillar wax, which includes Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax and Palm Pillar Wax. The Pillar of Bliss Wax is a blend of soy and paraffin that has a great scent throw and a creamy finish. The Palm Pillar Wax has a crystal finish, has a wonderful scent throw, and comes form sustainable sources.

However, container candles would be best with a container wax, which includes soy wax, Joy wax, WOW Wax, palm wax, and gel wax. Soy wax would make a great, inexpensive addition to your natural candle making supplies. It has a clean burn and and excellent cold throw, but it can be tricky to get a good hot throw from certain fragrances. Wow wax is mostly paraffin and has an amazing hot throw, but has a less clean burn. Joy wax is a perfect blend of paraffin wax and soy wax, as well as veggie wax and proprietary ingredients, that provides a cleaner burn with an amazing scent throw. Gel wax has a neat translucent look, but is not compatible with all fragrance oils. Our palm wax comes from sustainable sources that aren’t harming the rainforest, has a beautiful crystal appearance, and a great scent throw.

Candle Making Terminology: What is Granulated Wax?Candle Making Terminology: What is Granulated Wax?

Simply, this is wax that is grainy and looks kind of like sand. This wax can be scented and colored without melting, so it is a easy and fun way to create candles with kids. We have made candle recipes like the Bacon Candle Recipe and the Hydrangea Candle Recipe with this type of wax.

Candle Making Terminology: Crucial Temperatures

Candle Making Terminology: Do I Need to Worry About the Temperatures When Making Candles?Candle Making Terminology: Do I Need to Worry About the Temperatures When Making Candles?

Yes, this is very important for creating quality homemade candles! There are a few key moments where you will need a thermometer to be aware of the temperature of your wax. First, you need to make sure that your fragrance oil isn’t added at a temperature that is too hot. If your fragrance is added at a temperature that is too high, then some of the notes may burn off and leave you with a less satisfying scent. Another issue is pouring your wax into the container too soon. If you pour at a temperature that is too cool, you could have improper adhesion, wet spots, sinking, and other issues. So, be sure to check your wax’s description to see the temperature that is should be poured.

Candle Making Terminology: What does sinkhole mean?

Sinkhole is a hole or cavity that appears on your candle as it is setting up. Often, this occurs when the candle wax is poured at too low of a temperature.

Candle Making Terminology: Can You Cool a Candle in the Fridge?Candle Making Terminology: Can You Cool a Candle in the Fridge?

No, candles should cool as slowly as possible on their own. If you place a candle in the fridge to cool, they may not adhere to the glass properly, which can lead to wet spots.

Candle Making Terminology: Candle Wicks

Candle Making Terminology: Choosing the Right WickCandle Making Terminology: Choosing the Right Wick

The size of your wick depends on the diameter of your container. You can see the radius for each wick under it’s description. However, you will still need to test because there are many variable between wax type and fragrance oil. A fragrance with a high flash point and high specific gravity, like vanilla, requires a hotter burn. But, low flash point scents with low specific gravity, like citrus, need a smaller wick. Also, you may hear the terms “wick up’ and “wick down” when talking about find the right wick size. Wick down means that you should use a wick that is smaller than what you have been using and wick up means that you should use a wick that is larger than what you use for candles this size.

Candle Making Terminology: How Do You Stop a Candle From Tunneling?Candle Making Terminology: How Do You Stop a Candle From Tunneling?

If you don’t know, tunneling is often the answer for the question, “Why isn’t my candle wax not burning evenly all of the way down?” Tunneling can happen for a few reasons, which includes issues with wick size. If your wick is too small for the diameter of your candle, then it will not burn all the way to the outside edge. So, you may either need a larger wick, multiple wicks, or a different type of wick that will burn hotter.

However, there are a few other issues that could cause tunneling. If you think your wick is the right size, then look into some of these potential issues, First, you may have a clogged wick, which can cause uneven burning. Also, it could be that you didn’t do a memory burn for the candle’s first use to ensure a proper burn. Finally, you may need to use a wax that has a lower melt point that is easier for you chosen wick to handle.

