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Meadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits

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Meadowfoam Seed Oil BenefitsMeadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits

Since you are creating your own homemade bath and body recipes, you can tailor your products to fit your exact needs. The only thing is that you can’t create products that don’t fit your needs without learning about the properties of your chosen cosmetic oil. Each of the cosmetic oils available at Natures Garden contains different kinds of nutrients. Each of the different types of cosmetic oil will be able to nourish your body in a variety of ways. If you understand the ways that your oils can care for your body, then you will be able to chose the perfect cosmetic ingredients for your bath and body product. So, we are going to share the Meadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits that you can use in your homemade products. 

Meadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits: Origins of This Cosmetic OilMeadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits: Origins of This Cosmetic Oil

This lovely cosmetic ingredient comes from the Meadowfoam plant. Not only does plant lead to an amazing cosmetic oil, but this is a lovely plant with very pretty flowers! In fact, you can grow your very own beautiful Meadowfoam Seed Oil flowers at home. If you would like to grow this plant at home, then you can check out the How to grow White Meadowfoam article by Folia. This article is perfect for getting tips and advice on how to perfectly grow this lovely plant at home.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Your Bath and Body Products

Of course, you can use this amazing cosmetic oil to create your very own homemade cosmetic products. Each of the lovely cosmetic ingredients have a unique set of properties that can be used to create skin-loving products. Some cosmetic oils are more conditioning then others and others are perfect for those with sensitive skin. So, we are going to share the properties that Meadowfoam Seed Oil will have for a variety of bath and body products. This allows you to perfectly craft the cosmetic products that will be the best to care for your body!

Meadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Making Hair ConditionerMeadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Making Hair Conditioner

This lovely cosmetic oil is perfect for making your own homemade hair conditioner products. The nutrients that are contained in Meadowfoam Seed Oil will create a gorgeous hair conditioning recipe that is perfect for both your hair and scalp. This oil is able to sink down into the follicle of hair to nourish and strengthen the root of the hair and moisturizing the skin. Also, the oil is able to strengthen, soften, and care for your long, gorgeous locks of hair. So, this lovely cosmetic oil is able to nourish your hair from the root all the way down to the ends. So, this strong conditioning property is sure to both reduce the possibility of dandruff and lead to longer, healthier locks of hair!  You can use our perfectly crafted Hair Conditioner Recipe For Dark Hair to include this delightful cosmetic oil into your hair care regimen.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Cold Process Soap RecipesMeadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Cold Process Soap Recipes

Also, you can use this delightful cosmetic oil to create homemade cold process soap making. If you are looking for a moisturizing, skin-loving bar of soap, than this is a great oil to include in your recipes! In fact, this cosmetic oil can be used to superfat soap. These lovely properties Further, this cosmetic ingredient is perfect for increasing the life of your fragrance oil. Also, this cosmetic oil is amazing for resisting oxidation and isn’t prone to rancidity. This means that your soap is likely to have a longer shelf life. If you’d like to try out this ingredient, then you can try either our Wine Cold Process Soap Recipe or the Energize Cold Process Soap Recipe.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Making Lotions and ScrubsMeadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Making Lotions and Scrubs

Another fun way that you can use this wonderful cosmetic oil is to create great skin conditioning products, like lotions, scrubs, or body creams. In fact, this cosmetic oil is a perfect way for you to care for your skin. First of all, this cosmetic lotion ingredient is able to sink into the skin very quickly. This means that you won’t be left a greasy feeling on your skin, but you will gain all the benefits of a very moisturizing lotion. This cosmetic oil could help repair the most dry, damaged skin in almost no time at all!  You can use this lovely cosmetic oil to craft some moisturizing and skin-loving products, like our Pumpkin Sugar Scrub Recipe and our Shea Lotion with Herbal Infusion Recipe.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Creating Lip Care ProductsMeadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Creating Lip Care Products

