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Raspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe

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Raspberry Cold Process Soap RecipeRaspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe

Today, we will show you how to make our Raspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe.  We swirled the cp soap then, topped it with raspberry melt and pour embeds.  This cold process soap making recipe uses Natures Garden’s Fresh Raspberry Fragrance Oil.  This scent is a breeze to work with in cold process soap.  It gives you so much time to play.  In addition, it smells so strong and wonderful in the cured soap.  If you have not soaped with this scent, I highly recommend it!

Fresh Raspberry Fragrance OilRaspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe:  Fresh Raspberry Fragrance Oil

Before we begin, let’s take a closer look at Fresh Raspberry Fragrance Oil from Natures Garden.  We have searched literally 10 years for a nice, strong, true fresh raspberry scent that did not have oily green top notes.  This is an extraordinarily fresh raspberry fragrance oil by Natures Garden.  This raspberry scent performs perfectly in cp soap.  It showed no acceleration, no separation, no ricing, and no discoloration.  In addition, it was super strong after curing and is one of my personal favorite fragrance oils to soap with.

Raspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe: Soap Making Supplies Found at Natures Garden

Lye- Sodium Hydroxide
Coconut Oil 76
Avocado Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Cocoa Butter Deodorized
Shea Butter
Meadowfoam Seed Oil
Sunflower Oil
Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap
Fresh Raspberry Fragrance Oil
Tomato Red FUN Soap Colorant
Neon Pink FUN Soap Colorant
Ultramarine Violet FUN Soap Colorant
Titanium Dioxide Oil Dispersible
Large Square Tray Mold Market Mold
Clear 8 oz PET Bullet Bottle
White Fine Mist Sprayer 24/410
Safety Gloves
Safety Mask
Natures Garden Apron
Safety Glasses

Raspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe: Other Soap Making Supplies You Will Need

Distilled Water
Mixing Bowls
Mixing Spoons
Cutting Board
Wooden Skewers
Rubbing Alcohol (In a bullet bottle with sprayer)
Stick Blender
Raspberries and Blackberries Mold (www.flexiblemolds.com)

Raspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe:  Total Recipe Amounts for Raspberry Embeds:

150 grams Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base
7 grams Fresh Raspberry Fragrance Oil
2 drops FUN Soap Colorant Ultramarine Violet
2 drop FUN Soap Colorant Neon Pink
3 drops FUN Soap Colorant Tomato Red

Raspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe:  Weigh Out Your Clear Soap Base

Weigh Out Your Clear Soap BaseFirst, we will weigh out and melt 150 grams of Natures Garden’s Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base.  Then, you will need to melt it in the microwave in 30 second increments.  You will want to continue to melt the soap only until it is in a liquid state.  You want to be careful not to over heat the base.  As it is melting, stir the base in between each 30-second burst.

I created one round of berries for this recipe, placing 1-3 berries on each bar.  This recipe created 23 berries which I used on my 9 bars of soap.  If you would like to add more berries on top of your soap, you can create more.  Each additional berry will require about 5 grams of soap.

Raspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe:  Color Your MP Soap

Color Your MP Soap
Once you have your soap melted, it is time to add your soap colorant.  You will need to add 2 drops of ultramarine violet FUN Soap Colorant, 2 drops neon pink FUN Soap Colorant, and 3 drops tomato red FUN Soap Colorant.  Finally, stir to fully incorporate the colorant.

Raspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe:  Add Your Fresh Raspberry Fragrance Oil

Next, it is time to add your fragrance oil.  For this recipe, we are using Natures Garden’s Fresh Raspberry Fragrance Oil.  So, at this time, add 7 grams of your Fresh Raspberry Fragrance Oil.

Raspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe:  Pour Your Soap into the Mold

Pour Your Soap into the MoldFinally, it is time to pour your soap into the mold.  You will need your raspberries/blackberries mold.  Then, pour your soap slowly into each cavity of the mold.  I also suggest using a container with a spout and emphasize slowly, as you can see, I may have overflowed my cavities a bit.  I was trying to take a picture and pour at the same time.  Once you have the soap in the mold, spray the soap with rubbing alcohol if you notice any air bubbles.  Allow them to setup before removing them from the mold.  If you have any overflow like I did, it will just remove very easily by tearing it off.

Raspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe: Prepare Your Lye Solution

Prepare Your Lye SolutionNow, you will prepare your lye solution.  First, weigh our 323 grams of distilled water.  Next, in a separate bowl, weigh out 116 grams of lye.  Then, slowly add the lye to the water.  You never want to add the water to the lye. Stir to completely dissolve the lye.  Set your lye solution aside for the moment and allow it to cool.

Raspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe:  Prepare Your Oils

Prepare Your OilsWhile you are waiting for your lye solution to cool, prepare your oils.  In a deep mixing bowl, weigh out 212 grams of Coconut Oil 76, 128 grams of Avocado Oil, 42 grams of Grapeseed Oil, 85 grams of Cocoa Butter, 85 grams of Meadowfoam Seed Oil, 128 grams of Shea Butter, and 170 Sunflower Oil.  Then, melt your oils.  Once your oils are melted, set them aside to cool.  We want to allow both our soaping oils and our lye solution to cool to 100-110 degrees Fahrenheit.  You need their temperatures to be within 10 degrees of each other.

Raspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe: Prepare Your Colorants

Prepare Your ColorantsWhile you are waiting for your temperatures to drops, go ahead and get your colorants prepared.  First, we will prepare our titanium dioxide.  This will be used to create the white portion of the soap.  So, in a small bowl, weigh out 7 grams of titanium dioxide.  Then, mix them with a small amount of your soaping oils that you prepared.  Stir to create a paste like mixture.  This will help the titanium dioxide disperse more easily in your soap batter.  Next, you will need another small bowl.  To this bowl, add 6 grams of the neon pink soap colorant, 3 grams of tomato red colorant, and 7 grams of the violet colorant.  Use a mixing spoon to mix the colorants together.  Set your colorants aside, we will come back to them.

Raspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe: Prepare Your Sodium Lactate

Next, we will also prepare the sodium lactate.  Sodium lactate is added to the soap to help harden it a bit.  So, in a small bowl, weigh out 43 grams of sodium lactate.  Set this aside for now.

Raspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe: Prepare Your Fragrance Oil

Prepare Your Fragrance Oil

Before you begin putting together your soap batter, we have one last thing to prepare.  So, you will need one more small bowl.  In this bowl, we will add our Fresh Raspberry Fragrance Oil.  To the bowl, add 64 grams of the fragrance oil.  Also, set this bowl aside for later.

Raspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe:  Preparing Your Soap Batter

Preparing Your Soap BatterNow, we will begin preparing our soap batter.  First, to your cooled lye solution, add your 43 grams of sodium lactate.  Slowly, stir your lye solution to incorporate the sodium lactate.  Next, add your lye solution to your soaping oils.  Then, use a stick blender to emulsify.

Raspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe:  Add Your Fragrance Oil

Add Your Fragrance Oil

At this time, you will want to add your fragrance oil.  So, to your soap batter add the Fresh Raspberry Fragrance Oil that you weighed out.  Then, use your stick blender to incorporate the scent.

Raspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe:  Separate Your Soap Batter

Separate Your Soap Batter
Now, we will begin separating the soap batter.  While we will be creating three colors, we will be separating it into four bowls.  So, to the first bowl, add 300 grams of soap batter.  Next, in the second bowl, you will also need to add 300 grams of soap batter.

Raspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe: Color Your Soap Batter

Color Your Soap BatterOne bowl containing 300 grams of soap batter will remain uncolored.  The second bowl that contains 300 grams of soap batter will be white.  So, to this bowl, add the titanium dioxide mixture you prepared.  Then, use your stick blender to incorporate the colorant.  Now, the white batter will need to be separated into two portions.  We will need to separate out about 100 grams of soap.  So, add 100 grams of the white batter to a small bowl.  You will use this portion in a later step to top your soap.  You can set it aside for now.  The remaining white soap will be swirled into the main portion of your soap.  To the larger portion of the soap, add your raspberry colorant that you prepared with the red, pink, and purple FUN Soap Colorants.

Raspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe:  Creating the Soap

Finally, it is time to add the soap batter to the mold.  So, with your mold in front of you, you will begin creating your soap.  Pour the soap in vertical strips in the mold.  While most of your strips should be pink, some you will use the white and uncolored soap batter.  Continue this process until you have filled your mold.

Creating the SoapOnce you have filled your mold, you are ready to swirl your soap batter.  You will need your wooden skewer.  Then, place the tip wooden skewer into the soap batter.  Move the skewer in a circular motion to create swirls throughout the soap.  When you are happy with your swirls, remove the skewer from the batter.  Lastly, very gently tap your soap mold on your table top to remove any air bubbles.

Raspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe:  Topping Your Soap

Topping Your SoapFinally, we will begin topping the soap.  You will need to wait for your white soap batter to thicken.  You want it to be at a frosting-like consistency.  Then, add it to your decorating bag or Ziploc bag.  Cut your corner.  Place a small dollop of soap in the center of each bar of soap.



Finally, it is time to use the raspberry mp embeds you prepared earlier.  Place your raspberries directly on top of the white dollop.  You can use 1-3 raspberries for each bar of soap.

Raspberry Cold Process Soap Recipe:  Curing Your Soap

Now, allow your soap to setup for about 24-48 hours before removing it from the mold.  Then, cut your soap.  Lastly, allow the raspberry cold process soap to cure before using it or selling it.

We hope that you have enjoyed creating this raspberry cold process soap recipe.  For even more soap making supplies and recipe ideas, check out our recipe box.  Also, don’t forget to find us on Facebook.  In addition, we can be found on both Instagram and Twitter @ngscents.


Making In the Pot Swirl Soap

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swirled-soapMaking in the Pot Swirl Soap

Hello everyone, I’m back with my fixed Nature’s Garden’s colors soap! And I’m even bringing you the easy free recipe so you can make it yourself! For this recipe, I have used our recipe for our Shea Butter Cold Process Soap. Learning from the mistakes I made the first time, I made sure to thoroughly mix my colors as well as bringing my colors to trace. This soap has turned out so beautifully and I am so excited! I also added more color to make the colors even brighter!


125 grams of Lye

272 grams of Olive Oil

181 grams of Palm Oil

181 grams of Coconut Oil

272 grams of Shea Butter

345 grams of Distilled Water

69 grams of Aqua Di Gio Type Fragrance Oil

4 grams of Neon Blue FUN Soap Colorant

2 grams of Kelly Green FUN Soap Colorant

3 grams of Neon Green FUN Soap Colorant

4 grams of Yelp Yellow FUN Soap Colorant

4 Loaf Square Mold

Safety Glasses

Safety Mask

Safety Gloves



Mixing Bowls


Stick Blender



072Always start with safety first, especially when working with lye as it can cause burns when it comes in contact with your skin! Make sure to wear your safety glasses and gloves! Once you are protected, you can go ahead and prepare your lye water. Measure and weigh out 345 grams of water into a mixing bowl. When making your lye water, always remember to pour your lye into your water, not water into lye as this can cause an explosion! Weigh out 125 grams of lye, pour it into your water, and mix it together thoroughly. Let your lye water sit to cool down.




While your lye is cooling, you can get your oils ready. In a mixing bowl, measure out and weigh out 272 grams of Shea Butter, 181 grams of Palm Oil, 181 grams of Coconut Oil, and 272 grams of Olive Oil. When you have all of your oils ready, go ahead and melt them down completely. Then let them sit to cool as well.





While you are waiting for your oils and lye to cool, you can get your colors ready. Using three separate mixing bowls, add 6 grams of Yelp Yellow colorant to one, 4 grams of Kelly Green and 5 grams of Neon Green to another, and 7 grams of Neon Blue to the last.





Using your thermometer, check the temperature of both your lye as well as your oils. Once they are both around 72 degrees (room temperature) or so and the temperatures are within 10 degrees of each other Fahrenheit, you can pour your lye water into your oils. Soaping at this lower temperature will give you a lot more time to work.





Using your stick blender, thoroughly blend it together until you have completely emulsified it and have brought it to a light trace.






Then go ahead and pour 459 grams of your soap into each bowl with your colorants. Add 37 grams of fragrance to each bowl. Thoroughly mix each bowl until you have achieved an all over green color, blue, and a bright yellow!






Once your colors are mixed, you can begin to pour them into a clean mixing bowl. Pour each color in separate sections of the bowl.







Using a spatula, starting at the edge of the bowl, drag it in a straight line all the way across.







After you have done the straight line, place the spatula right where two colors begin to mix and drag it around your bowl in a circle.







Once you have finished swirling your soap, you can begin to pour it into your mold. Carefully, and slowly pouring it from side to side in the mold using the “granny pour” (as we call it)  will help you achieve an even prettier swirl. Once it is all poured, you will need to let your soap sit for about 24 hours.



After the 24 hours, you can remove your soap from your molds and slice.  We like to allow our cold process soap to cure for about 4 weeks to allow it to become harder and less alkaline. Make sure to check out all the rest of our free recipes and classes as well! Keep watching for more Enlightened by Layla!