Candle Making Terminology: Why Are My Candle Jars Black After I Burn My Candles?

Often, this occurs when you wick is too big for your jar or your wick is too long. If your wick is trimmed down to 1/4 inch, then the length is fine. You can check the suggested radius for your wick to see if you need to get a smaller size. Also, using too much fragrance can clog the wick and cause more soot than normal.

Candle Making Terminology: Do Candle Wicks Contain Lead?

No, candle wicks in the Unites States, like ours, do not contain lead. In fact, lead core wicks were banned in the US in 2003.

Candle Making Terminology: Proper Burning

Candle Making Terminology: What is a Memory Burn?

This is the first burn of your candles and is the most important. This burn will set the boundary of your melt pool and will determines whether the edges of your candle will be reached. A guide is to burn an hour for every inch your candle is wide to ensure that it will burn properly as it is used in future burns. Also, you will want to make sure that you wick isn’t too low and isn’t longer than 1/4 inch high.

Candle Making Terminology: What Does Melt Pool Mean?

Melt Pool is the candle wax that has melted on the top of the candle. Ideally, you will want this to be all the way across the top of your candle to ensure an even burn.

Candle Making Terminology: What Does Mushrooming Mean in Candle Making?

When I notice black clumps on top of my wick, I know that it is mushrooming. While all wick produce this carbon as they burn, some are worse than others. Also, factors that clog the wick can increase the mushrooming effect. The CD wicks produce the least amount of mushrooming, but there isn’t a way to completely stop it due to it being a product of burning the wick.

Candle Making Terminology: Candle Coloring

Candle Making Terminology: How Do You Color a Candle?Candle Making Terminology: How Do You Color a Candle?

There are a few different candle colorant options for your home made candles. First, you can use our Liquid Candle Dyes, which are extremely concentrated and will last a long time. Also, you can use a color block, which is made with paraffin, vegan, and can color up to 15 pounds of wax. Lastly, you can use a bit of powder dye. Just be careful not to use too much because it can clog your wick.

Candle Making Terminology: Can You Use Crayons to Make Candles?

We do not suggest using crayons to color candles. They don’t burn properly and are likely to clog your wick.

Candle Making Terminology: What is a UV Light Inhibitor?Candle Making Terminology: What is a UV Light Inhibitor?

Since UV light from the sun can bleach the color out of candles, the UV light inhibitor is used to protect the color of your candles. This candle ingredient is most useful for preventing fading in burgundy, blue, and violet candle colors due to direct sunlight.

Candle Making Terminology: How Do I Color My Candles White?

While titanium dioxide can be used to create white pillar candles, you don’t want to add it straight to your container candles as it can clog your wick.

Candle Making Terminology: Candle Apearance

Candle Making Terminology: How Do I Get Rid of Wet Spots on My Candles?

Wet spots are air pockets that are formed when your candle didn’t adhere properly to your candle jar. You can take a few steps to prevent this if you are having problems. First, try warming your candle jars to give you wax more time to cool. Also, you can try pouring your wax at a hotter temperature. Another good tip is to make sure the room your are making your candles in a room that is warm.

Candle Making Terminology: What Is Frosting In Candle Making?

Frosting is the white stuff that appears on waxes that contain soy wax. You can use a heat gun or blow dryer to re-melt the surface and give it a smoother finish. While you can lessen the effect of frosting, you can’t eliminate it completely.

Candle Making Terminology: What Are Jump Lines?

These are the line that you can see on the side of either a container candle or a pillar candle.

Candle Making Terminology: Progression of Candles

As you can tell, there is a lot that goes into candle making. But, it is a process that has been developed overtime and takes time to master. If you are interested in learning a bit about the evolution of candles, then check out The History of Candles from Prehistoric Times Until Now by Pioneer Thinking.

Candle Making Terminology: Talk to UsCandle Making Terminology: Talk to Us

If you have any more questions about candle making, you can look at our candle making classes or just ask us! We are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@ngscents).