Obviously, you will want your lip care to be perfectly moisturizing that will leave your lips feeling gorgeously smooth. Creating luscious lip care products is just another wonderful way to use this cosmetic oil. Meadowfoam Seed Oil is full of nutrients that will soothe even the most dry, cracked lips. You are going to love the way this oil glides and feel of your lip balm during application. But, you are going to love the feeling of your lips after using this cosmetic oil even more! If you would like to try out this lovely cosmetic oil in your own lip care products, then you can try out our Honey Vanilla Lip Balm Recipe.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Bath ProductsMeadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Bath Products

Another delightful way to use this cosmetic oil is to create bath products, like bath bombs, bath fizzies, or bath melts. These wonderful diy bath recipes are perfect for bringing  a bit of self care into your life. Not only do you get the chance to sit back and relax in the bathtub, but your skin will be able to get moisturized and nourished without any of the effort. This will leave your skin and your nerves feeling absolutely perfect. Further, this cosmetic oil is especially amazing for bath bombs! Not only is this fun product fizzy and beautiful, but it is wonderful for your skin. If you would like to try Meadowfoam Seed Oil in a bath bomb, then you may want to try out our lovely Bubbling Bath Bomb Recipe.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Your Body

Not only will this cosmetic oil benefit your homemade bath and body products, but the lovely Meadowfoam Seed Oil is moisturizing, nourishing, and great for your body. So, this cosmetic oil is perfect for creating bath and body products that really care for your skin and hair. While every cosmetic oil that we carry benefits the body in some way, each is unique and provides different properties. These properties don’t only impact the quality of your homemade products, but determine the effect this cosmetic oil has on your body. So, let’s determine whether this cosmetic oil is perfect for your needs. We can do this by going over some of the benefits this oil has for your skin and hair, which can help you figure out which oils that your body needs the most!

Meadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Conditioning the SkinMeadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Conditioning the Skin

Firstly, this delightful cosmetic oil is perfect for moisturizing your skin. This cosmetic ingredient contains nutrients that will provide you with healthier skin. Further, this cosmetic oil is similar to our body’s natural oils. This means that this cosmetic oil is better suited to care for the skin. Plus, this similarity allows Meadowfoam Seed Oil to absorb deep down into the skins very quickly. Meaning that this oil’s nutrients will be able to be utilized quicker than normal. Also, this similarity will make sure that this oil doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on the skin, which is prevented by the cosmetic oil sinking into the skin. So, this cosmetic oil provides you with all the beneficial nutrients without any annoyances.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Moisturizing the FaceMeadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Moisturizing the Face

Further, you can use this wonderful cosmetic oil to nourish and care for your face. While many cosmetic oil are great for conditioning your skin, this cosmetic oil is one of the few that is perfect for the sensitive skin of your face. This cosmetic oil is very similar to your skin’s natural oils. This makes Meadowfoam Seed Oil a great oil for caring for your face, which it can do without any of the drawbacks. So, this cosmetic oil won’t clog your pores or lead to any nasty break outs. This leaves you with gorgeous, nourished skin that is clear and beautiful.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Reducing BlackheadsMeadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Reducing Blackheads

Also, you can use this cosmetic oil to create more clear, clean skin. Meadowfoam Seed Oil is known to help break down blackheads. This oil is able to sink down into your pores and help your body remove these pesky impurities. The cosmetic oil is thought to break down the blackheads that clog your pores and allow your skin to remove these undesirable impurities. So, this wonderful cosmetic ingredient would be perfect for including in your typical skin care regimen.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Soothing SkinMeadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Soothing Skin

Not only is this cosmetic oil great for moisturizing your skin, but this lovely cosmetic oil can be used to soothe irritated skin. This cosmetic oil has anti-inflammatory properties that are perfect for reducing inflammation related skin issues, like eczema. The nutrients in this cosmetic oil have been known to soothe the itching and burning that comes with these skin issues. Also, this cosmetic oil has been said to reduce redness, too. So, this is a perfect to add to your homemade inflammation remedies.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Reducing Signs of AgingMeadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Reducing Signs of Aging

One wonderful beneficial property that this cosmetic oil can provide is reducing signs of aging in the skin. Since this delightful cosmetic oil is perfect for moisturizing the skin, this oil is able to sink into the skin quickly to nourish the skin. This cosmetic ingredient will provide your deep layers of skin with amazing nutrients, like Vitamin E and antioxidants. Furthermore, this cosmetic oil is great for balancing the production of sebum, which is a natural oil that your body creates, to perfectly moisturize your skin. aging This will provide your skin with the nutrients you need to rejuvenate and reduce wrinkles.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Reducing Stretch Marks and ScarsMeadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Reducing Stretch Marks and Scars

Further, this lovely cosmetic oil has been known to reduce the visibility of stretch marks and scars. Since this cosmetic ingredient is full of wonderful nutrients for the skin, it is perfect for helping the damaged skin heal. Overtime, even permanent skin damage will begin to fade. But, these added nutrients, like Vitamin E, can help your marks fade faster than your skin normally would. So, adding Meadowfoam Seed Oil to recipes used for your skin will allow you to add these extra nutrients directly to this damaged skin and lead to a lighter mark overtime.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Healthy HairMeadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Healthy Hair

Another benefit of this cosmetic oil is nourishing the hair. This cosmetic oil is perfect for creating hair that looks and feels absolutely healthy. The nutrients in this cosmetic ingredient will provide your hair with a gorgeous shine and a softer feel. Plus, this cosmetic oil is perfect for nourishing your scalp and leading to healthier hair from root to end. So,, this is a perfect oil to add to your daily hair care routine.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Thickening EyelashesMeadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits for Thickening Eyelashes

Not only is this lovely cosmetic oil great for creating healthy hair, but Meadowfoam Seed Oil is great for making your eyelashes thicker, too. The nutrients that are in is this delightful cosmetic oil are perfect for your lashes. This oil will lead you to  bolder, healthier, lashes that are even more beautiful. These extra conditioning and nutrients will lead to lashes that are longer and thicker. So, this is the perfect cosmetic ingredient for creating a homemade eyelash growth serum.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits: Contact UsMeadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits: Contact Us

We hope that you enjoy this cosmetic oil as much as we do. If have used Meadowfoam Seed Oil in your own cosmetic oils, then we would love to hear about your experience. Also, you can check out all of our bath and body products that contain this cosmetic oil on our Meadowfoam Seed Oil page of the website. Additionally, you can find us easily on social media, like Facebook. Also, you can use @ngscents to find us on Twitter or Instagram. Hope to hear from your soon!


The Next Crafting Generation

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excited_to_get_started[1] (1)The Next Crafting Generation


        Hey everyone! Are you bored just sitting around the house? Maybe just out of college searching for job opportunities? Looking for something to make some extra cash while you’re first starting your career? Sound like you? I thought it might. Ever thought about crafting? And yes, I mean like candles and soaps! The kinds of awesome things our products here at Nature’s Garden can create! Come on now, I know you’ve got a creative mind inside that head of yours. Let your creativity shine!

I know crafting may sound a little odd, but believe me. It is so much fun! And there are so many opportunities that go along with it. Oh, you didn’t think that crafting could lead to great opportunities? Well it can! I know the feeling of being bored out of your mind just sitting at home with nothing to do. Crafting is a great way to spend your time! Or maybe you’re a recent college grad who just can’t seem to find a job in your field. I know you’re probably overwhelmed with student loans right now and need a way to start paying them off. You could become an entrepreneur!

Now I know you remember making projects in Art class. Crafting is a way to keep the fun of art class in your life. There are so many possible things you can create just from our products. Put your creativity to use! We have so many great options. You can make candles, soaps, even your own cosmetics! I mean what woman wouldn’t love to be able their own makeup?! Turn off that TV, and let the fun begin! Your crafts could be awesome gifts for you to give the people you love or great additions to your own home. It is such a great hobby. Knowing you actually made that awesome candle or that delicious smelling soap will give you such a feeling of accomplishment. That isn’t a feeling you can get just from sitting around your house. Come on, I know you want the feeling. Just try it out!