Keylime Pie Candle Recipe

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Keylime Pie Candle Recipe

Keylime Pie Candle RecipeThis keylime pie candle recipe was inspired by my absolute favorite dessert that not only tastes delicious but, with this free candle recipe, it smells delicious too!  As a kid, I remember my favorite place to visit was my Aunt. Not only because she is an amazing person, but her keylime pie was out of this world!  Luckily for me, she would send me home with the leftovers. She just knew how much I loved it. Since keylime pie isn’t on my diet this candle was just what I needed to get rid of that craving. Natures Garden’s keylime pie fragrance smells just like the dessert that I, and I’m sure many of you love.

Keylime Pie Candle Recipe Ingredients Available at Natures Garden

Joy Wax
Pillar of Bliss Wax
Key Lime Pie Fragrance Oil
Green Spectrum Candle Dye
Yellow Spectrum Candle Dye
Brown Spectrum Candle Dye
CD-12 Candle Wicks
Pouring Pot

Keylime Pie Candle Recipe Other Ingredients and Supplies You Will Need

Mini Lemon/Lime Slices Soap and Candle Mold
Pot (For Double Boiler)
Mixing Bowl
Stainless Steel Mixing Spoons
16 ounce Apothecary Jar
Hot Glue Gun

Keylime Pie Candle Recipe Prepare Your Embeds

First, we will prepare our lime embeds.  This will later use a couple of these to top our keylime candle.  Before we begin, I want to note just one thing.  We chose to prepare 10 of them, however, this recipe will only create one candle.  So, the remaining slices can be used in your wax melter or you can prepare less of the lime slices.  When melting 50 grams of wax, it will prepare 10 lime slices.

Keylime Pie Candle Recipe Prepare Your EmbedsLet’s begin by melting the Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax.  Weigh out 50 grams of Pillar of Bliss Wax.  Then use a double boiler to melt the wax.  Once you have melted the wax remove it from the heat.  Then, add 5 grams of Keylime Pie Fragrance Oil.  Mix well to incorporate the fragrance oil.  Next, use a toothpick to add a tiny bit of green liquid candle dye.  Then mix the candle colorant into the candle wax.  Then, pour the melted candle wax into the mini lemon/lime slices mold.  Allow these to setup.  Then, remove them from the mold.  You can go ahead and move on to the next step while you are waiting.

Keylime Pie Candle Recipe Prepare Your Wax Pie Crust

Keylime Pie Candle Recipe Prepare Your Wax Pie CrustNow, we will prepare the pie crust layer of the candle.  First, prepare your candle jar.  Use a hot glue gun to adhere two CD-12 candle wicks to the bottom of a 16 ounce apothecary jar.  Make sure the wicks are evenly spaced and centered.  Then, weigh out 115 grams of Joy Wax.  Again, using a double boiler, melt the Joy Wax.  Once melted, you will once again use a toothpick to add the color.  Dip your toothpick into the brown liquid candle dye.  Then, dip it into your melted wax.  Repeat this process with the yellow candle colorant.  Then, mix well to incorporate the color.  Next, add 10 grams of Keylime Pie Fragrance Oil.  Then, mix once again to incorporate the fragrance oil.  Pour the candle wax carefully into your jar.  Allow this layer to setup before moving to the next step.

Keylime Pie Candle Recipe Prepare Your Lime Colored Wax

Keylime Pie Candle Recipe Prepare Your Lime Colored Wax

First, weigh out and melt 285 grams of Joy Wax using a double boiler.  Then, add 28 grams of Natures Garden Keylime Pie Fragrance Oil.  Mix the fragrance into the candle wax.  Next, you will once again need a toothpick.  Use a toothpick to add a tiny bit of green liquid candle colorant.  Make sure you mix the green dye into the wax.  Finally, pour the lime layer right on top of the pie crust layer.  Allow this layer to setup before moving to the next step.