Remember those college loans I mentioned? I know how overwhelmed you are trying to figure out where to start to pay them off. Take your crafting one step further and use it to help pay off those loans! Like I said, become an entrepreneur! Ah, see those opportunities people? Starting your own crafting company will be one of the easiest and most satisfying decisions you will ever make! Our products are sold to our customers with the intention for them to create the awesomeness. Sell your creations! You know what selling them means? You’re making money! And money means you can start to pay off those loans! Even if you don’t want to start a full-fledged company, sell your stuff anyway! Maybe you’re actually getting your career started, but selling your creativity will bring in all kinds of extra cash. And I know you will always have a need for or find a use for that. You’re literally helping yourself make more money using your creativity. It doesn’t get better than that!

Come on people! We are the next crafting generation! I know the feeling of not having any idea of what to do with your life. I’ve been there. Crafting is a great way to helping you figure it out along the way! And tell your friends! I’m sure some of them are in the same place you are! Here’s a start, check out our free classes and recipes in our free recipe box. And keep checking our blog for more Enlightened by Layla postings!



Top 44 Lip Balm Blogs & Recipes

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Lip Balm blogs

If you spend as much money on lip balm as I do, then you’ll come to love making your own. If you’ve never tried the DIY approach, then I have the perfect post full of the best lip balm recipe blogs loaded with tutorials, how-to’s, and wonderful tips and tricks.

I decided to create a quality resource for readers looking for lip balm recipes, to offer them information with variety and plenty of information from what I have found to be some of the best lip balm recipe blogs online. I’m such a fan of these blogs, I’ve gone ahead and created badges so their visitors know they are one of the top lip balm blogs on the internet.  The order below is not in any particular order, so browse freely. Each blog will offer you something new to explore.Enjoy!

1. Christina – Christina refers to herself as a lip balm addict. Hey, we all have something! Although, Christina decides to use her addiction to better your lip balm investments by doing frequent reviews of what’s worth the splurge and what you should save your money on.

2. Lisa – Lisa walks you through the wonderful world of lip balms, from glosses to tints to DIY recipes with her blog. When this blogger isn’t busy reviewing her latest purchase, she’s probably updating one of her other dozen blogs, mostly focused on other lip balm related products. She is the artisan and chief formulator behind ForGoodnessGrape and The Lip Balm Queen and makes over 500 lip balms in every flavor and combination that you could possibly imagine to cater to fellow lip balm addicts worldwide.

3. Chaptastic.com – If you’ve ever found Chapstick in every pocket of your pants, every drawer in your house, and under any cushion on your couch, then you may have found the perfect site for your Chapstick affair. Determined to find the perfect tube of Chapstick, this blog revolves around reviews and products to help you find the brand you love.

4. Katie – Katie loves lip products, and cats, more than your average girl. This makes her wonderfully qualified to share her expert-ish insight on how to keep your lips radiant, using balms, butters, gloss, or stain.

5. PumpsAndGloss – This is a site of true variety. As the name suggests, topics are from pumps to lip gloss and everything in between for “the fabulous and sassy.” They’ll cover all of your favorite products and brands, and help you learn how to give your look a major update. Scroll through the feed and learn about the latest cosmetics, while reading an editor’s favorite review and learning how to clean your makeup brushes. A fabulous, one-stop-shop beauty blog.

6. BalmCollector.tumblr.com – A great, quick stop for short, to the point reviews on your favorite lip balms. From drugstores to high end, get the know on these products before you invest your money. An honest review, the investment, and what it might pair nicely with so you can keep your lips happy and healthy.

7. Val – Dry Lips is a wildly informative blog built on the well-traveled editor’s experience in the constant changes in the quality of her lips. From cold to dry climates, and low-to-high end products, Val will walk you through restoring the perfect condition to your puckers.

8. LipBalmAnonymous.com – Definitely an interesting twist on the lip balm blogs we’ve seen, this one actually suggestions that lip balm addiction is a serious, trending issue. A wildly informative intro video can be watched on their homepage, put together by journalism students. Not believing it? Read through some of their facts about drying agents put into popular brands like Carmex and you may lose your skepticism.

Our Favorite Lip Balm Recipes

1. Martha – Martha at The Beauty Junkee advises readers on what lip balms work for dry lips to pair with matte lipstick to stay crack-free, but more importantly, how to alleviate the problem of dry lips in the first place.

2. Rebecca – Rebecca from the Soap Deli News Blog shares a lip balm recipe that is perfect for birthday parties or even wedding favors. Made with all natural shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango butter, this recipe is highly customizable and can be made in under 30 minutes.

3. TheNerdyFarmWife.com – Learn how to use mint (fresh from the garden!) to infuse oil and turn it into lip balm. The Nerdy Farm Wife shares two lip balm recipes using this all-natural infusion technique.

4. Ashley – Ashley at Simply Designing shares an all-natural lip balm recipe in preparation for winter chapped lips. This recipe is fun, easy, and customizable making up to four containers of lip balm.

5. Jamie – This all-natural lip balm recipe uses herbs from your own backyard to add fragrance, natural oils, and a visual flourish. This recipe is perfect for a bridal shower, baby shower, or a fun girls’ night.

6. HowDoeShe.com – This homemade lip balm doubles as a lip stain for a stylish take on a chapped lip moisturizer using only two ingredients and just one minute of assemble time!

7. BeautyLish.com – Perfect for holiday gifts or combating winter chill, this lip balm recipe is full of peppermint goodness and you can even use a recycled Altoid container for the finished product.

8. Stephanie – Using honey in your lip balm is said to have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties, but Stephanie of Garden Therapy uses it because it simply makes a “darn good good lip balm.” She shares this all-natural hemp and honey lip balm recipe for happy lips.

9. Grit.com – This simple, all-natural lip balm uses beeswax (the most versatile and widely used of all bee byproducts) and ingredients that are probably already in your pantry.

10. MyMerryMessyLife.com – As the cold sets in, use this chemical-free lip balm recipe to soothe dry and chapped lips. Clove and orange make this lip balm an especially perfect gift for the holidays and only takes about 10 minutes to make.

11. Ashley Marie – Many lip balms you buy at the store contain chemicals that actually do damage to your skin and lips, which not only exposes your body to unnecessary toxins, but is also counterproductive to its entire purpose. Instead, Ashley Marie shows us how to make your own natural lip balm using this simple recipe.

12. Torie Jayne – Torie Jayne shares a homemade lip balm recipe that doesn’t sacrifice the sparkly fun from some of the store-bought varieties. She used this as a fun holiday gift for her family and friends, and along with the recipe even includes some free printable labels you can use to dress up your lip balm containers.

13. AromaHead – AromaHead offers this homemade lip balm recipe that is kid-friendly so they can participate in creating their favorite lip balm flavors (like chocolate and vanilla!). Based with all-natural infusions and wax, these homemade lip balms are soothing, fun, and last a long time.

14. Colleen – Colleen started making her own lip balm after noticing the rising prices of the chemically laden varieties found in stores and decided that she could make it herself. She shares her highly customizable lip balm recipe that her whole family uses and loves.

15. Andrea – Andrea from Frugally Sustainable has created a luscious strawberry lip balm with 100% organic flavoring and all-natural ingredients. The lip balm recipe will lock in moisture AND indulge your strawberry sweet tooth.

16. Lori – Women in Victorian times made their own tinted lip balms, so Lori of Our Heritage of Health has decided to take on the tradition by sharing a recipe following in our ancestors’ footsteps from an actual women’s magazine in the 1800s. And since chemicals were a foreign concept in the days of yore, you can be assured that this recipe is full of all-natural goodness.

17. CatsOnTheHomestead – If an effort to stay away from petroleum-based lip balms, synthetic dyes, and preservatives, Cats on the Homestead offers this natural wax and oil-based lip balm recipe as a basic structure to customize however you want.

18. HowToBePerfectWoman.com – Healthier and more effective than commercial lip balms, this basic recipe by How to Be Perfect Woman is easy and highly customizable.