Keylime Pie Candle Recipe Prepare Your Whipped Topping

Keylime Pie Candle Recipe Prepare Your Whipped ToppingNow, begin preparing the whipped cream topping of the candle.  We will once again be using Joy Wax.  Weigh out and melt 228 grams of Joy Wax using your double boiler.  Next, remove the wax from the heat and add 22 grams of Keylime Pie Fragrance Oil and stir to incorporate the fragrance oil.  We will not be adding color to this portion of the candle.  Once you have added the lime scent, allow the wax to setup just a little bit.  Then, begin whipping the wax using a mixing spoon.  You want to get the wax to a whipped frosting consistency.


Keylime Pie Candle Recipe Prepare Your Whipped Topping



Finally, scoop the whipped wax directly on top of your lime layer.  As you are adding the wax to the top make sure you are keeping your wicks straight.  You want to create a whipped cream appearance.  Use your spoon to create peaks in the whipped candle wax

Keylime Pie Candle Recipe Finishing Touches

Keylime Pie Candle Recipe Finishing Touches


The last part of this candle will be the finishing touches.  First, use your mixing spoon, or a fork to add peaks in the wax.  Then, place one or two lime slices you prepared earlier on top of the whipped cream layer.  Once you have allowed the candle to cure, trim your wicks to about 1/4 inch.  Finally, it is ready to be lit.

We hope that you enjoy this keylime pie candle.  For even more fragrance fun recipe be sure to check out our recipe box.  Show us what you have made with Natures Garden’s Keylime Pie Fragrance Oil!  Tag us on Instagram @ngscents or post you picture on our Facebook Page.


Santa Hat Candle Recipe

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Santa Hat Candle RecipeSanta Hat Candle Recipe

Everyone knows recognizes jolly ole Saint Nick in his festive red suit, eating those yummy snacks we leave each year.  We all know he loves his cookies.  So, here at Natures Garden, we were inspired by both Santa’s wardrobe and those delicious treats.  This cute candle idea that you can give as gift or to decorate your home this holiday season.  Our Santa Hat Candle Recipe also smells delicious.  It just so happens to use our Santa Snack Fragrance Oil.

Santa Hat Candle Recipe Ingredients Needed From Natures Garden:

Santa Hat Candle Recipe Other Ingredients Needed:

Mixing Bowl
Ziplock Bag or Decorating Bag
Pots (For Double Boiler)

Santa Hat Candle RecipeSanta Hat Candle Recipe Creating the Cupcake Bases:

First, you will need the cupcake mold.  In addition, will need two votive wick pins.  Place one wick pin in the center of each cavity of the cupcake mold. Use a scale to weigh out 7 ounces of Natures Garden’s Pillar of Bliss Candle Wax.   Next, melt the wax using a double boiler method to 195 degrees as we described in one of our candle classes.

For the cupcake base you will need to include 2 drops of brown liquid candle dye.  In addition, add 1 drop of our spectrum black liquid candle dye.  Stir to fully incorporate the color.  When the Pillar of Bliss wax has cooled to about 180 degrees you can go ahead and add your fragrance oil.  Use your scale to weigh out and add 0.7 ounces of Santa Snacks Fragrance Oil.  Stir thoroughly to  blend the fragrance oil with the wax.  When the temperature reaches 140 degrees, pour the wax into the cupcake Mold Market mold.  The temperature is very important because you do not want to melt the mold.  Let the cupcake bases to set up. Then, remove them from the molds once they harden.

Santa Hat Candle RecipeSanta Hat Candle Recipe Separating and Whipping the Wax: 

Next we will be created the part of the candle that looks like Santa’s Hat.  We will be using Natures Garden’s Joy Wax.  Since this is a container wax, it is softer and also easy to whip and pipe.  Using a double boiler, weigh our and melt 10 ounces of Joy Wax. When your wax reaches 200 degrees, remove 3 ounces of wax.  Put this wax in a separate, small mixing bowl.  We will be using this white portion of wax for the white parts of the Santa hat. Let the temperature drop to about 175 degrees, before adding 0.3 ounces of Santa Snacks Fragrance Oil.

Allow the wax to set up slightly.  You want the wax to be at a slush consistency.  Whip the wax with a spoon or fork.  Put the wax on top of the base of each cupcake.  You want it to look like the white portion of Santa’s hat.  However, you should save about ½ ounce of wax. This waxs will used for the two white balls that go on the top of each Santa hat.  Set the remaining wax aside, we will come back to it.

Santa Hat Candle RecipeSanta Hat Candle Recipe Piping the Wax:


The remaining Joy Wax will be colored red.  We will use it in the red part of the Santa hats.  Allow the remaining wax to reach 200 degrees.  Add 4 drops of Spectrum Liquid Red Candle Dye.  Also, use a toothpick to add a small amount of black liquid candle dye. Use a mixing spoon to blend the colorant in with the candle wax.  Let the temperature of the Joy Wax to drop to 175 degrees before adding 0.7 ounces of Santa’s Snacks Fragrance Oil.  Stir well to blend.

Now, we will be piping the wax.  You will need a decorating bag or a ziplock bag. Once the wax has a frosting like consistency, place it in a ziplock bag. Then, cut the corner of the bag so you can pipe the wax.  Pipe the wax in a circular motion on top of the cupcake.  You want the wax to look like Santa’s hat, sort of a triangle shape.  This means wider at the base, and narrower going up.

Santa Hat Candle RecipeSanta Hat Candle Recipe the Finishing Touches: 

For the finally part you will need to wear gloves.  Using the white wax you saved earlie, create two white balls by rolling it in the palms of your hands. Place these white balls on top of the red wax. Once the candles have set up, remove the wick pins and thread the wick through the candle.  Your candles can now be used or given as Christmas gifts to your family and friends.


30 Free Candle Recipes

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30-FREE-Candle-Recipes-cop30 Free Candle Recipes

For all the candle makers out there, are you tired of making the same candles over and over again? In need of some new and exciting recipes? Well here at Nature’s Garden, we offer over 40+ candle recipes! Awesome right? You will definitely be able to settle your craving for something new here! Here are 30 free candle recipes, be sure to check them all out!


1. Blueberry Muffin Candle– You will have the tantalizing scent of blueberry muffins baking in the oven all through your home.

Blueberry Muffin Candle

2. Beer Candle– A fun candle that all those manly men out there are sure to love.

Beer Candle

3. Bug Repelling Candle– Need a way to get rid of those annoying mosquitos and such? This candle will do it!

Bug Repelling

4. Chocolate Blossom Wax Tart– A reminder of the smells of delicious cookies baking.

Chocolate Blossom Tarts

5. Cinnamon Bun Candle– The smell will make your mouth water with the thought of a tasty hot cinnamon roll!

Cinnamon Buns Candle

6. Day at the Beach Candle– Your mind will be transported to the shores of a favorite vacation spot.

Day at the Beach

7. Ducks on the Pond Candle– This adorable candle is sure to overload your system with its cuteness!

Ducks on the Pond

8. Football Field Candle Loaf– The guys are sure to love this during a game!

Football Field9. Gummy Bears Candle– A fun project to include the kiddos on!

Gummy Bears

10. Honeycomb Candle– All of your busy bee friends will be buzzing with excitement.

Honeycomb Candle

11. Hydrangea Candle– Your house will be filled with the scents of spring.

Hydrangea Candle

12. Pigs in the Mud Candle– Perfect for all the animal lovers out there, they will love the good laugh this candle will bring them!