19. Lindsey – After experimenting with making her own non-toxic sunscreen and bug repellent, Lindsey of Homemade Mommy decided it was time to try her hand at replacing her beloved commercial lip balm with a more natural homemade variety. Her chocolate mint lip balm recipe turned out to be much easier (and cheaper) than she expected, and best of all she can stock her entire house with a lip balm that is completely non-toxic.

20. APumpkingAndAPrincess.com – Shimmer, a pop of color, AND only two ingredients? A Pumpkin and a Princess shares this easy DIY lip balm which soothes and softens your lips and is princess approved.

21. Dawn – Dawn shares an easy, two-ingredient lip balm recipe using ingredients that you can probably find in your pantry. This recipe is fun and easy and Dawn even shares some printable labels to add to your finished lip balm tubes to decorate and give away as gifts to family and friends.

22. UntrainedHousewife.com – Untrained Housewife presents a lip balm recipe that is not only easy, but higher quality than many of the commercial lip balm options. Not only that, but this recipe allows you to create a lip balm with the texture, flavor, and coloring that works best for YOU.

23. VermontFarmHeart.com – Vermont Farm Heart claims an “addiction” to lip balm. She always grew up with a Chap Stick nearby, but now finds the process of making her own so easy that she has transitioned from the commercial to the homemade. Here she shares two varieties of lip balm recipes which are both basic and easy to tweak.

24. Dominique – Lip balms and lipsticks are generally the most used cosmetic item, so it only makes sense to make them yourself if you buy them on a regular basis anyway. Not only is it great for personal use, but you can make enough to sell on Etsy or other crafting sites. This recipe is simple and fun and can create some amazing results.

25. Jes – These coconut honeybee lip balms make excellent gifts for family and friends, plus the recipe is extremely easy and doesn’t require any fancy equipment to make. Jes also includes printable labels you can use for your own lip balm tubes at the end of her post.

26. SavvyBrown.com – Savvy Brown uses this two-ingredient lip balm recipe to soothe and prep her lips. This recipe is all-natural and can also be used as a cuticle moisturizer, a solid perfume, and even as a quick conditioner for dry hair.

27. AmazingHerbsAndOils.com – This DIY lip balm recipe can help heal and prevent cold sores naturally! Using lemon balm, which is a natural cold sore-fighting herb, this lip balm recipe is easy and effective.

28. Gabby – Gabby loves this lip balm recipe because it is packed with only natural ingredients (as opposed to her recently kicked habit of Victoria’s Secret lip gloss) and it truly soothes her lips against the Boston cold. This recipe is easy and cheaper than store-bought lip balms

29. Birkatchaverim.com – This kid-friendly lip balm recipe avoids the use of a stove or fire so that kids can more safely participate in making their own natural lip balm using beeswax, peppermint oil, and cocoa to create a fun activity with a delicious flavor.

30. Marina Marchese  – This simple recipe is the lip balm that all bee keepers should know and use. With all-natural beeswax, this lip balm is creamier than commercial lip balms and is easy to customize using your own preferred essential oils and natural fragrances.

31. Staci – This chocolate covered orange lip balm recipe evokes the scents of the season and is a great gift idea. This recipe also includes Vitamin E oil for additional skin healing properties as well as a natural preservative.

32. Kinsey Mhire – Kinsey shares four lip balm variations that are all-natural and make excellent gifts for family and friends: peppermint, honey and chamomile, lavender and vanilla, and chocolate.

33. Shaina Olmanson – Shaina gives two excellent lip balm recipes and breaks down the natural ingredients of each to explain why they help nourish your lips. She also provides a free printable label to decorate your own lip balm tubes with so you can gift them to family, friends, and secret admirers.

34. Kaylie – Kaylie posts about her chocolate peppermint lip balm recipe reminding us of delicious winter cocoa while keeping our lips moisturized and protected from the winter cold.

35. Erica – Erica created a fun activity to do with her kids by making their own home made lip balm out of all-natural ingredients. She shares the process as well as the three variations they made and even took the time to create custom labels for each of the containers.

36. Leslie – Leslie of Crunch Betty shares three DIY lip balm recipes which are easy and can be adjusted to meet your own customizations. Leslie even uses some of these recipes as an all-over body moisturizer.