Pigs in the Mud Candle

13. Stacked Flower Tarts– You will be enveloped with the smells of beautiful flowers!

Stacked flowers

14. Rainbow Candle– A definite reminder that there will always be a rainbow after the rain passes.

Candle Recipe

15. Leopard Candle– For all the animal print lovers like myself, this is perfect!

Leopard Candle

16. Zebra Candle– More animal print to make us girls happy!

Zebra Candle

17. Pot o Gold Candle– Maybe there really is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!

Pot o Gold

18. Pug Candle– A fun reminder of all our favorite furry friends!

Pug Candle

19. Smores Candle– These yummy treats are sure to be on your brain with this!

Smores Candle

20. Santa Candle– A great way to start off the holiday season!

Santa Candle

21. Pink Camouflage Candle– This candle is awesome for all those tomboys out there who want a little touch of girly.

Pink Camo

22. Mardi Gras Candle– The perfect way to celebrate Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras Candle23. Green Beer Candle– You can’t celebrate St. Patty’s Day without your green beer!

Green Beer Candle

24. Independence Day Candle– A creative candle to remember our nation’s birthday!

Independence Day

25. Valentine’s Day Candle– The feeling of romance is sure to follow this scent.

Valentines Day Candle

26. Green Camouflage Candle– This manly candle is perfect for all those many men.

Green Camo

27. Gingerbread Latte Candle– Another wonderful Christmas scent with the smells of gingerbread men filling your home!

Gingerbread Latte

28. Mothers Day Candle– A special creative gift your mother is sure to love!

Mothers Day

29. Bloody Fun Candle– This candle is great attraction to add to your house of haunts!

Bloody Fun

30. Glistening Snowflakes Potpourri– This potpourri is sure to bring the beauty of wintery snow into your home!

Glistening Potpourri

All you candle makers out there are sure to adore our recipes! Your creations are sure to bring so many homey and wonderful scents to your home and your loved ones! Please contact us here at Nature’s Garden with any questions and keep watching for more Enlightened by Layla!

enlightened-by-layla (1)


Best Love Scents

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love scentsTop 25 Love Scents

When you make homemade products, part of the appeal in the purchase is the aesthetic look of your products.  The other major component you are dealing with is the scent.  When people purchase presents for loved ones around Valentine’s Day, they want to find something that they know their special someone will appreciate.

Knowing what the top selling scents are for Valentine’s Day may give you and your products that extra edge.

Listed below are the most popular love scents at Natures Garden.  These scents have been categorized according to their popularity in their general fragrance grouping.  This list was compiled in this manner to easily help you find exactly what you are looking for.

top women scentsTop 5 Feminine Love Scents
Pink Sugar Type Fragrance Oil
NG Loving Spell Fragrance Oil
Amazingly Grace Type Fragrance Oil
Best Friends Fragrance Oil
Endlessly in Love Fragrance Oil

top men scentsTop 5 Male Love Scents
NG Aqua di Gio Type Fragrance Oil
Extremely Sexy for Men Fragrance Oil
The Perfect Man Fragrance Oil
Dr. FeelGood Fragrance Oil
Blue Sugar Type Fragrance Oil

top food scentsTop 5 Gourmand Love Scents
Chocolate Covered Strawberries Fragrance Oil
Gourmet Dark Chocolate Fragrance Oil
Red Velvet Cake Fragrance Oil
Merlot Wine Fragrance Oil
Vanilla Champagne Fragrance Oil

top floral scentsTop 5 Floral Love Scents
Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil
Floral Bouquet Fragrance Oil
Victorian Rose Fragrance Oil
Carnation Fragrance Oil
Burgundy Rose Fragrance Oil

top sensual scentsTop 5 Sensuous Love Scents
Butt Naked Fragrance Oil
Lick Me All Over Fragrance Oil
Black Linen and Amber Fragrance Oil
Passionate Kisses Fragrance Oil
Sexy as Sin Fragrance Oil

However, if you are still seeking an easy project to make for a love day gift, some really good last minute ideas for Valentine’s Day presents are:  Emulsified Sugar Scrubs, Melt and Pour Soaps, Massage Oil, Body Butters, Lotions, Body Sprays, Bath Bombs, Scrubs, and of course Candles.  Natures Garden has some great recipes for you to make your very own products; or even create new items to add to your current Valentine’s Day line.  This link has hundreds of easy to make recipes that you can cater scent and/or color to; to be exactly what you are looking for.

Happy Crafting!